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    Smart City - Beginning of Kerala's Economic Development

    I strongly feels that Smart City is a need for my antive state. (I am a Non-Rsidential Malayali and Reformist).

    V. S. Achuthanandan is oppsoing this project blindly. he is an uneducated moron. He can't even speak English. How can he be CM of Kerala?

    Nearly all Leftists, Environmentalists, and Intelelctuals are uneducated fools. They have no vision. They will oppose everything.

    They opposed and sabotaged following projects:

    - Aranmula & Kannur Airports
    - Vallarpadom Terminal
    - Vizhinjam Airport
    - Kerala Express Highway
    - BMW Automobile mnaufacturing Units
    - Kinfra Park
    - Special Economic Zones
    - IT, ITES, BPO, and Biotech companies
    - Coco Coal Plant
    - Steel Plants in Palakkad
    - Trifurcation and Privatization of KSEB

    Communists don't want development in Kerala. If Kerala develops and peoples get jobs, then no one will join Communist Party for sloganeering.

    Kerala's peoples are ass-holes. That is why they elected 19 eunuchs in the last Parliament election.

    Now they are opposing Smart City and Fashion City.

    They only know so-called "Ayalkoottam", and "Janakeeyaasuthranam" (Even Kudumbaasoothranam is better than Janakeeyasuthranam). They will also donate some sick goats to poor. What othe rthey can do?

    Smart City is for Smart Peoples, not for Leftists, Comrades, Rapists, or Intelelctuals.

    They want Kerala to return to Stone Age

    This is the time for eliminating all Communists from Kerala.

    I suggest a "Hitlerian" method to kill all Communists and their family members from Kerala.

    Then only Kerala will develop.

    We want an IT Corridor in Kerala having nodes in Trivandrum, Kollam, Kozhencherry, Alappuzha, Kottayam, Kochi, Thrissur, Palakkad, Kozhikode, Kannur, and Mahe.

    All those who opposes Smart City, Fashin Village, Express Highway, etc are Ass-Holes, and they are illiterate morons.

    I am requesting all sensous, wise, and educated Keralites to re-elect UDF in the next election. If you elect LDF, then Kerala will belike UP, Bihar, or even Somalia.


    Riva T Philip (Rivaji)
    National Vice President
    Indian National Congress - IT Cell
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    Trade Unions must abn immediately.

    Kerala no longer need Dharnas, Strikes, Hartals, and Bandhs.

    Sakavs (Comrades) are bane for Kerala.

    It is better to get rid of them

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    Of later Internet has become a place where people spread rumors and stories. If these are facts then they should publish in the newspapers in Kerala and these allegations should be raised in Kerala assembly. If the people who spread these stories are courageous enough then they should expose the villain in public, and not through secret email campaign.

    Now coming to Smart city, I do not know why it is called “Smart". Kerala needs smart people and not a smart city. Why is not there enough transparency in the deal?

    I am an entrepreneur in the filed of IT and have been working in this field for the last few years. How do they suggest to employee 20,000 people? If Microsoft wanted to come to Kerala they do not require the help of any “smart" people, they can do that by their own. There are many reasons why those companies prefer cities like Bangalore and not any one of that reasons is the absence of a “smart" city. There are many hundreds jobs available in Kerala right now which go unfilled because there are nobody with right attitude and focus in Kerala.

    Why do we have to blame 3 people alone for the non-industrialization of Kerala? What are the rest of us doing to help industrialization? It will be easy to find some scape goats and shift the blame so we do not feel guilty, except that it will not solve the problem. Let people in a Panchayath in Kerala say that they are ready for an industry in their Panchayath and say that we are ready to breathe the “foul smell" of the industry if some 100 of the people living there get a job. Then we will have several industries in Kerala. If we want to find out the problems in Kerala then ask that questions to your self, do not spread rumors.

    Can we adopt Dubai development model for Kerala? Gulf development is based on one natural resource and not based on competitiveness. Gulf would have been as poor as us or more if they had not struck oil there. What we need is the competitive model of the west and not a model based on corruption and non-transparency.

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    Dear Comrade Babu Mohan,

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    I can guess the intelligence of an average Communist from Kerala.

    Shame on you!

    You peoples always do strieks, declare bandhs and sloganeering for your fourth-rate comrade leaders.

    You people sonly knows do some Janakeeyasutranam (even Kudumbaasootranam is better than this Aasutranam), selling some sick goats, and Ayalkoottam, where women use to tell "Nunayum Kothiyum".

    What other things you comrades can do?

    Instead of smelling foul smell of industries, try to smell your own ass-hole. Your filthy ass-hole is enlightened by the fragrance of your fart and flatulance, dirty Communist bastard!



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    On Riva's comment......

