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    >Why do you talk about Labor camps in Dubai to justify giving land to

    >Dubai Internet City (DIC)? How are they related? Then why are you not

    >talking of the less deprived here ? Our Adivasis were cheated time and

    >again citing there is no free land available for them. How then can

    >you say you are giving off 100 acres of land 'left over' after

    >Bramapuram project? So its just a ploy .

    Mr Jayakrishnan, you are misinterpreting CMs statement. What he told was that on seeing DIC, he thought it would be wonderful to have a similar kind of park in Kerala. He had clearly stated that in a state with high population density, manufacturing industries were not the best option, the only option was IT industry.DIC is a big step towards that. Also, regarding the sufferings in Labor Camp, what he meant was if there were enough openings in Kerala, the plight that a significant section of unskilled gulf malayalees are going through could have been avoided. Please read a statement with an open mind and then draw conclusions. Not the other way.

    >The exodus of experienced IT professionals is the greatest challenge

    >that any software company faces today.

    I just don't under stand how are these related to DIC . Please stop beating around.

    >IT firms have focused on Kerala because we are qualified enough and

    >the labor here is comparatively cheap.

    Which firm has 'focused' on Kerala ? Azim Premji once told that Kerala's 'a hartal a week' policy is scaring the investors and you must be knowing VS' role in that policy. Wipro's Cochin office employs just 40. Kerala's % contribution to the India's revenue is next to zero. Probably ahead of Bihar...

    So we need not break our heads on why can't MNCs come to our Techno Park, "Kinfra Park" , Kairali Park etc ...

    FYI, Tecno park since a dozen years after it's inception could provide employment (direct+indirect) to only 7000 people.

    DIC was launched only in 2000 and there are around 500 companies operating in DIC (see the Dubai Gov website and DIC boasts of an Infrastructure second to none in the world. So, comparing Techno park with Smart City would be ridiculous.

    >Not because you construct a

    >building there. The much needed infrastructure that of electricity and

    >water should still be provided by our Government.

    The water & electricity and the infrastructure required for that will be done by DIC only. And, much more...Please don't crow without understanding the facts fully. Please go through this article on Hindu Business Line to understand the Infrastructure provided by DIC.

    Read ? Now tell me can any of the Techno Parks in Kerala match that ? You might have noticed, within first year of it's inception
    Microsoft, Oracle, Clarendon Parker, Infosys, Penygon Business Systems, Commerce One, Axiom Telecom, Avaya Communications, DLJdirect-eUnion, Canon, Siemens, Comtrust and Wipro moved their operations to DIC.

    Techno Park ????????? Do you still say that it will match Smart City ?

    Also,Smart city is proposed to be in line with DIC. It hasn't been finalized whether it would be a free trade zone. If it is a free trade zone, there cannot be a bigger attraction for MNCs. I don't know how on earth you arrived at the conclusion the infrastructure other than buildings will be provided by the Government ?

    >DIC is not an IT firm. They are into real estate business.

    This matches V.S.Achu's statements. As baseless as it can be ? Read this excerpt from Dubai Gov website
    "Dubai Internet City has played a key role in transforming Dubai into a thriving hub for the New Economy and the center of choice for technology companies wishing to service the region. Dubai Internet City is the first complete Information Technology and Telecommunications centre in the world "

    Mr Jayakrishnan, if DIC were into real estate , they would have gone to Singapore/Kuwait/Malaysia. Which international firm will come to a small city like Cochin to do real estate business ? If not to Singapore, they would have atleast gone to Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai or B'lore where the markets are big and real estate biz is booming

    >HOW can you

    >give them those incentives which can be given only to IT firms?

    Which IT firm in India can guarantee jobs for 33000 ? Only an initiative like Smart City, with multiple companies can provide that. Also, the affairs of the park will be managed by DIC and the Govt. deals with DIC only. Since they have guaranteed to provide 33000 in IT/ITes, Govt is offering the same concession.

    >Any written assurance?
    This written assurance is called "MoU". Please allow the Govt. to sign that.

    >Or will you also

    >like your predecessor Mr. Antony as in the case of self financing

    >colleges come back to us with crocodile tears and say they betrayed

    >me? Or is this a ploy to extend all these facilities to Muthoot group

    >and its private technopolis too?

    Please don't compare DIC, which has international repute with private self financing Colleges/ Banks. Don't put DIC in the same league. Search the Internet, look at their track record and then decide.

    >How did you come to this figure of 33300 jobs? How was this projection


    >Any project management basics will tell you that the number of

    >resources depends on the work in hand and duration. Have you estimated

    >the work?

