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    IS ATTRITION A MAJOR PROBLEM FOR INDIAN IT...Think about our lakhs of freshers without job

    Some querries;
    1) Why you related Adivasi land problem with the smart city land deal.( This is same old political tactics of Kerela )
    2) Why did you put up private colleges in to your letter ( dont forget mass young generation who got an opertunity to learn professional courses unlike thier seniors is getting educated through these colleges and they are aware about marxist burshacy fundamentalsm )
    3) Do you take up this land for the calculated amount by you as price and generate 33333 employent. ( No body will dare to pay single pie for any business in land of Kerala)
    4) Will you bring the companies promised by DIC ( you may start Kairaly channels office )
    5)Who told you that IT scenario of india is attrition-- are you staying at California. Dont you see that young thousands of young malayalee freshers standing in burning sun or rain for fresher recruitment drives in the other states cityies like cattles. DO NOT IGNORE THEM, THEY WILL REVENGE
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    1) I am pretty sure that there is no relation between tribal land problem with smart city problem. But problem with the availability of land. You are saying that former one is a political tactics, then the later one is a political drama.

    2) Don't say anything about Private professional colleges. Thats the biggest ever mistakes that this UDF government had done yet. It affected the educational area in 2 ways. First one the status of the B.Tech is down. Second one its become very difficult for poor children to get admission for B.Tech course.(If You wana discussion on that, be open to that problem-Lets have a discussion on that).

    3)On what basis you are saying that you will generate 33333 employement oppurtunities in that 300 acres? Do you have any idea that how this IT companies work? This is not the old farming in which you can predict you need this much amount of people for such amount od acres. The calculations based on LAND is utter foolishness. The employment in those companies depends on projects they are having and the business they are doing. Without knowing such things please don't make any comments that.. please its a request...

    4) You are saying that DIC will bring all those companies they have promised. I am agreeing with you. Just suppose they bring all those companies. Are you sure that they will recruit people from kerala only so that 33333 employment is assured? Clear cut answer is NO.... They will look for comptant people. That may not be available in Kerala at that time(BECAUSE status of B.Tech in Kerala is low now. To know more we can hav a discussion on private engg colleges later). I want to add one more thing.... You told about various recruitment drives in another cities. I am also stood in various places for writing the test. Are they taking people from that place only. You can never say that the situation will change after smart city comes. If it change just tell me how? Recruitment drives, even if its in Kerala same thing will happen. except more keralie participation. But the result will be the same. Competant people will get the job, others will go home. There is no such RESERVATION for HOME people. Please try to understand that. To know that thing no need to go to CALIFORNIA. Just go for a job hunt, you will automatically feel that.

    That people who is coming out from engineering colleges will pity upon you. because you have ,made this course's status too low... So please don't cry for SMART CITY. Please accept facts. And think about it. You will understand whats your mistake...

    Hope you may understand......

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    1)You are telling that sombody other than you studies BTech, then its status going low!!!!
    2)That is a real stupid reason, there should be few hundreds of people should have BTech and they should enjoy the profession, that is pure selfishness.
    3)Once the private colleges are not there, where the poor and rich people will go and study.
    (People of Kerala are not much influencial and rich like pary leaders like VS and pinarai to send thier children outside states star private colleges)
    4)Let us leave the matter of private colleges from our discussion. Now we need to urge for smart city.
    5) Survival of fittest from the pushing of the crowd that is a Barberian Low that is not at all matching for the Pure Barberian Communist line also
    6) do you think the young chaps backed out from the crowd of the recruitment drives are not eligible???
    7) How dare you are telling that don't cry for a smart city to the young people of kerela,
    8) Do you think the main stream of the young people of Kerela are lies with SFI and DYFI youths which is having the majority of the Kerela's criminals and gundas
    9) Once the mainstream of young generation of Kerela Casts their Votes left wing is out of Kerela (They are desperate to teach lesson to the leftwing which is crushing thier dreams)
    10) what ever the stitistics who ever is made on number of employments that itself is great for us.
    11) You will hold that barron land for few more years and build some Govt offices to increase bribary or you may make a new JAIL(prison) for the aggitating jobless youths in future.
    12) please dont speak about the price of land. its not valid infront of comparing to even a single Job opertunity for us.
    13) this look like cry form us you cant tell to STOP it. Only VS can play fiddle at this time

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    Hello RED HAT,

    1) i am not telling that if someone else study B.Tech, then the status will go down. I am fearing abt the people getting B.Tech degree who are not eligible. With this present situation around 30000 people writing entrance exam and 24000 getting seat. So people who were not eligible(even not having 10% marks in entrance) getting seat. What a shame!!! I agree its their right to study.. but dear friend this will only affect the people who are eligible(because of the new FEE Structure...) you won't understand that because you havn't experiencd it.

    2) No one selfish here. Those who are competent they will get thru. All others will suffer. Thats all. Thats I am seeing in coporate life now. No RESERVATION there dear.....

    3,4) Ok, but you just think abt previous scenario. There were free seats in which poor eligible students can study. Now whats the situation? There is seats, but poor guys are suffering. Rich non-eligible guys are enjoying that extra chance.. can u disagree with me? if you can come to campus i can show u live examples..... (*RENJINI's case example only)

    5) You don't know man, at any field other than Government job, SURVIVAL OF FITTEST is happening. This is the valid law. Private firms(IT Companies) they won't take non-eligible guys. They will take only eligible gusy because thaey are doing business. So allways SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST is the key in their recruitment procedures.....

