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    LDF without DICK is impotent

    DICK Karunakaran got enough muscle to ask his pound of flesh. Thank God ldf got a real CM candidate for the coming Assembly poll. Now the confusion in the pol-shit bureau for the CM post is over. Keralites missed the CM music chair between Pinarayi and VS.

    Now udf and Mr Chandy has to thank DICK Karunan for taking the hurricane to ldf camp. UDF is now free out of hyenas like Mr Pillai and Mr Jacob. UDF camp has calm and quite weather to sail the boat in the progressive future of Kerala. Smart city is going to be a reality. Express highway should be next. Mr Chandy has to discuss with Mr Thangal and other IUML guys to compromise on people like Mr Kutty until he comes clear his name. There is no point of giving unwanted sticks to VS and DICK man to beat the udf. Let them burn their houses. UDF can throw enough fuel at the right time till the job is done.

    Its interesting to see ldf will enjoy their bedtime with their arch rival DICK man. commies blackmailed enough in the name of emergency. Now what, they ready to swallow the vomit ? commie victims and people of Kerala will forget everything overnite. Or commies come out with their art of lying again.

    commie party must be ready to shut down their business as their victims will eventually
    fly to the BJP camp. Hate tactics no more going to work. Yesterday commie and
    DICK were killing each other. Today they are best buddies. What kind of politics
    is this. Is this better for the commie master benefit or for the people of Kerala.
    Pinarayi annan have any answers. VS uncle cannot take out his tongue of truth.
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    It is a great post, but may not fit well into this forum. We like to keep this forum only for SmartCity related issues.

    You may post political discussions in another site which is managed by some of our members -

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    What does the DICK stands for? Dubai Internet City (Kochi)


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    Kerala's economy badly needs a DICK to cure its impotence.

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    Kerala's economy badly needs a DICK to cure its impotence.
    So this is how you cure impotence eh?. Borrow or Buy.


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    The implication was that Kerala badly needs productive units to prop up its moribund economy.

    If an intelligent graduate rides an autorikshaw or makes pickle for a day, his labor will be worth a few rupees. Instead, if he applies the same amount of labor in a venture like Smart City, his labor will be worth a few million rupees. This essentially means that the productivity is neither borrowed, nor bought. Instead, it is the indigenous human labor that is being transformed into products/services of extremely high value. It is the wealth obtained out of selling this high value products/services to the global customers, that percolates down the economy and props it up.

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