Why cant we CRY for smart city

1)You are telling that sombody other than you studies BTech, then its status going low!!!!
2)That is a real stupid reason, there should be few hundreds of people should have BTech and they should enjoy the profession, that is pure selfishness.
3)Once the private colleges are not there, where the poor and rich people will go and study.
(People of Kerala are not much influencial and rich like pary leaders like VS and pinarai to send thier children outside states star private colleges)
4)Let us leave the matter of private colleges from our discussion. Now we need to urge for smart city.
5) Survival of fittest from the pushing of the crowd that is a Barberian Low that is not at all matching for the Pure Barberian Communist line also
6) do you think the young chaps backed out from the crowd of the recruitment drives are not eligible???
7) How dare you are telling that don't cry for a smart city to the young people of kerela,
8) Do you think the main stream of the young people of Kerela are lies with SFI and DYFI youths which is having the majority of the Kerela's criminals and gundas
9) Once the mainstream of young generation of Kerela Casts their Votes left wing is out of Kerela (They are desperate to teach lesson to the leftwing which is crushing thier dreams)
10) what ever the stitistics who ever is made on number of employments that itself is great for us.
11) You will hold that barron land for few more years and build some Govt offices to increase bribary or you may make a new JAIL(prison) for the aggitating jobless youths in future.
12) please dont speak about the price of land. its not valid infront of comparing to even a single Job opertunity for us.
13) this look like cry form us you cant tell to STOP it. Only VS can play fiddle at this time