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    Smart City 'Vismayam' and Kumbakonam

    Mr. Vakkom Purshothaman in the absence of Kerala IT man Ooomben Chandy inaugrated a building called 'Vishmayam'. The estimated figures shows that 40 crores is spent on this building, all these for a real estate company from Dubai for free. The question now remains to be seen is how many crores is the commission pocketed by Chandy and gang in the name of IT infrastructure?. At this eleventh hour, Chandy and gang is in a 'Gusthi' style phrase, 'grab as much as you can'. Well, the retired chief secretary Mr. Vijayanunni has alread given a hint. Any clues, dear smart City fans?

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    Let the 'Question' remain as it is, until it is prooved!

    Any tom,dick and harry can make allegations!

    Why worry about an unproven allegation when we already have 'proven' evidence for scandals like 'LAVLIN',
    not much different if it is 'Dubai' for 'Khadar wearers' it was 'Canada' for comrades!!!!
    Two sides of the same coin!!!

    We don have enough job generating institution in the state as of today...Thanks to 50 years of ruling by both parties!

    As of now we are 40 crores and free land defenitely is a risk which we can afford...

    All the opposition is doing is just the 'traditional' style of 'opposing' whatever ruling party brings forth...."Manjapitham pidichavanu ellam Manja"!!!!

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    Why worry about an unproven allegation when we already have 'proven' evidence for scandals like 'LAVLIN',
    Forget about Lavalin, not even your congee leaders are talking about, after KSEB submitted its findings?. Now the real question?. Why the government wants to build 'Vismayam' and give it for free to a real estate firm from Dubai?. With UDF in power, there is only one answer to this. Corruption. All there progress related talk and adventures are closely related to corruption. They have no other agenda other than, licking the sugar pot.


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    Why should a common citizen forget about lavlin if congress is not interested?It is more than obvious that there had been a foul play...

    Please prove the allegations about DIC if you belive so and stop 'speculating', nobody has any obligation towards you to belive in your philosophies!

    Infact all parties which have ruled the state have shown that they are not free from corruption....
    What risk do we have in this start up which can generate jobs, for state which claims nothing in terms of growth or dvelopment....

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    Please prove the allegations about DIC if you belive so and stop 'speculating', nobody has any obligation towards you to belive in your philosophies!
    Fine with me. You may stop responding to my allegation.


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    What risk do we have in this start up which can generate jobs, for state which claims nothing in terms of growth or dvelopment....
    See this is the typcial middleclass malayalee mindset. They have stopped looking for government jobs, and has started looking for MNCs to provide them some jobs. They are happy with the third rate work these MNCs dump in our soil. No MNC including Intel, microsoft or IBM is doing their real work in India. India provides a safe waiting shed for these MNCs. The time when Downjones graph take a nose dive, these MNC's will pack their stuff leaving behind a trail of destruction and devasted families. So the next class of people looking to buy 'POISON' after our farmers would be this jobless ITs. That time is not far way, could be within the next two decades unless we as a society stop our dependence on these MNCs and globalised thinkers/politicians for progress.


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    Joseph frustrated joker making up conspiracy theories. Anyway Smart City deal will be signed will get underway by end Feb. Cool

    Re: "middle class metality"

    Middle class may be goofing.
    But Mr. Joseph thinks that unproductive sarkari clerical jobs are the future. It is the problem of getting stuck in a time warp. His mentality shows that he is stuck with nostalgia that he hopes that USSR will come back and save him the hard work of building a future :D

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    he is stuck with nostalgia that he hopes that USSR will come back
    Who is the frustrated joker in cooking up theories here?.


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    Dear Joseph joseph,

    I was going through the entire forum one by one. I was really impressed with your adamant stand on your objective in all the forums.

    I am not very sure about facts that people raised against or for the smart city.
    But I am sure u have done enough study in this matter.

    But I would like to know one thing.

    Will the implementation of smart reduce the growing potential of kerala ?
    Will it not a benefit to kerala in anyway ?
    Why the real estate is booming when there is rumor that smart city is coming?
    Even if the commission pocketed by any one in any deal, will it not benefit you eventually?

    I am writing without joining any political part but on personal front.

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    Hi Mr.Joseph,

    I saw ur message stating that US companies are sending their unwanted work 2 india.Americans are generally lazy, and do not like routine & strenous jobs.But look at the positive side - This American attitude provide a great oppurtunity for a place like Kerala with a situation of high educated unemployment.Till now, keralites were forced to go to gulf countries and work under harsh conditions with no complaints.An engineer friend of mine had gone to dubai a decade ago after getting a good job.After landing in dubai,the company told him that the earlier promised job was filled and he was given a post of a machine technician with low wages, a job that only needed a diploma education.He had to work in this post for more than an year as the company had his passport and he had no other option.

    Today the companies in gulf are find it much more difficult to get qualified technical personnel from kerala, and this had led to better salary & working conditions for them.If the projects like Smart city come up,there will be better prospects for keralites due to the favourable demand supply condition.

    A major concern being raised by the common man is that the projects like smart city will only favour the rich and the technically educated.This is due to an ignorance of the power of Information Technology.The traditional malayali attitude is of opposing anything new, without understanding how the same can be used to improve their lives.I had the oppurtunity of visiting a small BPO unit in a suburb of Kochi recently.The unit was run in a small one room apartment, and was engaged in providing accounting and taxation services to an accounting firm in USA.There were just two employees, and i found that they were doing high quality services like preparation of US tax returns.I enquired about the rationnale of the accounting firms decision to outsource their work.The partner of the firm told me that the cost of employing an accountant in US was over 10 times the cost of emplying an accountant here.The cost savings of outsourcing has enabled the US firm to be more competitive,reduce billing rates & provide better services to their clients.Since theirs was a small accounting firm,they could not approach the big consultants like Accenture.A NRI friend of the american accountant saw the oppurtunity and he acted as a negotiator between the american accountant and the kerala firm.

    It was at this point that I saw the power of IT to change our lives.I imagined how IT could be utilized to make a change in the lives of the thousands of our graduates who are intelligent, but are forced to work for low wages due to the lack of oppurtunities.The people working in this BPO were ordinary graduates, but were earning good salaries(above Rs.7000 p.m) and having work satisfaction.It also showed a good entreprenurial oppurtunity as opening such a firm requires very little capital investment(only needs qualified & intelligent manpower).Such a firm could be opened anywhere, even in small cities like Vaikom or Angamali as it needs only a good internet connection,low investment in technology & qualified manpower.

    I am of the opinion that Atchudanandan is the best possible candidate for Cheif ministership in Kerala.I also agree with many of his viewpoints like the need to transfer ownership of infopark to DIC.But I am of the opinion that people like him should take a long term view.Even if those guys at DIC are interested in real estate and make huge profits, a project like smart city could make IT companies to notice Kerala and its manpower.The people would also realize the power of IT to change their lives.We are already behind other states in the race for IT.Smart city provides a golden oppurtunity to Kerala to make up for its past mistakes.


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    "See this is the typcial middleclass malayalee mindset. "

    Joseppembrane; Canedian saippinte Code kooli ayappol, dollar kittiyappo, pavangale thallipparyalle

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