Form Vote Banks against these Anti-development Politicians!

Dear All,

This is a greatest paradox in the history of world economies. Kerala, as an economy is a hugely a consumer state with practically no industries and agriculture and service sector is what people are in and that alone is working fine! What is Kerala's chief Export? Human Resources, will ever anyone disagree? Why is that we many Keralites are going out of State? We all know, we don't have developed core sectors in economy to sustain our educated folks. So we do mass exodus. So now some body try to build some infra-structure, the ever famous Keralite way of looking down and pessimism are at its heights. See how opposition leader is looking and seeing the things?

I cannot help to say that this is pathetic and heights of crooked and self centered politics which, has least concern about the future of next generation (forget us, we are destined to suffer!). To be noted that, when Chief Ministers of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh were playing big games to net the huge share of BPO jobs that was on the way to India, particularly to South India, Our then Chief Minister AK Antony had not time other than making defensive plans to counter K. Karunakaran's cheap nesses!! None of our ministers and opposition members seemed to be interested in such a matter, that governments see as a cash cow for an economy where man power is in abundance and other two sectors are particularly week. We got some raisins and crumbs of the pie that was shared among other South Indian states in BPO, IT and other related industry sectors.

Back to the issue, it is known to all that, Keralites even not having a job at home, are fleeing the state and making a good fortune somewhere else and boosts the economy is a large scale. Is not this one fact that could answer how Kerala could remain as a consumer state? Does not this have a effect in the general attitude of the politicians towards development? Though none is working for development, or working against development, Politicians need not worry, because, Keralites have settled to the notion that to fetch a nice living they got to leave the state. The crooked politicians are utilizing this attitude of Keralites. They know, even they don't work, Keralites are not going to starve, they will flow money from north or Gulf States and the economy will boost. It's a fact that a large majority of Kerala homes have few Non Residing Keralite.

A curious fact about Keralites is, when they are in Kerala, they are over zealous in politics and preach what ever possible philosophies and avoid work or create unfriendly working environments. But the same Keralite put in other states of India or other countries are work- horses, dependable, hardworking and industry friendly. But back home, or before leaving Kerala they are different breed! Why Keralites residing in the state not going against these Political culprits? What I feel is that Keralites as said above are not starving, rather they depend an economy that sustains at the cost of other non residing Keralites. Our youth bags some degree, and depart to northern cities or Gulf to earn a living for themselves and MORE OVER TO FEED THE PEOPLE BACK HOME (not just their folks but the others who is part of the micro economy who are benefiting from them). So residing Keralites are in a way secured, and do not revolt for such anti development agendas. Does that mean this should ever continue?

Will these politicians in Kerala ever get a set back? I wonder the answer would be NO till the time being. If the statements like the one from VS have to get set backs, the effect of such statements should hit directly on their vote banks. And then only they realize the people are not with them for these anti-development agendas aimed to secure their offices in Political arena. Ever wondered an Utopian idea where each and every members of the families with voting rights, with at least one Non- residing Keralite in their family, vote against such political parties? Will not this directly hit them and “open their eyes"(that is always open!)?

So its high time for Non Residing Keralites form a decisive VOTE BANK back home, where each member should influence their family members note to vote any body going against development. Please do not wonder why Non Keralites? It is because we are the victims for anti development policies. Had good opportunities at home, none would spare their family and homeland and live against the odds in foreign lands amidst alien cultures. So happened is happened, Let our coming generations prosper in our homeland, let them live, work and die the smell and soil of homeland. Then it is our duty now to join hands to make a new revolution that uproots these vicious attitudes towards development. I hope it is not a foolish idea, but some thing that could be worked out for our coming generations.