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    Mr. Achuthanadan is again against Smart City -> Let us defeat LDF in the coming Kerala Election 2006

    Dear Friends
    As all of you know, today Mr. Achuthanadan has said in an interview in Indiavision TV that he will not allow Smart City Project in Kerala if the LDF comes to power through this election. Let us try to protest against his nasty movement in the well educated Kerala state. He should not be allowed to come in to power in any cost. Either he should be defeated for ever or new leaders from good political parties should be elected. He is a man for ‘news making only, nothing worth doing to the community'.
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    The DEVIL of kerala Mr.Achuthanandan should fail from the malampuzha Legislativeassembly.He is an IT illiterate and he know nothing about technologies or investment techniques.He is not able to become a Chiefminister or atleast a MLA.So friends wipe out this type of poloticians from kerala.Save Kerala.Our Smart city is going to launch on AndhraPradesh and the meeting with AP chief minister with Internet city officials are successfull,only because of Mr.Achuthanandan.45 lakhs of unemployers in kerala is with our team and the above words are their voice.So friends be active .Save Kerala from these black hands.

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    Menon and Jose are not the only voters that elect 140 members to the legislative assembly


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    The DEVIL of kerala Mr.Achuthanandan should fail from the malampuzha Legislativeassembly.He is an IT illiterate and he know nothing about technologies or investment techniques.
    Years ago, during the first communist ministry, officials from the Bombay Kerala Samagam, paid a visit to Mr. E K Imbachibava, the transport minister. They had a request, KSRTC should release one bus for their Malaylam school in Bombay, Mr. Bhava is has gone only upto grade 4, then he went to sell fish to make a living. Upon hearing the request from Bombay Malayalee Samaj, Mr. Bhava thought, its a good idea to give them an old KSRTC bus, he called the IAS 'Thappana' and enquired about it, the IAS said there is no 'vakuppoo' for releasing the KSRTC bus. Mr. Bhava said immedietley, if there is no 'Vakuppoo' then you are there to make that 'Vakupoo'.

    Don't you idiots should think that, to make a policy on IT, one should take an MCA or Master of Blunders in Administration(MBA)? If so, you are just a bunch of idiots!!!.


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    Do not post personally attacking messages.
    Do not post messages humiliating other members or political leaders.

    Is this forum moderated.
    It should be remembered that The TEchnopark was started by the then LDF Govt. LDF stands for corruption-free development.
    They have a vision, a programme for development. Visit Mararikulam.

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    Francis James
    Hi All
    Please know that either Mr. Achuthanathan or LDF is not against the proposed Smart city project, but they are against the way Mr. ummen Chandy and his team is trying to implement it.
    They smell corruption in this deal so why cant the govt be honest to put the details to the public and make it crystal clear before implementing it.
    There is still a lot of smoke beind these issues and we hope finally evertihny will clear and the proposed smart city will stay in Kerala.

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    Dear james,

    So far there is no corruption. The corruption smoke screen is created by people of vested interest to put people of Kerala in confusion. If there is any corruption, they can initiate leagal actions againist culprit. In our country judiciary & leagal system is very strong.

    Can you point out any of the corruption taken place in this deal?

    All the allegations about this project are imaginative.

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    Yes LDF is not against Smart City . It doesn't matter if one or two people in the party is against the Smart City. LDF is a democratic front and CPIM is a democratic party. So if the party says Yes it is a Yes. Yes there is point in what LDF is saying why you want to give a Info Park in Cochin which is build by the govt to a private venture . Don't forget that in the initial face of the Smartcity project discussion there was a condition to ban any high scale IT projects between Calicut & Alappy . I don't think that any company who want to implement a project with govt. Support will ever make such a condition. So there is something fishy. If Govt. of Kerala is offering Infopark in Cochin as a compliment to Smartcity management that make sense , but the Smartcity management demanded the park . Isn't is bit fishy ? . If the Govt. offers free space and good facilities in the Infopark it won't be too difficult to attract IT companies to the Infopark. We don't need the help of Smartcity management to attract IT companies to Infopark. As far as I understood LDF is against this condition.

