What is your SmartCity proposal?

This lively debate about a proposed project ( Smart City ) has been on for nearly 3 weeks . There has been enough argument about who is telling the truth and who is not, who is good or who is bad. A couple of points seem in agreement by all.
1. VS or Chandy have their own personal goals in this venture (especially when election is round the corner)
2. No politician in the current scenario is better than the other
3. Everyone in this forum is looking forward to see Smart City to come up in Kochi

The problem seems to be the price we pay for such a project.
Is 9% equity ( 136 crore ) in a 400 acre IT Park the right value or nearly 1200 crores ( the market value according to VS ) the right price. So far no one seems to have suggested a go between these two arguments. Since all of us in this forum are desperate to get an International standard IT park in Kerala with private initiative why not we come up with few Ideas to define our SmartCity.

Here are few suggestions

1. 50 to 100 acres of land is what is needed in the initial phase
2. More land can be allocated if required depending on demand.
3. one crore per acre may be a reasonable price to pay
4. InfoPark , currently run by Government of Kerala, should stay as it is.
5. This will encourage competition between two IT parks .
6. Any deal the government enters into with the private company should be made available to the public so that neither party is accused of wrong doing.
7. There is no need to announce how many jobs will be created in 5 years ( No one knows now what will happen in 5 years )
8. The IT park should be used by IT or IT related industry and cannot be used for residential buildings or Entertainment industry.
9. All facilities provided for the companies in the InfoPark should be provided to Smart City as well.
10. SmartCity should be part of SEZ

I'm sure many of you will have your own suggestions. Please let us know your suggestions for the SmartCity.