When politics is involved will IT have any scope in Kerala?

With all these figures of IT professionals from Kerala working all over the world, I think Kerala should explore its chances in IT. But still we have seen that when ever Govt. bodies or political forces had their hands in any of these developments things move to another corner. I belive politics in Kerala is the only and single blockage for years in any developments. Untill and unless people join their hands to work together and stop these bugs and crawlers we are not going to have anything. Things will continue as is.

The political system is misinterpreted and the leaders are misleading the crwod, its pitty that people still follow and gather for all these so called leaders. Both the sides, LDF or UDF, are just fooling the public.. the system is corrupt and shattered.

Karnataka, Andhra and Tamil Nadu... all have bigger political issues but they kept going.. provided the public what they needed and supported the industires to grow.. Indian economy is revolving on these three states today. Unless we throw away all those colored flags and look ahead and move togather things will continue like this only.. we all die and will have only these fancy dreams and ideas to pass on to the next genaration.