    "Most of the Rapists, Molesters, Eve-Teasers, Pimps, Prostitutes, Immorals, etc are from Left and Communist Parties....

    Here is a brief List...

    EMS Nambudiripad, TV Thomas, EK Nayanar, AK Gopalan, VS Achutahnandan - "

    People in the forum will decide how credible you are.
    How can we expect more . you say you are Vice president Indian National Congress - IT Cell.

    ivaanne vattannooo???

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    To Comrade Praveen:

    People in the forum will decide how credible you are.
    How can we expect more . you say you are Vice president Indian National Congress - IT Cell.

    ivaanne vattannooo???

    I don't need your certificate. I'm only responsible to my President (presidnet of INC-IT Cell), and also INC President Soniaji.

    Just because I am a Congressman, pro-Development and anti-Communist, you are abusing me.

    Man, don't follow any dead useless ideologies blindly. use your brain.

    If you have guts, try to defeat me in debates instead of showring abuse.



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    Dear Chief Minister,

    Don't going back from Smart City Project.

    We all educated, sensous, wise,a nd intelligent Malayalis are with you. It is true that some foolish morons are with Achuthanandan. You know, Achu is the kIng of Stupids. So, obviously all morons will support him.

    We wise men knows that Smart City will benefit our state. So go ahead with this project.

    Ignore the rabid barkings of Communists, Intellectualls, Environmentalists, Trade Unionists, and thos ewho opposing this project. They only want to scuttle the development of Kerala.

    I am also requesting all Keralites, who want development and prospirity to vote UDF to power in the next Assembly Election.

    Remember, LDF will destroy Kerala. They will convert our state into another UP/Bihar or Afghanistan/Somalia.



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    Please refrain from posting non-relevant garbage here. There are numerous other forums where you can spew your anti-communist propaganda.

    Please discuss issues related to the SmartCity here.

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    The true colour and intention of the member who started this topic can be well understood from the following links.,1650,page=1,1609,page=1

    So I don't want to comment much on him. But I would like to point out that, though he hate communists it's the communists that is responsible for making the party he belong to rule our country. Moreover he will be angry towards Communists as Mr. Achuthananthan had raked up thousands of cases of corruption, appeasement and other irregularities of the present Govt. that is ruling Kerala. And the CM is totally silenced by his allegations.

    Coming to SMART CITY - I honestly don't know how and why this name is chosen. The No. 33,000 is the biggest lie that is been said by any chief minister of Kerala. If it is true it will out number all Tech parks in the country. The city of Kochi itself is not well equiped to take such an influx of people.So that is nothing but a BLUNDER. Again why would somebody want to get help from the middle east for something like a IT park. I believe with respect to Information Technology we are way ahead of Middle east people. So this deal is dubious in all senses. Achuthanandan had never spoken anything against this. All he was demanding was more transparency on the deal, which is every citizens right. The CM goes to Dubai , does clandestine meetings with unknown persons, comes back and tell the people everything is finalized. Now is it something proper? Why is he hiding all the details. Why isn't he telling how and on what baisis 33000 people is going to be employed. Smart city is a test case to decide whether the CM is the only SMART malayalee. We have to prevent this from happening. At any cost. Or let him come up with clear and transparent details.

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    Rajeev Narayan,

    I believe *Riva* is a she, not a he.

    Coming to SmartCity, why do you think Cochin cannot accomodate 33000 more people? Bangalore had a population of 3.5 million in early ninetees, today there are close to 10 million.

    Cochin will and should expand as people come in.

    And what more transparency should you expect at this stage? An MOU has been signed, the final agreement is yet to take place (given the threats and violence, I doubt if it will ever). The CM did not have clandestine meeting, the DIC people came down to Kerala, and had meeting with Government secretaries where the MOU was closed.

    India is ahead of middle east. Sure, true. But in software services only, not necessarily in infrastructure creation. The DIC is succeful in creating an Internet City in a country (the UAE) that is not significant at all in the IT Map, so they sure can do good things in Kerala.

    33000 people under one roof seems too ambitious, like you said. But why not? What is wrong in aiming big? If the DIC can pull it off, it will be too good. The DIC has the capability to attract big names, Kerala seems an ideal location, and India has the software growth potential.

    Lets pray that the SmartCity becomes a reality.

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    Please stop non-relevant garbage. And please refrain from personal attacks.

    And FYI, Nanu is nothing but Narayanan. Just like how "thoma" is Thomas.

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    Dear Malayali Brothers & Sisters,

    Let us decide now. We will not reapeat our past mistake that we did in the Parliament Election in the forthcoming Assembly Election.

    Let us Defeat anti-Development CPI (M) and their goons. Let us Vote for UDF. Let us make Smart City areality.

