Let this be a begining

Dear Friends

I use this place to tell my opinion. I was in kerala till my 26th age. then i got a job in bangalore.

Here what i saw is all the construction work is moving fast even though some issues are still exist. I want to talk about the common man in bangalore.

There are so many small shops near to my office we usually go there to have tea and snacks. it is a small shop in four wheels. He will be getting around 200 or 300 profit. Whenever we go urgently we call city taxi (company will pay for us). I know in my place in kerala the taxi drivers will return back home without getting a customer.

Here the campus of the Techpark is green and the companies are paying rent in laks/months. Do you people know how many sweepers are working here and how many people are working in our lawn to keep the campus clean.

My dream is to make Kerala a high tech city let this smart city be the starting. we will not concentrate on kochi. i want the companies to in all the major cities like Thiruvananthapuram, kochi, kozhikkode, Kannur and Palakkad. and if we have a airports in all these cities and like bangalore if we have low fare airlines. so that the people from abroad like cEOs and all can come to Kochi and they can fly to the cities where their office is situated.

Political parties they will use all their bad games to keep their positions. I can understand why oommen chandy is doing like this becoz karunakaran started a new party. now chandy has to do something to people so that he can be there in his position.

Last but not least i want to say something if anybody is doing anything good and the opposite party is going against that. Please dont follow the leader. We are highly educated.

We should understand when a minister says that we are going to ban Colas in train and railway stations. If he is banning that forever we should congratulate him but if he is withdrawing that statement that means.....i know u are intelligent u might have guessed by now.

Thanks my dear malayalee.
I love malayalam, Kairaly and respect the strength of knowledge