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    Reply to our derest comrade

    1) I am pretty sure that there is no relation between tribal land problem with smart city problem. But problem with the availability of land. You are saying that former one is a political tactics, then the later one is a political drama.

    2) Don't say anything about Private professional colleges. Thats the biggest ever mistakes that this UDF government had done yet. It affected the educational area in 2 ways. First one the status of the B.Tech is down. Second one its become very difficult for poor children to get admission for B.Tech course.(If You wana discussion on that, be open to that problem-Lets have a discussion on that).

    3)On what basis you are saying that you will generate 33333 employement oppurtunities in that 300 acres? Do you have any idea that how this IT companies work? This is not the old farming in which you can predict you need this much amount of people for such amount od acres. The calculations based on LAND is utter foolishness. The employment in those companies depends on projects they are having and the business they are doing. Without knowing such things please don't make any comments that.. please its a request...

    4) You are saying that DIC will bring all those companies they have promised. I am agreeing with you. Just suppose they bring all those companies. Are you sure that they will recruit people from kerala only so that 33333 employment is assured? Clear cut answer is NO.... They will look for comptant people. That may not be available in Kerala at that time(BECAUSE status of B.Tech in Kerala is low now. To know more we can hav a discussion on private engg colleges later). I want to add one more thing.... You told about various recruitment drives in another cities. I am also stood in various places for writing the test. Are they taking people from that place only. You can never say that the situation will change after smart city comes. If it change just tell me how? Recruitment drives, even if its in Kerala same thing will happen. except more keralie participation. But the result will be the same. Competant people will get the job, others will go home. There is no such RESERVATION for HOME people. Please try to understand that. To know that thing no need to go to CALIFORNIA. Just go for a job hunt, you will automatically feel that.

    That people who is coming out from engineering colleges will pity upon you. because you have ,made this course's status too low... So please don't cry for SMART CITY. Please accept facts. And think about it. You will understand whats your mistake...

    Hope you may understand......
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    It looks like our great jayakrishnan who worried
    too much about the quality of professional education
    passed out from College of Engineering, Kidangoor !!!!.
    (A great engineering college ,ranked number 2 in south india
    ,after IIT chennai !!!. )

    He somehow managed a job also .That too in US software !!!!
    (Best company in the globe to work after studying 4 years
    of computer engineering ).How can u call yourself an engineer
    if u are going some webpage/java development ?

    He don't want anyone else to become an engineer so that quality
    of his degree won't be diluted .Not bad !!!

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