    -- George Kutty, Elanthur, Pathanamthitta

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    Dear George Kutty,

    Thanks for your comments. Thank you for your support to 'Smart City'

    Those who are opposing Smart City - Communists, LDF, Trade Unions, Intelelctuals, Environmentalists, etc are not men of integrity. They were bribed by some vested interests who don't want any development to happen in Kerala. They have links with International Terrorists Outfits, Maoists, and Smugglers. V. S Achuthanandan is a Binami of Dawood Ibrahim. He wants to destroy Kerala. Beware of this menace.



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    Kerala development – what to do?

    There has been a lot of talk about Industrial development of Kerala and several people have put forward solutions. I want to look into some of the issues

    1 Militant trade unions and strike

    Are the militant trade unions alone responsible for the lack of development in Kerala? Somehow that defies common logic. The trade unions are a part of people of Kerala and their behavior represent the general attitude of Keralite's. We cannot assume that when one become a part of trade union he will undergo a complete change in attitude, or when one resigns from the trade union he will change his attitude back to normal. As I said earlier this defies common logic. So the questions to be asked is are we all one-way or other way responsible for the lack of development of Kerala. It may be interesting to study the alleged role played by trade union in destroying industries. What did they do? They tried to milk the industry in such a way that they can make maximum money by doing less work. Let me ask this question. Is this not everybody in Kerala trying to do? Work less and Make more. Otherwise how do we justify people who try to evade law for making money? As an entrepreneur in IT filed I have been answering a particular question quite often. How much will you pay as Salary? I usually ask them back. What work can you handle this month? They will say “No, we cannot handle any work now". People are bothered about Salary and not bothered about what work they can do. How is that attitude different from that of trade unions?

    2 Bandhs, Processions and Roads.
    Roads are for traveling and Bandhs and processions are denying the people that right. But can we only blame political parties? What about religious functions? All most all of religious functions are held on the road. The road is misused for all types of purpose and each such thing deny the people the right to travel. All those shops on the roadside that extends to the footpath. All those workshops that uses roads, Vehicles that parked at the most busiest roads, Pedestrians that stand in the middle of the road, The building materials that are dumped on the road side, Ministers that go in high-speed blocking traffic, Shop owners that put hurdles on the road -widening and development, all these people are also misusing the road and encroaching the right of the people to use the road for traffic.

    3 Anti- industry agitations
    Who is against the industries in Kerala? The first one are those who stays near the industry and who are not directly benefited by the industry. If you do not benefit then why should you support? May be your neighbors are benefited but then you are not bother about that. You are against anything that will not do any good to you. You are definitely against anything if there are some inconveniences to you. You are not bothered about those common things that benefit a lot of people around you. Are you?

    4 Competitiveness and corruption
    We cannot have competitiveness and corruption go hand-in hand. They are opposite words, opposite in meaning. Corruption leads to incompetence and competitiveness drives corruption out. Kerala society in general is very corrupted and so incompetent. Competency comes from one struggling to achieve a goal by well-accepted norms. Corruption comes when one tries to achieve the same goal by other means. If you can do “Koppiadi" Or leak- out question papers to get good marks then why do we have to spend time on studying to do the same. If you can get anything by paying money then how do you feel confident about yourself? May be this answer the question that why some of the students that come out of self-financing colleges are good for nothing?

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    Please avoid messages like "V. S Achuthanandan is a Binami of Dawood Ibrahim. He wants to destroy Kerala. Beware of this menace.". Please stick to the subject. Let us talk about SmartCity.

    The purpose of this site is to support Smart City and bring people together to make smart city a reality. All are welcome to talk against to smart city also. However, kindly avoid statements as above, so that we can keep this as a healthy discussion forum.

    Expecting your kind cooperation. team.

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    Dear Web Master,

    I am a proud Congressman and it is my duty to oppose CPI (M), LDF, and our Com. Achu.

    As I am a supporter of Smart City and Achu is against this project, obviously I will continue to oppose Achuthanandan.

    Achu is trying to sabotage Smart City project. Hence the only way to save Smart City is to oppose Achu. What is wrong in that?

    I have enough evidence to prove the Mafia-links of Achuthanandan and other Comrades.



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    Dear Administrator & Team Members,

    No one can travel in two boats at a time. If you are supporters of Smart City, then how can you oppose my stand against Achuthanandan and other anti-Development Activists?



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    Dear Administrator & Team Members,

    Many people sin this forum are abusing, criticizing, opposing, and making derogatory statements against Chief Minister Oommen Chandy, A. K . Antony, Vayalar Ravi, Ramesh Chennithala, Sonia Gandhi, K. M. Mani, Thennala Balakrishna Pillai, etc. Why you people skeep mum on this? Why you peoples only interfering when soemone criticize Communist Leaders like Achuthanandan?

