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Learn more about Kochi Smartcity and other projects in Kochi. Planning to move to Kochi ? Go through our resources and you will find everything that you need in Kochi. Smarticty is the upcoming mega IT project in Kochi that can change the face of Kochi and the life style of Kerala. You can find lot of articles about the Smart city project and latest developments in the area.

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International School in Smartcity

In association with GEMS Education, an international school will be set up in the Smartcity campus. Read more about the school coming up in the smartcity.

Smartcity latest master plan

The revised master plan for the Kochi smartcity project has been approved by the board of directors of Smartcity. Read more about the latest, revised master plan for the smartcity project.

Smart City - minutes of meeting held on 23rd June 2011

Here is the minutes of the meeting held between Kerala state ministers, government officials and TECOM representatives regarding the Kochi Smartcity project. This was obtained from IT Mission website of Kerala Government.

Zumba Dance-The new trend of Zumba dance and fitness in Cochin

Read more about the new trend of Zumba dance and fitness in Cochin. Are you interested in letting go of yourself and get immersed in the world of dance and music? If you are, then Cloud 9 is the place for you to be. With a wonderful group of lighthearted dance learners and a very talented dance instructor Cloud 9 is the most happening place for all those who have rhythm in the heart and a keen mind to learn.

Guardian Public School in Kochi and admission procedure

The resource is about BCG Group launching Guardian Public School in Kochi. BCG group is a a real estate, hospitality and garment exports group which has the plans for launching its education endeavour in the name of Guardian Public Schools across Kerala. The first of the Guardian Public Schools are being opened at Kochi and at Palakkad. Read through for more details of the school and the facilities offered by the school.

Residential Areas near Kochi Smart City: houses and apartments for sale

Check this article to get the details of Houses, Villa projects, Apartments and residential areas for sale near Kakkanad. It also include the details of houses and apartments in Kakkanad, Kizhakkambalam and Pallikkara which are the most suitable place for residence near the most happening place in Kerala.

Kochi SmartCity Lease agreement signed

The prestigious Smartcity project agreement was signed on today, the 23rd February, 2011. Smartcity project building construction will be started immediately. Smart City project is expected to become a mile stone for the IT development of Kerala.

Kochi Smart City and real estate business in Kochi

Kochi Smart City will be a stunner for the real estate business in Kochi in future. Kochi Smart City is demanding constructions in Kochi. So it is best time for the real estate business men to build their land to a modern township. Check this article for details of Kochi Smart City and real estate business in Kochi and how does Smart City influence the estate holders.

What does the term Smart city means?

This article tells you what all you want to know about the definition, meaning and the functions of a smart city, as well as the benefits a smart city can bring for the people of Kochi.

2011 Kochi Smartcity Map

Are you looking for the map of Kochi Smartcity? See the area map that shows the area acquired for the smartcity project.

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