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    Smart City Vs SNC Lavalin

    Smart city is almost lost. Now let us discuss about the completed project (Misc power stations upgradation by LDF Gov.) and a proposed project (proposed smart city)

    Smart City: LDF and others (Jacob, balakrishnapillai and the great congress comrade K.Karunji and Mr.Clean Murali,) opposed because the DIC is a pvt company. Also, there are 500 crore scam. None of the keralites (who uses their common sense) will believe this because Smart city project was estimated only 1500 Crore. Another contraversy was about handing over of Infopark to DIC. Dubai internet city explained several times that without infopark the smart city project cannot be a success. Our leaders cannot understand what they meant to say. Oooops sorry!!!!!What a fool I am? How they can? All are 4th standard and tailoring degree. All the readers of this forrum, PLS FORGIVE ME.

    SNC LAVALIN CASE: Comrade pinarayi vijayan is in ayuvedic centre for UZHICHIL. Let him take uzhichil. Because, he has money for uzhichil from LAVALIN,. Oooops sorry. Not from lavalin!!!! Its our from all keralites. Let us pray for his health...So far he did not respond about this scam. Mr. Achu maman also not responding now...I doubt that he lost his speaking power!!!! If yes then it is a big loss for us...How we can hear the nonsenses now...Onnu poyal mattonnu. We hope some one else will take over his position!!!!!

    CONCLUSION: Why kerala people cannot recognize the good and bad!!!!Come on youngsters...Come and do something we really required....

    Let us dont forget about smart city project.
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    SNC Lavlin is just an iceberg of corruptions done by CPI (M) and LDF leaders.

    The role of K Muralidharan, Balakrisha Pillai, and TM Jacob should also probe in this scam.

    This scandal is the largest one Kerala ever seen.

    Anyway Benny, your article is well appreciable.



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    All the political parties forgot the developmental issues like Smart city, Express highway etc. Now the debating point is who stolen more?? We want always sensational news, after two weeks this also will get bored and find a new issue.

    But one thing we must see, if Lavalin could implement a project by the previous government in kerala (forget about the corruption)…what is the problem with DIC now??

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