    I think you got the basics wrong.
    This was the guarantee that DIC provided. In any deal, which is going to be enacted in future, it works like this.

    When a Techno Park is established, the number of companies/no of employees is dependent on the Infrastructure. DIC is going to build a park that will have adequate infrastructure to provide employement to 33000 in first seven years. Nobody constructs a Techno Park after knowing the number of projects/duration/team strength.

    Infosys has asked for 40 acres of land in B'lore for future operations. So do you conclude that they have decided on the
    projects and the team strength ? Boss, these are done at the final level.
    Also, Karnataka Govt is going to allot land based on their assurance. Not after analyzing the "work in hand and duration" .
    I don't understand why can't Kerala Govt do the same ?

    Do you think when Microsoft says it is going to expand India operation by 100 Crore, they will first decide upon the projects/team size and inform the Govt ?. Then I think they should consider attrition also :-)

    >You are just trying to fool the public again. IT policy to

    >encourage less land utilization says every IT firm that employee 100

    >people or more per 0.3 acres of land consumed will be given an

    >incentive. And DIC wants 100 acres free. IF 0.3 acres = 100 then 1

    >acre = 333 then 100 acre = 33300.



    Again , you could have looked around before arriving at the conclusion that this is the first deal on earth.

    If DIC is not able to provide this, then **AS PER IT POLICY OF GOVT: THEY WILL HAVE TO COMPENSATE BY PAYING Rs 6000/- FOR EACH JOB**. This is as per the IT Policy of Kerala. Where has the Govt. gone out of it's way to help DIC ?

    Please go through the IT policy of AP government, land is given to IT companies based on their assurance on the number of jobs(Read If the company fails to provide the promised number of jobs, it will have to compensate.

    For DIC also, the same rule is applicable. After all, land should be given first, land cannot be given after providing jobs ! !

    Also, please read this (, See the positive frame of mind the Govt/people of AP had for Smart City. By sheer luck , DIC chose Cochin over Hyderabad, but now I fear they realized their mistake.

    >You say the deal is because government does not have funds to build

    >the needed infrastructure. WHY THEN ARE YOU SELLING INFOPARK? It has

    >all the infrastructure you can ask for.If there is something more

    >required let the government name it. You have 26 companies operating

    >there already. Around 4 lakh built up space constructed at Rs 1600/sq.

    >ft. A monthly income from rent at Rs 16/sq. ft. Why do you throw this

    Compare the 26 companies with 500 multi million dollar companies in DIC.
    Can you mention one MNC, Indian or foreign, carrying out operations in COCHIN INFOPARK ?. Mr Jayakrishnan, DIC has international reputation(consider the number of international clients they have), if they construct Smart City,the IT big players will be vieing for a place there .Do you think our "Kinfra Park" or "Kairali Park " can match the kind of infrastructure they provide ? DIC's assurance will be taken as it is by the world, whereas assurance of our *visionary* leaders like Achu will be pooh poohed. Remember how LDF did a somersault in the case of Coca Cola. I am not for Coca Cola, but I think LDF Gov was the primary culprit having invited them knowing very well that they are going to start a bottling plant and not a space research centre.

    >We don't say you accepted bribe but you will have to explain why you

    >manipulate and twist facts and favour a foreign firm there by

    >surrendering our interest.

    >1) You said the deal is between Dubai government and Kerala

    >government. Isn't this a lie? Has Dubai government assured us 33300

    >jobs? Can you specify who signed the deal for Dubai government?

    Dubai embassy spokesman reiterated that DIC is owned by Dubai Gov ( Read NewsItems.asp?ID=IER20050520102748&Title=Kerala&rLink=0) . Probably moron Achu might have mistaken
    "Dubai Embassy" as a private firm.

    >2) You cite IT policy to cover up the land deal. How can you deal with

    >DIC with IT policy? IS it an IT Firm?

    As mentioned, DIC is dealing with the IT firms and IT firms will be dealing with DIC only. That is the difference. Gov will need to
    communicate only with DIC and DIC is promising 33000 IT jobs. So the same concessions apply.

    >3) Of the 300 acres gifted, have you at least obtained in writing how

    >much acres will be set aside for IT? Then will you make that public?

    It's an IT/ITes park only..what else can be run in Kerala ? And, MoU is the written agreement.

    >4) Have they informed you that they will be going for residential

    >complex and amusement parks there? If so why do you cite IT job

    >opportunities as a cover up?

