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    WIPRO to set up biggest centre in Kochi

    In 2 years Kochi will have Wipro's 1 million sqft facility employing 8500. It will also have an export worth $600 mn - Rs.2700 cr, which is 5 times the present total IT exports from state.

    KING KOCHI....
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    Last week I watched in TV another project called "Techno City" in trivandrum.This comes up in 750 acres.The news is related to protests by some families opposing the land aquisition.Any body has more info on this project?

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    It does not require 750 acres. Govt wanted only 500 acres. But there is opposition to it as it not only displaces but affects livelihood of many by filling paddy fields. Govt must avoid filling paddy fields in Kerala anymore as it will permanently damage the environment and affect lives of thousands more in the vicinity. The recent move by BSF to set up their base near Kochi on active paddy fields
    had brought criticism.

    In the case of Technocity, govt must not waste public money by acquiring land until a developer approaches. The govt must wait and acquire land only if needed after a developer takes up the project, just the way it was done in the case of Smart City.

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    Now, in Kerala one working in paddy fields (except in {Malappuram, Palakkad, and Thrissur districts) and paddy fields are no more a livelihood. The so-called paddy fields in other districts are already transformed as marshy lands or wastelands. Hence, I strongly support reclamation and leveling of paddy fields for commercial and business purposes. This will enhance the development of the state, which is already facing deficiency of lands for development.

    Filling of paddy fields will not cause any environmental problems. Environmentalists and Intellectuals as usual may contradict my arguments. That itself is the strength of my arguments.

    There is nothing wrong in the move of BSF also. I want no paddy fields in Kerala.

    In the case of Technocity, if government waits for acquiring lands, the land price will skyrocket and it will become unaffordable.



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    Oh God..Pity on people who dont understand the importance of agriculture....Let go understanding the importance, but, who want to destroy it too.. God help them!

    Its common sense to know that if we stop agriculture, we become a 100 %consumer state.
    And obviosly this wud lead to high cost of living..
    And all 5 figure salaries that MNCs pay will again feel like peanuts!! Agriculture is out root..

    And so the lands should not be destroyed, for whatever the reason.
    I am of the opinion that that agriculture should be promoted instead of all the MNCs hype which is only a mirage!!
    What guarantee do we have? They have no concerns even about their best employees..
    Its just a matter of another 9/11 , and the whole industry comes down, and many losing their jobs next day!!

    I am sorry to have taken the topic of discussion in another direction. I just thought i should write my opinion. I had to write coz i see n number of people forgetting their roots here!

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    I was wondering about development. Development in IT. Information Technology. For what. In which area it is used. Why cant we use it for us rather than for some MNCs. WHY dont we use it for our agriculture. We should have a network for farmers, educate them to use that. They can share their views and problems each other. Solve them. They can find markets for their produce.. Lots of use of IT in agriculture. Why dont we use it? Then we can say we are developing. We can be self sufficient. Latest technology can be used in agriculture, food processing, preserving, value addition etc. Kerala is called God's own country because of its greenery and, friendly and educated people. we should not lose these for 'development'. We should have a haritha bharatham. Watch AmritaTV sometimes. Also others channels and see how farmers are making the development in their fields. What we lack is motivation and support to the farmers.
    Let Wipro make a good campus. IT is essential. Agriculture is our life. We need to preserve this land for our children.
    Convert our paddy fields to REAL ESTATE.
    we can import paddy from Dubai(?) by giving our hard earned IT dollars.

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    I dont know the person who posted this message is still watching this page, how ever now its two years completed. I dont know how many are with Wipro now, we are seeing construction work going on in Wipro campus pretty slowly. Any comments?

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