    6) I am agreeing that those people are throwing out of the crowd are non-eligible one. But they are thrown out only because there are so many guys who are more eligible than them present. So again SURVIVAL of THE FITTEST. No one can help you out. Yo have to accepts that we malayalis are lacking of soft skills. That why we are having the big NICK name MALLUS.

    7,8,9) Those who are wasting their life in campus politics never reached anywhere. We cann't change it. The political parties should change their attitude towards students. Then only its posiible. Don't forget that there is only SFI, DYFI.. so many to come.. KSU,ABVP, so many small small parties...

    10) Don't get amazed with the fake projections on employment.... plzzzzzzz

    11,12,13) Very gud that u mentioned abt land. What you will say to people living ther? You go and find out another place to live, We are going to start SAMRT CITY here. So the rehabilitation is another problem. Why such a huge amount of corruption came in the government office, just think. Its all because of us only. We cann't blame anyone else. You are saying that land's price is nothing when we consider job oppurtunity. But can anyone ensure that all the job oppurtunity will be given to us(MALAYALIs). No yaar. Never. There also SURVIVAL of THE FITTEST will happen. So once again we will just see the functioning from outside..... (HAIIIIIIi nice to see the SMART CITY, we can see it in films. haiiiiiiiiii). Cry for it but don't cry for a wrong thing.

    See onething. No one here's against SMART CITY. But the way adopted to establish such a huge venture. The steps are not clear. The deals are hidden. So naturally the dispute will come. All people will believe it as a SCAM untill its details published. Our doubts become stronger, when our cM changing his stands day by day. He said so many lies for this. For what? For us? then for whom? Tell me yaar. If its happening in proper way, he didn't have to say any lies. So we are not fools yaar. We can understand his political gimmick. We are also tax payers. Don't forget that.... Don't go for other issues. If you have any argument on my last parafraph, we can discuss. Otherwise its a waste of time for me and you.. Ok hope you will understand the FACTS...

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    Very Good JAYAKRISHNAN..THE comments are good ..
    Again the same thing
    Any project management basics will tell you that the number of
    resources depends on the work in hand and duration" --ANY IT PROFESSIONAL WILL ACCEPT THIS

    Here in kerla our oommen chandy and the real estate agents decide it depending on the land given...

    Read the original posting from a guy in Technopark --
    And give answers to it.

    Theres lot of hidden things in this deal ..let it come out ..
    Why did oommen hired a consultancy and gave 2 crores to them?
    Theres a lot of questions to be answered by Mr CM.

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    Any IT professional can can calculate the resource needed depending on the work in hand. But no company can predict that whether they will get project. If they got how big it will be. Whats the duration and all.. So before the companies are decided, before knowing the projects in their hand, they are saying that, this many OPPURTUNITIES are there... We IT professionals exactly knows how much truth in that from our experience..... Still I am saying. If this deal is transparant, and with a mind to develop KERALA. Thats good. Otherwise its not going to full fill. Anuway Umen chandy's dreams will get shattered...

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    From these postings from you I can understand that, mass of left wing supporters are intentionally oppposing smart city only because the project is evoked by UDF. That is an absolute true lay man of Kerela knows it.

    Survival of the fittest is not apt for a democratic state, we the Indian people avoids opppertunitsm and brings up deprived people.

    The spring of private colleges are more recruited and performed better in Bangalore and Madrass so you cant tell that they are not eligible

    How dare you tell the jobless people that they have to suffer. You will be suffering if you are telling in public.

    You may think DIC will not come. DIC will be ditching your all anti Kerala plans.

    Kerela is politically harrassed. Nothing is happening. Let something to happen.

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    What amendment you need dude. weeks before the only amendment you needed was VS Achus SON should be the director of smart city. That will never happen.

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    Dont teach resource allocation seat distribution.

    We can easly accomodate 33000 people in 400 acres, Please go and find on the campuses of multinationals

    The seating arrangeent will be handled by good interior designers but any way it will be world class. There is no hard and fast rule that tere should be only one floor for each building in smart city

    I have no more comments on the private proffessional colleges becoz it's already happening in Kerela.

    All that outcry against proffessional colleges that only becoz of pure jealous which is having no medicine.

    Allready Kerela new proffessional colleges are going to send their students out they have suffer that is the only aim that you are opposing smartcity.

    You are jealous on those students to get good job.

    You are telling Kerela people lacking soft skills you may have seen that kind of people kerela. I am prtty sure that kerela have an ultimate telent pool in any level.

    In the same way the private cooleges are came to kerela in the same way smart city will be haqppening in Kerela.

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    Big EGO problem behind these posters

    pot calling kettle BLACK !!!

    their language like . . . oh NO . . . I wont comment (damn sure educated in Kerala ONLY)



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    It looks like our great jayakrishnan who worried
    too much about the quality of professional education
    passed out from College of Engineering, Kidangoor !!!!.
    (A great engineering college ,ranked number 2 in south india
    ,after IIT chennai !!!. )

    He somehow managed a job also .That too in US software !!!!
    (Best company in the globe to work after studying 4 years
    of computer engineering ).How can u call yourself an engineer
    if u are going some webpage/java development ?

    He don't want anyone else to become an engineer so that quality
    of his degree won't be diluted .Not bad !!!

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