    Recently I read about a UP based IAS officer who had worked in Kerala commenting that Keralites are paranoids , they think that the whole world is out there to exploit them (The truth being there is nothing here to exploit) Read the above allegation, A Dubai based firm is planning to set up an amusement park and compete with the likes of Veega Land and get a few pennys in return !!!!!! As if, there is no place on earth which can yield more money that the marshy land outside the limits of a small city ???? If not to other parts of the world, they would have gone to big cities in India where the buying power of the urban population is more.. The argument that they would divide the land into plots and sell it merits a comparison with Achu's statements. How are they going to sell this 'priced' land ??? 30 * 40 sqft , 60*40 plots ??? Pl give details, even I wish to buy land there...BTW, then who will have to pay Rs 6000/- to the Gov ? Me or DIC ?

    >5) You say you won the deal even though AP, Karnataka and TN were

    >after this. Do you know that they had an MoU signed with AP long back

    >-in 2003? Have you enquired how many job opportunities that venture

    >has generated?

    Pleaaaase, read fully about that MoU. It was not about setting up a park..Under that agreement, the DIC and AP Govt have agreed to promote cooperation between India and the UAE in the field of IT-enabled services ( Read for more details).

    Little knowledge is dangerous !

    >6) You mentioned a website in your press release-that of Dubai

    >Internet city .Have you noticed that it says only 5,500 employees are

    >working there. How then do you think they will bring 33300 jobs?

    Dubai is not known for it's software development, It is not a low cost country, no IT firms will be outsourcing the work to Dubai and naturally not many companies have their development/sustenance centres there. But, in 2 years 350 companies moved their operations to DIC...India's IT industry is more towards development/sustenance and naturally their will be more openings. To know about the companies operting in DIC, please note almost all international companies have offices there. You need not believe what is stated in DIC website but read this

    Search the net , search string should have DIC and any IT big player name (Sun, Hewlett Packard, Cisco, GE ....)

    >7) How did you reach the number 33300? Isn't it literally baseless?

    Already answered... Again, please note when ITPL was established in B'lore the projected job oppurtunities were not made
    using the no:of live projects * no: of employees . It was based on the infrastructure and it came out to be true.

    >8) You say since the incentive for IT firms is given off to these real

    >estate dealers, there is no incentive for IT firms operating there.

    >How can a government say that? How can you take allowance for one and

    >give that to another? Is this not corruption? Tomorrow you might say I

    >have taken salary for chief secretary and paid to my maid servant.

    >Does that mean no one, not even the chief secretary can complain?

    Your analogy is wonderful, but doesn't hold good. Government is dealing with DIC and only with DIC. It is the DIC who is dealing with the IT companies , they will invite them, provide office space and infrastructure IT companies surely would prefer to interact with DIC, which is a professional organization than to interact with a Gov headed by clowns like VS Achu.

    >The above clearly shows that you've gone out of your way to provide

    >DIC with benefits which defies all logic. We know you are a veteran in

    >these dealings.

    Lastly, I am not trying to justify Mr. Chandy, nor I am going to declare that he is not corrupt.But, the onus of disproving the allegation is not on him. The people who raised the allegation should prove it. It is not the otherway. If it is so, then Chandy will have time only to disprove allegations from every Tom, Dick and Harry. Let me reiterate, I am not here to decide whether Mr. Chandy is corrupt or not corrupt. In a society where corruption is there in every walk of life, you get a leader who is as good as you.. I will say ACHU IS AS CORRUPT AS CHANDY, IF NOT MORE.
    Let Achu first submit his allegations against CM in Black and White . Why is he not doing that ? CM has challenged him to submit it in BLACK and WHITE. Achu should first do that instead of blabbering the same old story.
    Either he is a clown or he is using Geebels trick. When many websites have it clearly mentioned that DIC is owned by Dubai Gov(even the UAE embassy made it clear), whom is he trying to mislead ?

    You might have noticed, not even CPM is endorsing his views. The only ones who support him are Murali, Jacob, Thamaraakshan, Karunakaran et al.. and the reasons are well known.

    Now more about Achu and his visions.
    He wanted Windows to be out and Linux to be taught in Schools. For an eigth standard student, there is no need to debate which OS is easier to understand ?

    When I was studying in Calicut, I was "fortunate" to hear Achu mama's speech. Excerpts will give a glimpse of his 'vision'

    Both Lok Sabha and State Elections were declared and Achu was campaigning for LDF candidates. Here is his comparison

    "LDF sthanaarthical (candidates) randu chuvanna rosa pushpangalummmmm UDF sthanaaarthicalllllll randu theetttaa kandikalummmaaaannnnnnnu ( 2 pieces of shit) "

    A leader ( I am ashamed) who couldn't drew a better comparison !

