Politicians of Kerala


First of all I am apologising for this article... it is not against our Opposition Leader... I am an NRI working in U.A.E. Yesterday I can see a statement from V.S. that Mr.Ommen Chanid I am also against Mr.Ommen Chandi.. before geting his chair he was keeping honesty in politics.. but not now..) he is going to sell Kerala to..... and If he (VS) will be next CM (We believe.....Sure it will not come...) he will cancel this agreement between Dubai Media CIty and Kerala Govt. What a stupidity he is saying. First he has to study about Dubai Media City.. I am here in Dubai I know about it. Lot of famous companies are there. If this one in Kerala we also get more companies and it will good for us and Keral also to INDIA. But the VS he need to attack CM... I mean always he need a dispute with other parties... even if it is true or not.. as Mr.MM Hasan told yesterday... VS is not only an Opposition Leader but also a number one "vivaradoshi" (i think, this he used) on asianet news hour. it is really true.

Before he must think .... when he is going to press a statement against opposit party... whether it will be good to Kerala people. But it will be good for him and some of his party members... The Tamil Nadu & Karanataka is ready to give land for free... although the DMC choose Kerala.. but still there is some distrubing fellows like VS. & others.... What to do... how the Kerala get release from the persons like this....

See I am not a member any of Political Party in Kerala... Before I got a membership with LDF, (in Calciut District, Omassery Panchayath Nadammal Poil - if you want you can check it) I think it is before three years. I was not an active member of this.. that time i found the line LDF is good.. but after my departure i can learn about the Kerala's political situation.. most of keralites here in overseas they will not support this politiacl line.... and with VS and (now Murali also going to the same way of Mr.VS) others like this.. So Please Please try to be good and cooperate with the Govt. for the keralite's. There is good leader in LDF like Pinarayi & Paloly... a silent and nice leader..

Sorry for any mistakes I have done through this letters and some expression it is not deliberately to Mr.V.S.

With a greate hope

Dubai, U.A.E.