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    I am employed in Middle East. I am in a safe position in all aspects. But there are millions of unemployed youngsters in kerala and more than millions completing their studies. It is the best time to change ourselves. We want to promote the investors to kerala. We want to attract them by providing land or whatever they require. What do we do with the land? Are we going to start teak plantation in that land? Or else are we going to cultivate coconut tree in that land?

    I humbly request all the unemployed youngsters to start strike against the anti-politicians who opposes the smart city project. Let us strike for some thing which we REALLY required to improve our economy. Let us stop the strike, harthal and bandh for encouraging the bulshit political parties. This is not 18th century. We should forget about the bullock-cart.

    The main opposition for the smart city project is CPI (M). Let them start the smart city project instead of PARASINIKADAVU WATER THEME PARK. There are many amusement parks in kerala already. Why do we need one more?

    So, this is the right time. WAKE UP YOUNGSTERS OF KERALA. You are the hope of kerala. Let us make our land as a REAL GOD'S OWN COUNTRY. Let us take oath. WE DO NOT WANT THE ANTI-POLITICIANS ANYMORE IN OUR STATE. We want the dedicated leaders (Really educated leaders, not 4th std and gusthi) for improving our state. Let us make the dream project real. Let us start strike to make it real.

    A well wisher
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    Benny - appreciate your mind for the fellow beings, the talented-but-unemployed mass who seek for an opportunity...

    But we see many persons in this forum oppose the project, and say ideologies - Many of them are well settled, working in MNCs abroad just like you - But they dont understand the feeling of the youngsters who deseperately run seeking a job...

    There are thousands of skilled students in kerala (especially in villages) who finish the graduation and reach nowhere - why? - just because they don't have enough contacts, or money to go out to the metros for seeking job....I know many of them are way better in skills and talent than those sitting now in MNCs as professionals....So, even if we are not able to help them, at least don't try to close the doors for them opposing the projects coming to our homeland.... Everybody cannot go abroad and earn for their family....

    Why do these people oppose the projects and talk lot about corruption? Because they are safe and they can talk ideologies.... Will they do the same if they are in some helpless situation and seeking badly for a job? - NO - they won't - and you know why!!!

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