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    A request to the youth of Kerala. Please vote for U.D.F. this time. I don't think any of us would want the L.D.F. to come into power and just throw away whatever good the current government has done.

    OKay, before any of you start attacking me politically, let me make one thing clear. I don;t blindly believe in any party. I just look what good they are giving to the people. So, all of you out there who wants to attack me, please don't. I am a common man with no politics.

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    To be frank : there are two sides to the coin

    True VS is as an a$$hole trying to wear an ideal gown to reach his crown. Even at 84 he is desperate for power. The avatar of destruction
    should be stopped and will be stopped. He will not be CM... sure.

    Second, the reason idiots like these take up the cause of poor is genuine Marxists dont voice and claim their space. They let Oommens and Naidus run riot with their Fund/Bank dictated agenda.

    In course of questioning many lose track... what has Smart City got to do with agricultural crisis. There is hardly any expense for govt. But m0r0ns like VS try to pose Smart City against commoner. This jerk must be stopped. One must expose in his own game. Thats were we must start

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    If your a common man why you want come here and ask vote for UDF hope this may be the reasons

    1. Get the SSLC question papers for your son and relatives by paying the money.
    2. Make the indian companies(infosys,wipro,satyam) to go to Dubai and ask for the
    land instead of talking with the govt of kerala for building there campus in Kerala.
    3. To declare somany projects and implement nothing.
    4. Make enough money and live abroad rest of the period . Eg. Vakkam purushothaman.
    5. To sell out all the govt properties and make money.
    6. To allowe all the criminals to do what ever they want , but will not take any action, for that
    you have to pay Ommenchandy and co. Eg . Kanichukulangara murder case, All
    penvanibhams, etc ...
    7. To promote all the terrorism and other other activities organised by Kunjalikutty and co.
    Eg. Put League flag on top of Calicut international airport etc

    It is enough ????? I am also blindly believe in any party but seeing this I cant agree what you said

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    There it comes...was just wondering....
    I have definite answers for your questions. Before that, I think your first question needs an answer.. If I am a common man, why I came here? Please explain me the rationale for that question. Is something restricted to common man? Is he/she prevented from casting votes? Who casts votes? Politicians?
    Okay, now regarding your point-by-point questions.

    1. I'm happily single. I know no one whom I can help with SSLC question papers, and that too by 'paying money." And I honestly didn't know this is where you get SSLC question papers. (The typical politician tactics is used here...who talked about sslc here? I thought we were tlaking abt something else. It's like if you ask a politician about any allegation aganist him, he;ll just say, but you have also got one! or but the transport buses under your department have holes in their roof)
    2. I'm sick and tired of answering such silly statements. So this doesnt deserve a reply . I think yoy're a new joinee in this group.
    3. Didn't know this is what the common man need to do.
    4. I'm making enough money and I am living outside kerala, though not abroad. (How true it is when people say that it's the malayalees who live outside kerala love kerala more than those who live there.)
    5. Does'nt make sense !
    6. I too hate Kunjalikkutti.

    Seriously, even if anyone cancels the smart city project, I am not going to get affected in any way. Same iw the case if it is U.D.F or L.D.F who is coming to power. Just didn ot want Kerala to lose an opportunity.
    Thanks for your comments anyway, although they had nothing new in them from what I had heard before.

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    The answers you have posted here, it self speaks about you(In all way).

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