We can easly accomodate 33000 people in 400 acres,

Dont teach resource allocation seat distribution.

We can easly accomodate 33000 people in 400 acres, Please go and find on the campuses of multinationals

The seating arrangeent will be handled by good interior designers but any way it will be world class. There is no hard and fast rule that tere should be only one floor for each building in smart city

I have no more comments on the private proffessional colleges becoz it's already happening in Kerela.

All that outcry against proffessional colleges that only becoz of pure jealous which is having no medicine.

Allready Kerela new proffessional colleges are going to send their students out they have suffer that is the only aim that you are opposing smartcity.

You are jealous on those students to get good job.

You are telling Kerela people lacking soft skills you may have seen that kind of people kerela. I am prtty sure that kerela have an ultimate telent pool in any level.

In the same way the private cooleges are came to kerela in the same way smart city will be haqppening in Kerela.