IT Parks - Investments in South Indian States

It seems that with the liberalization of investment law allowing 100% foreign investments in Real Estate and IT Parks development sectors, a lot of companies are showing interest in building IT-Oriented parks with locations in cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Cochin and rivandrum.

The following lists of few companies that are likely to invest in such ventures. Few of these have even made low profile visits to Kerala.
- High Point Rendel
- Edaw
- Kikken Sekel
- Emaar Group
- Royal Indian Raj
- Lee Kim Tah Holdings
- Cesma International
- Ascendas
and of course Dubai Internet City...and the other indian comapies as well....
The projections are that collectively $7 Billion worth of investments will be made in these cities in the this year and next.

I wonder how much of this will ever materialize for Kerala. My guess is a very negligible percentage....

The reason being the "Sponge Brains" in kerala are not seeing the potential and still trying to bicker among themselves trying to sabotage and torpedo any new initiative, because they are worried about their political career and retirement.