    One more,
    The same leader, went to no other place other than "LONDON" to get his knee operated. When asked about this

    "ivide chikilsichaaallll ente kachavadam odungikolumeennu karuthi allleaaaaa"

    Even he knows, due to his viplava party and their heroics, Kerala is not safe enough for even a knee operation. So "let the bourgeois Keralites get their operation done in Kerala and die, me, the socialist icon will get it done in US or UK". This is the crux of his thinking.

    He was successful in providing employment to many mimicry artists by his weird mannerisms.His contribution to Kerala's development ends there !
    These leaders know only to strike, they start crying foul over any deal before even understanding the facts. Paranoid section of the society echo the same.
    We have a strange mindset that others are here to loot us. If AP can give land to IT Cos at the same price, why can't we give it to them ? Do we have gold deposits in our land ? Infact, we may have to give it for a cheaper rate to attract the companies considering their apprehension about the militant trade unions.

    Let us realise that Kerala is just another place like B'lore , Hyderabad and there is nothing special with the land here. So if they can invite them, we also can
    So let us fight for Smart City! As some one mentioned earlier, this is the last oppurtunity for us to be in the IT world map.
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    Right on brother. You have put it so neatly. I hope this post goes to the print media. Let it reach out to more people.

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    Excellent Reply Manoj. You deserve a loud clap.

    Jayakrishan, still don' t you convinced? Then you are dumb. You become real dumb by reading Deshabhimani and watching Kairaly Channel and listening to AChu.

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    Very good answer ! Can any one help to publish it in a mass media ?

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    why there is no reply to this from commies? oh probably they do not have words.

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    Excellent....Mr. Jayakrishnan!

    Most of the people in the Kerala and abroad (exept from Mr.V.S. and his "shinkidees" ) they are thinking right way and will support all the things you reveled through your article regarding the SMART CITY .

    So the members of the groups.. please try to send a copy of this to your buddies and friends.. even V.S. also. You know Mr.V.S. he know everything on this article is true but if he make it right his party has no subject to dispute with Mr.Ommen Chady... If he got any piece of the skeleton he will go with it. So wait for another subject... then we can expect the SMART CITY will become OK.

    Good Day...............Guys...........!!

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    'Anjanamennal enekkariiyam athu manjal pole veluthirikkum', don't know who said these words, now I know. The reply to Mr. Jayakrishnan sounds like that.

    Mr. Chandy first said there was no consultants involved in getting an agreement with DIC, now he says, consultants were employed, now they are not in the picture. He said he is ready to discuss the details of the deal with Mr. Achuthnadan, but, no date has been set. If someone ask Mr. Chandy, why you are not revealing the details, he goes on to accuse all those who talk against the smart city as anti-development and anti-people. Those who chorous with Mr. Chandy in t his forum are doing nothing more than that. Its Mr. Achuthanadan that challenged Mr. Chandy to reveal the details of this 'Smart' deal, not Mr. Chandy.

    The deal itself is similar to the saying, ' Aadeene pattiyakkunna panee'. If DIC could not come up with the magic number 33000, they could be 'penalized', 6000 (INR not USD) for each job they missed to create at this 'fart' city. In short, Chandy is giving DIC hundreds of crores of ruppees worth land and real estate from the state coffins and he expects the DIC to show their sincerety by paying back 20 crores back to the state coffin, if they would not keep their word or the magic number 33000.

    The respondent to Mr. Jayakrishnan's letter, cleverly dodges the issue of corruption. That is the smartest move by many pro-chandys in this forum. Some even goes on to claim, that Mr. Chandy is a 'Punniyavalan'. I can imagine, these people would one day be proudly announceing to their co-workers, that their wives slept with the boss and managed to get a job promotion and still feel no shame on it. This is where the elite in Kerala are heading towards.

    When Mr. Karunakaran was send to US for treatment for his injuries from that fatal car accident, there was no uproar over spending public money. Well, he was a staunch anti-communist then. I don't think he can go back to US for any further treatments. The conception is that, US, London hospital treatments should be limited to only anti-communists. The hatred has turned to rotten wounds for these people. This is not what I learned from my school and college days in Kerala or at home. I can't even make guess on the background of the families of these pro-chandy, pro-smarters in this forum.
    If AP can give land to IT Cos at the same price, why can't we give it to them ? Do we have gold deposits in our land ? Infact, we may have to give it for a cheaper rate to attract the companies considering their apprehension about the militant trade unions

    We know the fate of then 'High Tech' Chief minister Mr. Chanda Babu Nayedoo. People of AndhraPradesh, were so mesmerised by his laptop performance with Bill Gates decided to let him take a vaccation for the next five years. Don't worry Chandy's turn will come soon.


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