    Do you think only we can criticize ONLY CONGRESSMEN and NO ONE HAVE RIGHT TO CRITICIZE LEFTISTS?

    Plz clarify on thsi regard.



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    This is a good discussion for smart city. You can also vote for smart city at . You have a choice to vote for UDF,LDF, Indira Congress or BJP.

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    GIM was hyped like this and what has happened to that? I am not telling it is not required. But the kind of people who are behind this makes all these very dubious. Keep in mind the revelation of the vigilance director. This is the most corrupt and irresponsible Govt. Kerala has ever seen. That is the reason why I am against. I am not against development.

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    I would also like to ask Riva, if he's so irritated with commies, why the hell his party is sitting together with them and plundering India.??

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    READ THIS ---->

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    Is there any valid reasons for CPI (M)'s opposition to Smart City?



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    r u mad madam... i read all u r comments. may be therez some facts but most of them r fake. realy u have the right 2 oppose some one , no doubt. You have to study on the subject before make comment. thats the wise people do.

    so be wise and nice...

    if smartcity give 33000 job suerly i will support it . but the government has to do one thing. they have to clarify the doubts of keralites. if the goverment clarify the doubts, i think all keralites will support the project.

    u say that u r a elite or cultered . but i didnt find any quality of elite in u r comments. i am sure that never an elite people can speak just like this. bcse i know the quqlities of the elite people very well. so please check..........

    one comment: The poor farmers also have right to live.

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    The allegations of Corruption against Smart City is a farce.

    If there is any corruption, do the opponents have any proof? Will they submit evidences to Government or High Court / Supreme Court?

    Just bashing some utterences in media is not the right way.

    Scuttling the Smart City project just because some vested interests uettered some baseless allegations is not possible.



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    Smart City is beneficial for Kerala.

    All pro-development people smust support this project.

    The charges of Corruption are baseless.



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    DIC (Dubai Internet City) is not 100% UAE Government Department. it is a company sponsered by Dubai Emirate Government, UAE Government, and also many Private Investors. There is nothing wrong in a Private Compnay investing in Kerala. I am sure Smart City will be a great project.

    Private Sector proved that they are far better than Government Departments or Boards as far as Efficiency is concerned.



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    Smart City will change Kerala's economic and industrial environment and culture. Every Keralites should support this project.



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    Kerala CM even challenged Opposition Leader V. S. Achuthanandan for a dialogue on Smart City. But this dumb coward Achu backed off from the dialogue fearing that he may exposed by shrewd, sharp, and intelligent CM.

    Now even Pinarayi is admitting that Achuthanandan is airing some stupidities and blunders to get some emdia attentions.

    Pinarayi is even thinking about expelling Achuthanandan from CPI (M).

    Let factional fight of CPI (M) continues....



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    Now Pinarayi Vijayan Is Suporting Smart City

    It may be a surprise for Comrades of Kerala. But it is true. CPI (M) Kerala State General Secratery is now supporting Smart City, a mega IT Infrastrucure project of Dubai Internet City (DIC), which was initiated by reformist Kerala Chief Minister Shri. Oommen Chandy.

    The fact is, Pinarayi Vijayan declared his support to Smart City project in Dubai, UAE, which is far away from Kerala, in the presence of UAE government officials, DIC officials, and NRISs. He said his party will support any Development Projects including Kerala Express Highway, Kerala Airlines, Kannur & Aranmula Airports, Valalrpadom Project, Vizhinjam preoject. Pinarayi's these statements are totally a contradiction to the utterings of CPI (M) extremist and anti-Development Activist V. S. Achuthanandan.

    Pinarayi Vijayan, who is aspiring to be the next Chief minister of Kerala, took a different opinion from Opposition Leader Achuthanandan, who is leading a radical faction in Kerala CPI (M)). Pinarayi knew, anti-Development policies will not work for a CM aspirant. Hence Achuthanandan Line of politics is not good for Kerala.

    According to an inter-party survey among CPI (M) activists, Pinarayi Vijayan emerged as the most popular CM candidate with 63% of support. V. S. Achuthanandan came distant fourth with 8% vote share lagging behind Thomas Isaac (15%) and M. A. Baby (12%). The other aspirants Palolo Mohammed Kutty got 2% votes, T. K. Ramakrishnan got 0.7 % votes and Shivadasa Menon got 0.3% votes. From this it is clear that Pinarayi Vijayan will be the CM candidate of LDF, if it win the next Assembly Election (which is unlikely due to the tarnished image of Communist Parties).

    It is true that Pinarayi Vijayan offered his support for Smart City in Dubai. But he must show the guts to :

    1) Declare his and his party's support for Smart City in Kerala.

