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    CM's article in Manorama today


    The CM has written another article today, clarifying many doubts and apprehensions. Read it at:

    I have begun to appreciate this man. Give credit for his efforts, inspite of all these allegations. I wish he were the CM right from beginning instead of that "I love all" incompetent Antony.

    The UDF wasted 3.5 precious years and they will have to pay for it in the next election. Oommen Chandy has no time to do any serious work, hardly a year left in power :(

    But if Chandy manages to get back to power, I think that will teach the LDF to be more responsible.
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    Dear Pappu,

    Nice to see that there are still some right-thinking peoples like you among Malayalis.

    Oommen Chandy is the best CM Kerala ever seen.

    I am sure Oommen Chandy - Ramesh Chennithala combo can lead a Congress victory in kerala.

    One more thing Muslim League Minister Ibrahim Kunju is imcompetent. He should tender his resignation.



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    So sad to see Chandy's predicament...

    Pappu, wrt to your excellent comment that corrupt but functional govt is better than non-corrupt, non-functional govt... In Kerala, we have a strange scenario: the people won't let the govt to function. Whatever the govt tries to do to attract investment or provide employment, the people oppose... Who can save such people?

    Eventually, when the govt machinary breaks down due to the lack of revenues and the govt won't have money to run any of the govt aided schools, colleges, factories etc or pay salaries/pension to govt employees, and the people start running amuck without money even to buy 'parippuvada' and 'dinesh beedi', then enlightenment will dawn upon them. Then they won't have any opposition to foreign investments or self-financing colleges.

    Till then, the enlightened God's own people will continue their anti-development campaign without realizing that they are digging their own grave...

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    I too used to think exactly along your lines, that when the people of Kerala have to survive swalloing the air around them, then probably they get wiser.

    But the unfortunate thing is that people tend to get more stubborn as the going gets tough. They become more violent. They don't realize why they are here in this mess, rather they start finding more fault. And more opposition to anything good. More social tension.

    To be more precise, in Kerala, the violence will turn more on religious lines. Especially because the Christians and Muslims are relatively better off (thanks to their tendency to migrate and remit money).

    Have you seen the latest social indications? Close to 80% of suicides in Kerala are Hindu. Hindus are more affected, because they have less foreign remittance, and foreign remittance being the main (only?) source of revenue for Kerala.

    The causes are not religious, but the results are already showing communal signs.

    Kerala is in for some nasty surprises. But most netas would love chaos, coz thats when they get most mileage.

    God save his own country. And sincere apologies for bringing religion into the forum.

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    Along the same lines, why is it that people in Kerala have so much of opposition to self-financing colleges?

    My opinion is this: The education sector should be completely opened up to the private sector, may be with the exception to primary education. Let the people take educational loans from private financial institutions and pursue their studies. The FIs will be very careful about allotting loans because they need to make sure that they'll get proper returns on investment. This way they'll be careful only to back only the talented students, who have the interest and potential to excel and develop their career. This will keep out the goons for whom the colleges are merely a breeding ground, and save the tax-payers money. Also when the students realize that they are paying through their nose to get a good quality education, and they need to repay the loan by working hard, they'll be more serious about their studies.

    When the education becomes profit oriented, it will attract more investors who will compete to attract more students by reducing tution fees and improving the faculty/infrastructure.

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    I am sure Oommen Chandy - Ramesh Chennithala combo can lead a Congress victory in kerala.
    Sounds like a lettuce-tomato combo of a McDonald sandwitch ( Recycled meat)


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