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    Smart City - success or failure ?

    Hi all,
    I am hearing a lot about SMART CITY these days. I tried to educate myself about it but I am not satisfied. Anyway I doubt is this also going to be pipe dream ?
    If Kerala would be able to achieve all the previous dream projects the state would be dream land.
    When we do an audit we can find that Kerala has more failure story than success. Whom we should blame ? That I am coming later. One of my concern in IT itself we have these Techno parks for long timebut they never put Kerala in the IT map of India. I belive not only the labour problem but many other factors hold us back. Couple of factors like power, telecom, poor roads and many more. Are we done with all these problems. If the answer is YES we have a better hope.

    Most of you will not disagree with me if I tell the political culture of our state is our curse. We never able to be self sufficient only becuase we have leaders they are underperforming. Actually we are first class people ruled by third class leaders. Solution more and more sincere, brilliant and smart people from young generation has to come forward and take the wheel.

    But we have problem. Kerala is under the cluthes of the Draconian monster named COMMUNIST aka STALIN INC. If new political formulas not evolved soon Kerala will be next Bengal. I don't need to explain why. Communists are born to be anti-progress and anti-national. These oldies have a shrinked brain. Be it VS or Pinari they have narro vision. They are supposed to follow the diktha of their 'pol-shit-bureau'. I have only one request never ever trust these communist. My concern is not becuase of some personal vendetta.

    So at this point we have to support the CM regarding smartcity. Hopefully CM has to handle the project in most transparent way. For the failure CM should be accountable. No body can walk away from the failure.
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    This John Mathew, could be taken as the best example of typical keralite, who only see the negative aspect in every thing. This land will never develop, for such guys. sorry for comrade John.

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    Dear Comrade Joseph,

    You are another BIG ASS-HOLE.

    Shame on peoples liek you. You are erally a curse for Kerala.

    Smart City is a need and if necessary we will KILL ALL COMMUNISTS, INTELELCTUALS, ENVIRONMENTALISTS, AND THOSE OPPOSING SMART CITY , and we develop Kerala as an IT destination


    Riva T Philip

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    rply: John Mathew
    Do you believe your eyes or your own experience firt. Or your priority is to others words. If you belong to the later I am sorry I doubt either you are little brainy or lazy. May be over smart to steal others brain. But I am not.
    So I can look into these comrade con words. But give me my right to belive them.


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    Riva T Philip,
    Mind your language .
    If not we too will start using them back
    I challenge you - answer back the question.
    Than abusing a person.
    U fool dont have any

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    rply: Praveen
    I also agree with your request. I was wondering oF the postingS by this gentlemen
    ' Riva T Philip (Rivaji),Mumbai,National Vice President,Indian National Congress - IT Cell'

    I doubt this guy is 'fake'. May be he just want to malign the INC. May be he is agressive like our own Muraliettan to reach the hight taking a short cut ! May be this is the culture they practice among themselves like the culture of our own police people.

    Better discard this guy. WE CANNT RETURN HIM THE SAME COIN.

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