    2) He must condemn the irresponsible behaviour and attitudes of senseless leaders like Achuthanandan.

    3) If Achuthanandan continue his anti-Development actiivites, Pinarayi Vijayan must show his might by expelling Achuthanandan from the party, which he can do because he is the General Secratery of CPI (M).

    4) He must reform CPI (M) and LDF at least by following the model of Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee and Asim Dasguptha.

    Former West Bengal Chief Minister who once stated that CPI (M) leaders realize sense only lately. Now Pinarayi Vijayan also got sense. Unfortunately a majority of comrade sin Kerala lacks that sense.



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    I like to congratulate Kerala Chief minister Oommen Chandy and KPCC President Ramesh Chennitha for their strong stands regarding Smart City.

    I still hope that Smart City will come to Kerala.



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    From the start of the agitations CPI(M) is saying they are not against any development and Smart City. CPI(M) is doing agitations against the faul plays in the Smart City programme.

    I am personally know how much money this UDF Government dipped in Kochi Kayal for the programmes like GIM and Business-to-Business Meet.

    When I leaving my current job I will explore that things with valid documents before the public. Now like all of you my job is importanat for me.

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    CPM is blindly against any development - be it Airports, Smart City, Express Highways, IT, etc. In 1980s, CPM havd a dubious distin ction of anti-Computer agitation together with BJP. Both thesae parties opposed IT and Comnputers that time. During the latter half of 1990s, BJP changed their stand, but CPM is still opposing IT. Some exceptions are Buddhadeb, Asim Dasgupta, Nirupam Sen, etc.

    Can you prove any corruption in Smart City deal? Can you submit solid evidence here? can you provide any link? Or, can you publish the corruption facts with valid proofs and referencews?

    Who are you tyo know the condifential matters in Government's process? Are you an IAS officer or top bureaucrat? If you are, you should resign from your job, as it is illegal in India for an IAS officer or bureaucrat or government employee to working for apolitical aprty? Do you have guts to resign from your job and make allgations against UDF governemnt with the submission of solid evidences?

    Don't bark like Prakash Karat and Sitaram Yechuri? We are not scared of these types of stupid allegations. if you are a man, come staright forward and fight like a man.



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    Dear Reena,

    Please try to learn how to behave.

    As I am groomed in a well-cultured, respected, and ancient family, I cannot retailate in the manner in which you behaved. I can undertsand your upbringing. It is shame that a woman like you using these types of abusive words. Evcen hardcore comrades will defeat in front of you.

    One more thing, I am not a woman, but a young man of 25, who is a proud member of Indian National Congress, having 'Angry Young Man' image. . I am not enslave dby any stupid ideology like you. I am proud to be a Right-wing Conservative. I will oppose what all Communists supports. Anti-Communism and Anti-Leftism is in my blood.



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    Ms. Riva T Philip is pervert. See the language she uses.

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    Dear Riva,

    My angry young man image brother, your agressiveness is good. But I am very sorry about you. An young blood like you are ruining your political vision and political career by wearing anti communist spectacles. Please remove that and see the naked things. Then you will understand the realities. You have miles infront of you. See the issues neutral. Blind politics is not good for anybody, be it my comrades or you.

    Who told you one has to be an IAS officer or a beurocrat to know the details of things happening in the government institutions? Like you I am also working in an IT firm. I am not a fool like you, to bark in midday. I will come out with the documents I am having, when there is a situation in which I can prove that things without any interference. I not blind politian like you to give that valuable documents into the hands of thieves. Once again, please remove your yellow coloured spectacles.

    I think you should have read that "Mangalam report" posted by "eers". Look, Congress' and Ummenchandy's loudspeakers also twisting their toungs.

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    Dear Riva,

    I am sorry to say, and no personal offense meant. You display no qualities of a woman/man sitting in a position like National Vice President. or of an educated person.

    I suppose educated people use more cultured language. Mr V S may be less educated, but he is far more civilized and cultured.

    Comin to the topic of development, who ever gave you the idea that Left is against development in Kerala.. Before making statements you should research and be well aware of the activities done my CPIM./Left.

    The most successful Technopark in TVM was brought in by the Left Gov. And if they were against Dev, this would not have come into existance. And speaking of Smart City, neither VS or any CPIM leaders are against the Smart City. They are only against the corruption that is taking place behind the scene.
    And if the UDF gov is so eager to bring IT companies, why did they deny the applications of 24 IT companies? Why were they not given the infrastructure, which we already have in KINFRA?
    And why does the Smart City want a monopoly? Why the need that no other IT Park should be set up other than them? Why is the Gov giving away crores of worth infrastructure to them for peanuts?

    So, its not about development but about a few 100 crores of money that have gone into their pockets.

