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    A CLOSED letter - I dont care

    First to the technopark employee:
    Just think. (Okay, I wont include the overused "with your brain" here. I am no one to judge anyones way of thinking. I'm only putting down my thoughts. You have a different opinon, welcome to put it across) If someone started a protest against technopark and Infosys, how would you feel. If Infosys is facing such a problem now and you are about to lose your job, how would you react? Don't think of anything else - the reason, the politics, the fronts, anything. You would feel like killing everyone who protests and raises such concerns, won't you? Or are you going to say that you are so impartial that you would still stand by your "policies and principles" ?
    That is exactly the feelings that people who support smart city are having now. Please try to understand that. I'll be frank. I don;t support an party. I am a "kaalumaaral vidadhan" I was a supporter of communism, then I changed to bjp, then to congress. I wil continue this depending on who does a good job. I don't belive in saying, I am a follower of such and such party. I don't understand why people have to belive in one single party. Whoever does a good job give them a chance. Okay, not floating away from my point. I don't care about what was the rate at which the land was given to DIC. Who can tell me for what purpose the money from selling land to DIC would go, had the prices been correct. I just want to see people getting jobs - whether the land was sold at lower rates or given free. If I had to start inquiring about such things, there are many other financial issues that might require investigations. One question to people who quetch about the inappropriateness in the transactions, are you happy with all other financial transactions/deals that the government (ldf/udf/others) are undertakes? I don't want to know about all those stuff. I am not going to be able to do anything about it. And, I can't think about a better thing to do with the land also. If anyone has any ideas on how to use the otherwise unused land, please share with others. So, I think if smart city happens, it is good, if the number of jobs are limited - doesn't matter - at least some people would get jobs.
    Something is better than nothing.
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    Has no one got an answer for this? If no, please stop saying the same things again and again. If yes, please share. I repeat the most important questions here: What do you think the land would have been used for if Smart City was not set up there (Not something like tht in "future" it could be used for....What it could be used for now.) Why is it difficult to understand the point "something better than nothing".

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    I really appreciate your thoughts.....

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    Still no reply. I have seen letter n number of times till now. Now you are putting it as a petition and giving me the link for that?

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    Joseph Joseph,
    You say that smart city supporters run away from questions. This was posted a long way back. I even added an empty reply myself hoping that this message would come first on the list again and someone would post a reply. Then I had to post a message again specifically requesting for answers...When you had not answered any of my questions posted a long time ago, how can you accuse others in this forum for not replying the questions?

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    Apparently, a waste treatment plant is coming up at Brahmapuram. Land for the same will be aquired at around 20000 a cent maximum

    You see, the land costs 3 crores per acres only if for IT. For a waste treatment plant, similar land can be given at 20lakhs per acres.

    So the answer to your question is, Let the land be given to the waste treatment plant.

    We don't need IT, but we want to sh*t. We may not have money to buy food in the future, but we are assured that whatever we beg and eat and then sh*t, will be properly re-cycled.

    Kerala is indeed a funny place. Welcome to Kerala.

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    Interesting ....

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