No body will give a smart city to kerala for free.

No body will give a smart city to kerala for free.
There are some people with real intention to oppose smart city only because that Umman chandy government will be gaining the credit of the project.
The risk anlisys is going on and business issues like owner ship of land and shares are been discussed that is real biased analisys and we should see the ultimate gain.
DIC is already in the business domain thay can lead the smart city to success.
Can the state government self? If your answer is yes what if after CPM is on ruling and they fills the managent of smart city with some narrow minded brainwashed communists.
There are some risks in any venture.
Ultimately the people of Kerela is supporting the project.
They do not mind these land owner ship issues.
They dont want any land for free at all like marxists need.
The real hard working poeple of Kereal needs there children should get some good Job and in future Kerela should be modernised and at top of the world at any competency level.
They dont want few thousands acres of barron land lies with government without any use, let it give free if its getting used for building up of a modern Kerela., who ever is going to take it DIC or George Bush or Parvez Mushraf.
The people who are opposing can suggest some alternate ways to build up smart city other than oppsing blindly