    Again, I reiterate my statement here. May be , just may be, they are not corrupt, But why isnt the gov giving proper answers to n no of questions asked by opposition? They are bound to.

    Development should come, and true. But remember Kerala is not just about a few IT professionals. All of kerala youth is not goin to be an IT Professional.
    Its about normal farmers, peasants, and other ancestorial jobs like kaithari, etc...

    Development should come, but not at the cost of normal citizens and their right to live and earn a living.

    Please think and decide and vote for the right person.

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    To KeralaITProf:

    From your statements even a common man with average commonsense can conclude that you posess neither the character of man nor woman. You are enslaved by the stupid ideology of Communism. I can only pity on you. You are behaving like a barbarian by unleasing some stupidity. You are worse than Komali VS.

    I want to answer your rubbish utterings and allegations against Smart City and Development issues:

    I born-n-brough-up in Kerala and I know CPI(M)/Left very well. My native is Central Travancore and I born in a Nationalist family. My grandfather is a freedom-fighter and I have legacy of nationalism and patriotism, which Leftists lacks. In 1962 war Leftists sided with China and worked as their agents.

    Comin to the topic of development, who ever gave you the idea that Left is against development in Kerala.. Before making statements you should research and be well aware of the activities done my CPIM./Left.

    I saw many comrades in my life. As I am born in Kerala, I know them well. They are against any kind of development. They want "Socialism of Poverty". They are all for Poverty, and against poor. This is what I am opposing. Wherever Leftists are ruling, you can see underdevelopment and poverty there. See the menace of Naxlism and Maoism in India. See the condition of Kolkata. Before 1970, Kolkata was the largest and most prosporous Indian city. Now it is in shambles.

    Bandhs, Hartals, Strikes, Violence, Murder, etc are the valuable contribution of CPI(M) to Kerala.

    The most successful Technopark in TVM was brought in by the Left Gov. And if they were against Dev, this would not have come into existance.

    Don't write blatant lies here. In 1980s, I know the srikes unleashed by CPI(M) against Computers, Information technology, Telecom, Tractors, wtc. How can you say, it was CPI(M) which started Technopark, TVM? Technopark was the contribution of former CM K Karunakaran. When Rajiv Gandhi and Sam Pitroda introduced iT in Kerala, Leftists were opposing it. It was Karunakaran's UDF government take initiative to set up Technopark. This was in late 80s. Later, during LDF's rule they deaccilerated the pace of work of Technopark, and finally it completed during next UDF regime. Karunakaran inagurated this IT Park. CPI(M) did nothing for Technopark. Technopark is brainchild of Karunakaran.

    And speaking of Smart City, neither VS or any CPIM leaders are against the Smart City. They are only against the corruption that is taking place behind the scene.

    CPI(M) in general and VS in particular are against Smart City and other IT parks.

    You are saying about 'corruption'. What corruption in Smart City deal? Plz submit/publish any valid evidence? Everyone can utter any allegations, but supporting these allegations with solid evidence is important. Do you have guts for that?

    And if the UDF gov is so eager to bring IT companies, why did they deny the applications of 24 IT companies? Why were they not given the infrastructure, which we already have in KINFRA?

    What all IT development happened is because of UDF. UDF constructed Technopark, Kinfra Parks, InfoPark, etc. UDF will also construct SmartCity and Technocity. Many IT giants like TCS, Infosys, Wipro, etc invested in Kerala during the regime of UDF.

    What all 24 companies you are talking about? Can you publish their list? Can you provide a relevent link regarding denial of applications of 24 IT companies by Gok?

    And why does the Smart City want a monopoly? Why the need that no other IT Park should be set up other than them? Why is the Gov giving away crores of worth infrastructure to them for peanuts?

    There is no question of monopoly. Yes, in that deal, there is a session where it states that GoK cannot construct any IT parks (IT infrastrucutre) in Ernakulam district. However, private parties are government agencies like Kinfra can free to construct. Hence, there is no question of monopoly.

    So, its not about development but about a few 100 crores of money that have gone into their pockets.

    Can you show the proof that Oommen Chandy pocketed Rs. 100 crores?

    Before that CPI(M) leaders including Achu alleged Oommen Chandy got huge commission for SmartCity. After Chandy decided not to sign the deal before election, these Leftists are saying DIC officials refused to give commission and hence Oommen Chandy not signing it.Why they are chnaging their statements? This itself shows that the allegations are nothing but rubbish.

    Again, I reiterate my statement here. May be , just may be, they are not corrupt, But why isnt the gov giving proper answers to n no of questions asked by opposition? They are bound to.

    GoK already gave proper answers to all relevent questions and doubts as far as Smart City is concerned. Please refer the official website of GoK.

