The statistics made by him is baseless: THE BUILDINGS IN SMART CITY WOULD BE MULTYSTORIED.

Don't teach resource allocation and seat distribution.


We can easily accommodate 33000 people in 400 acres, please go and find on the campuses of multinationals

the seating arrangement will be handled by good interior designers but any way it will be world class. There is no hard and fast rule that there should be only one floor for each building in smart city

No body will give a smart city to Kerela for free.

What ever the statistics that ever is made on number of employments that itself is great for us.

You will hold that baron land for few more years and build some Govt offices to increase bribery or you may make a new JAIL (prison) for the agitating jobless youths in future.

Please don't speak about the price of land. It's not valid in front of comparing to even a single Job opportunity for us.

Ultimately the people of Kerela are supporting the project.
They do not mind these land owner ship issues.
They don't want any land for free at all like Marxists need.
The real hard working people of Kerela needs there children should get some good Job and in future Kerela should be modernized and at top of the world at any competency level.

They don't want few thousands acres of baron land lies with government without any use, let it give free if its getting used for building up of a modern Kerela., who ever is going to take it DIC or George Bush or Parvez Mushraf.

There are some people with real intention to oppose smart city only because that Umman chandy government will be gaining the credit of the project.

The risk analysis is going on and business issues like owner ship of land and shares are been discussed that is real biased analysis and we should see the ultimate gain.

DIC is already in the business domain they can lead the smart city to success.
Can the state government self? If your answer is yes what if after CPM is on ruling and they fills the managment of smart city with some narrow minded brainwashed communists.

There are some risks in any venture.

The people who are opposing can suggest some alternate ways to build up smart city other than opposing blindly

Already Kerela new professional colleges are going to send their students out and these people wants to suffer those students that is the only aim that you are opposing smart city.

You are jealous on those students to get good job.

You are telling Kerela people lacking soft skills you may have seen that kind of people Kerela. I am pretty sure that Kerela have an ultimate talent pool in any level.

Some queries;
1) Do you take up this land for the calculated amount by you as price and generate 33333 employment. (No body will dare to pay single pie for any business in land of Kerela)

2) Will you bring the companies promised by DIC (you may start Kairaly channels office)

3) Who told you that IT scenario of India is attrition-- are you staying at California. Don't you see that young thousands of young Malaya lee fresher standing in burning sun or rain for fresher recruitment drives in the other states cities like cattle's? DO NOT IGNORE THEM, THEY WILL REVENGE

4) Why you related Adivasi land problem with the smart city land deal.( This is same old political tactics of Kerela )

5)Why did you put up private colleges in to your letter ( don't forget mass young generation who got an opportunity to learn professional courses unlike their seniors is getting educated through these colleges and they are aware about Marxist burshacy fundamentalism )

6) Survival of fittest from the pushing of the crowd that is a Barbarian Low that is not at all matching for the Pure Barbarian Communist line also

7) do you think the young chaps backed out from the crowd of the recruitment drives are not eligible???

8) You are telling that somebody other than you studies BTech, then its status going low!!!!

9) that is a real stupid reason, there should be few hundreds of people should have BTech and they should enjoy the profession, that is pure selfishness.

10) Once the private colleges are not there, where the poor and rich people will go and study.
(People of Kerela are not much influential and rich like party leaders like VS and pinarai to send their children outside states star private colleges)
Let us leave the matter of private colleges from our discussion. Now we need to urge for smart city.

I have no more comments on the private professional colleges because it's already happening in Kerela.

That entire outcry against professional colleges that only because of pure jealous which is having no medicine.

In the same way the private colleges are came to Kerela in the same way smart city will be happening in Kerela.

11) How dare you are telling that don't cry for a smart city to the young people of Kerela,

12) Do you think the main stream of the young people of Kerela are lies with SFI and DYFI youths which is having the majority of the Kerela's criminals and gundas

13) Once the mainstream of young generation of Kerela Casts their Votes left wing is out of Kerela (They are desperate to teach lesson to the leftwing which is crushing their dreams)

14) This look like cry from us you can't tell to STOP it. Only VS can play fiddle at this time

From these postings from you I can understand that, mass of left wing supporters are intentionally opposing smart city only because the project is evoked by UDF. That is an absolute true lay man of Kerela knows it.

Survival of the fittest is not apt for a democratic state, we the Indian people avoids opportunism and brings up deprived people.

The spring of private colleges are more recruited and performed better in Bangalore and Madrass so you cant tell that they are not eligible

How dare you tell the jobless people that they have to suffer. You will be suffering if you are telling in public.

You may think DIC will not come. DIC will be ditching your all anti Kerela plans.

Kerela is politically harassed. Nothing is happening. Let something to happen.

What amendment you need dude. Weeks before the only amendment you needed was VS Achus SON should be the director of smart city. That will never happen.