    There is not doubt that Smartcity is a fantastic project if is it executed cleanly ,mainly because it will create an impression in the business world that kerala is a investment friendly state, which is very important for our development. but what is the guarantee that the UDF govt. (If they win) will execute this project successfully. All of you know about the story of GIM by A.K Antony. It was big failure all the money spend on the meet was wasted. It just created more Alukkas jewellery in kerala , I don't think that it is the result of GIM because Alukkas has invested in Kerala much before GIM proposals.
    Don't forget that INC in kerala couldn't even run a news paper for their own. Tell me how can I trust such a party because it is corrupted from top to bottom.

    What happens if the Smart City project is implemented and if it couldn't deliver the expected results will Umman Chandy and UDF will bear the loss ?.Umman Chandy told that he prefer go to jail than not implementing the smart city project.
    Is he ready to give his family property for this project by accepting all the conditions of the Smart City management.
    No that is why it should be transparent because huge acres of govt. land and other govt. resources in Cochin is given for this project cheaply . So the govt. has the full responsibility to make sure that this project is implemented in the best way.
    But UDF govt was even ready to swallow all the conditions by the Smart City management with out making proper studies. They where forced to discuss the project because of valid and logical questions from CPIM and LDF.

    Ummen Chandy and Chennithala is blaming that CPIM is against development of Kerala.
    CPIM and LDF is the only one party and the front which could do anything for the promotion of IT in The Techno park in Trivandrum.
    They have started small IT parks in a lot of districts under PPP (People's Plan Program).I have worked in such a Technopark in Cochin. It gave opportunities to small to big investors.

    How many of you know about Information Kerala Mission . This is a project initiated by LDF govt developed by Mr. P.V.Unnikrishnan (Executive Mission Director, Information Kerala Mission) a super genius and a strong communist who could make millions with his brain but decided to use his potential for the benefit of the country. The project is not just targeting 33,000 people it is targeting the entire kerala from a farmer to an IAS officer a fantastic e-governance project.
    Do you know what Antony govt. did to this project they drastically cut the financial aid to this project why ?
    because it is a LDF project ? Mr. P.V Unnikrishnan is a leftist ?.
    CPIM stand for development of kerala not only for Cochin or Trivandrum .So they want to implement projects where even BPL person get the benefit like the IKM project.

    The same time project like SmartCity is also very very important we need Smart Cities .but they must be transparent. May be Tamil Nadu and Andra does it. Yes in these states nobody cares for the ordinary people. That is why Chandra Babu Naidu the Hitech CM , The most influential political person in India, got defeated.
    You may find people sell their daughter or their mother for their benefit but a Malayalee can not do it because we are 98% literate and we read news paper everyday and discuss every issue from the price of Salt to Middle east peace process.

    The problem is INC in kerala do not have the determination they just want to show something off before the election to win . They fight each other for 4 years and 6 Months and then suddenly on one day they say the party is united , but they couldn't fool the people of kerala yet.

    What have UDF did in last 5 years for promoting IT industry in Kerala . Smart City project didin't came to Kerala because of UDF or Ummen Chandy, it is just because they found Cochin to be a nice place to implement the project.

    With CPIM they have a clear policy and ideology and they know how to implement them but it is true that they recognize things bit later it is just because Communism is like a religion for those who believes in it , It is like telling a Christian to change Bible.
    But those you believe that it is a social science (Eg. Pinaray Vijayan & Budhadev (WB)) it can be redefined because it is a science .It is good that we gave progressive leaders in CPIM.

    Don't forget that even today govt has not disclosed the final draft of this project. Why are they afraid ? Because they just want to have a election issue and get some votes and after that it will be another GIM or Veekshanam News Paper.

    So as a person who support the Smart City project I would like to have LDF in power and implementing the Smart City project in style.

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    Dear Friends,
    Please note that Mr. VS Achuthanandan is against SMART CITY because, the concerned project inclues only REAL ESTATE BUSINESS. This real estate business help only to develope pockets of some udf ministers. They said about 30000 candidates will get job, if you give InfoPark!. But LDF says, they can give the same amount of opportunities without hand over the Infopark. As per press news, about 23 IT companies were applied for existence in Kochi, but UDF Govt dont allows them. WHY? Why? Why?

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