    Development should come, and true. But remember Kerala is not just about a few IT professionals. All of kerala youth is not goin to be an IT Professional.
    Its about normal farmers, peasants, and other ancestorial jobs like kaithari, etc...

    That not means Kerala should not have any IT Parks.

    I am not for ONLY IT. We need all types of industries except pollutiong sectors like Chemicals/Dyes/Fertilizers. Our future is depend on following sectors:

    - Information Technology
    - Hardware/Chip Designing/Networking
    - BPO/ITES
    - Biotech
    - Research & Development
    - Space Technology
    - Solar Technology (Mass production of Solar Energy)
    - Infrastrucutre Development & Service Sector
    - Silk
    - Insurance, Banking & Finance
    - Food Processing Industries
    - Tourism & Hospitality
    - Agro-Based & Floral Industries
    - Fisheries & Diary
    - Healthcare
    - Education Sector (Private investment in education and absorbing foreign students, like Pune and Bangalore)

    These are only some sectors. We can expand the list.

    Development should come, but not at the cost of normal citizens and their right to live and earn a living.

    Smart City will not affect the life of normal citizen. Instead, it will enhance the standard of their life. If Smart City will come it will create 30,000 jobs in initial phase. Later it will go upto 300,000 direct jobs and 700,000 indirect jobs (like Hotels, Xerox, Security, Schools, etc). Many poor peoples will also get employment. For that we have to change our attitude and work-culture.

    Please think and decide and vote for the right person.

    I am in Mumbai now. if I would be in Kerala, I would obviously vote for Congress candidate. Kerala needs a two-party front led by Congress and BJP.



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    >>>People in the forum will decide how credible you are.
    How can we expect more . you say you are Vice president Indian National Congress - IT Cell. <<<


  • #2435
    I think that the above reply of Riva makes sense.

    I'm not 100% sure about who initiated Technopark & Infopark. Even the google searches didn't help much. Any relevent info with the appropriate links will be helpful.

  • #2436
    Dear Rivaji...............,

    First u go and study kerala history & politics.............and then start to put comments.................:-}
    Then you will come to know about the contributions and activities of the communists.


  • #2442
    for all the debate let the election results decide!
    Smart city should come, i am very much for it. And i am sure it will come even if LDF gov comes..
    and as someone here said, let LDF come to rule.. And so the UDF will never oppose this proposal! And hence we all will have the Smart City! LOL

  • #2445
    I agree with the comments by subin above.. :) thats the best answer anyone can give!! lol

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    dear efby antony,

    Tecno Park (trivandrum) was established by naynar government and infopark was started by antony government.......

  • #2447
    Dear Subin,

    Could you please post some links that are relevent to this information?

  • #2463
    Hi Riva,

    What's happening in Ooooomen Chandi's Smart City??????????

  • #2464

    Comrade VS is pisisng all around in Ooommen chandy's Smart City.

    Kodiyeri will crack some fart too :-)

    Laal Salaam

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    Tecno Park (trivandrum) was established by naynar government and infopark was started by antony government.......

    Technopark was started by 1987 - 1991 E K Nayanar Govt (K R Gowri Amma was the Industries Minister)

    Infopark was started by 1996 - 2001 E K Nayanar Govt (Suseela Gopalan was the Industries Minister)

    UDF has not started anything in IT..

    Antony govt has invited some companies like Wipro, Infosys, TCS to kerala. Antony govt also carried lot of developments in Infopark, kochi..

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    An old news thread..

    Kerala team to tour Gulf to attract NRI investments

    D Jose in Thiruvananthapuram

    A Kerala delegation led by Industry Minister Susheela Gopalan would shortly leave for Gulf countries on November 25 to sell the idea of industrial parks to Non-Resident Indians.

    The NRIs have been shying away from making investments in this highly politicised state.

    The attempt is to attract a portion of the money the Keralites working in the Gulf countries have parked in the banks. NRI investments are being sought for the industrial development of the state.

    The NRIs have about Rs 240 billion in commercial banks as deposits. The delegation has a number of parks in a “walk-in-and-manufacture form" ready to offer to NRIs, who have been looking for avenues for secured investments in the state.

    The parks ready for selling include a food processing park in Malappuram, apparel park in Thiruvananthapuram, information technology and electronics parks in Kochi and Kozhikode besides two growth centres.

    The four industrial parks developed by the Kerala Infrastructure Industrial Development Corporation and the two growth centres are scheduled for commissioning in December and January.

    Apart from this, there are several similar parks and integrated infrastructure development centres getting ready in different parts of the state. They include Rubber Park, Furniture Park and Kinfra Export Promotion Industrial Parks in Kochi, Film and Video Park in Thiruvananthapuram and Kinfra Techno Industrial Parks in Malappuram.

    The industrial parks are mostly equipped with infrastructure facilities of international standards, single-window clearances' provision, manpower training and research centres and several common facilities for investors as well as workers.

    The Kinfra International Apparel Park at Menankulam would have a fashion institute and an auxiliary support service park in the campus. The latter would supply accessories and raw material the units would require for production and undertake repairs and services. The Kinfra has already prepared an army of trained women for immediate employment.

    The park, which is the first of its kind in the sub-continent, has already attracted international attention. The first among them to move to the comprehensive campus close to the Thiruvananthapuram International Airport is a leading garment giant from Italy -- Carrera. A leading name in fashion and apparel business for nearly three decades at the international level, Carrera would be investing Rs 3 billion in three phases and employ 600 workers. Another major investor is the Bangalore-based City Man.

    The Kinfra food park at Malappuram has a tie-up with United Nations Industrial Development Organisation to assist the units in training and research. The entrepreneurs would get UNIDO-approved processing technology and training in coconut products, pickles, jams etc. The park, which has been lauded by UNIDO as the world's model food processing park, has evoked international attention during two seminars organised by UNIDO in Paris and Italy.

    Kinfra managing director G C Gopala Pillai said that they have already received 100 inquiries for investment in the park.

    Kinfra's IT parks in Kochi and Kozhikode would have the support of satellite earth stations being set up by the VSNL in the two cities. The park at Kozhikode would have linkage with the Indian Institute of Management and at Kochi with the Cochin University for Science and Technology.

    To make the park more attractive to the investors, Kinfra would be offering land at a cheap rate. Space at Kozhikode would be available at a monthly rent of Rs 2 a square foot and at Kochi at Rs 4.95 a square foot. This is the lowest rate prevailing in IT locations in the world, Gopala Pillai said.

    The delegation is going to the Gulf with a special offer of 20 per cent subsidy on land in its apparel and food processing parks. The offer would be valid up to January 31.

    The delegation, which includes Pillai, Kerala Industry Secretary K Mohandas and Kerala State Industrial Development Corporation managing director Krishnamoorthy, would be making presentations on the parks and the growth centres in Dubai on November 27, in Abu Dhabi on November 29 and Muscat on December 1.

    The delegation would also have one-to-one talks with the potential investors during their stay in the Gulf from November 26 to December 2.

    The Kinfra MD told the that the Kerala government has been striving to promote industrial parks in a big way to provide investment avenues to the NRIs, who are keen to seize the opportunity as the reverse flow from Gulf has started in an alarming rate.

    Park-based industrial development is a strategic shift in policy taken by the government in the light of the failure of conventional strategies. Pillai claimed that the success of Technopark at Thiruvananthapuram has evoked keen interest among investors in industrial parks. Technopark, which completed five-years of trouble-free operation, is looking for expansion in the joint sector.

    Sixteen major Indian companies have responded to the invitation to expand the present campus by adding 250,000 square feet built up space in the 180-acre campus at an estimated cost of Rs 1.5 billion. The Technopark, which now houses over 40 companies from all over the world, is targeting a total of 300 software units within the next three years.

    Gopala Pillai expressed hope that once all the parks become operational, Kerala would be known as a state of industrial parks.

    Current LDF govt is planning to start Infoparks(Like the Kakkanad Infopark) in Kannur, Kozhikode, Thrissur and Palakkad.. Also an IT corridor from TVM to Kollam...

    Desi IT Corridor coming
    Tuesday June 13 2006 08:48 IST
    THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The ‘Techno City' project conceived by the UDF government has now been redesigned into an ‘IT Corridor' project. In the new proposal, there will be no participation of the multi-national investors.

    Only Non-Resident Keralites will be allowed to participate in the project. The KSIDC would also make a significant investment in the project.

    The Techno City will be made the first module of the 70-km IT Corridor project. The previous LDF government had also announced the setting up of an ‘IT Corridor' from Kazhakkoottam to Kovalam.

    According to the fresh proposal, the KSIDC would take the lead role in implementing ‘IT Corridor' project - a vast geographic area stretching from Thiruvananthapuram to Kollam with an initial investment of Rs 500 crore.

    The IT Corridor project would not come under IT Department. It will function under the Industries Department. According to sources, the new proposal has been submitted to the Industries Minister Elamaram Kareem. It will be discussed in the CPM before arriving at a final decision.

    The details of the total volume of investment and the volume of equities for each of the participants are yet to be finalised.

    For ‘Techno City', the Technopark through government grant initially proposed the investment pattern as Rs 75 crore bank loan and Rs 25 crore as investment. It was proposed to invite leading private investors for setting up other facilities.

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    IT Policy of LDF govt in 1998

  • #2573
    Hope, Smart City will be a reality under the coming UDF Govt

  • #2578
    LDF destroyed smart city.

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