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    What can YOU and ME do to change the situation in KERALA?

    I do agree with Sam... But my question is, isn't there anything the youth of Kerala can do against this political structure of kerala.

    I used to think that the present youth, with their educated minds, won't follow these leaders of ours. But I can still see more and more youth in parties. I don't understand how they can be swayed by this "mudra vakyams". Just see the state of our country. It's all and well to call our country, God's own Country. But we are not doing everything we can to utilize what we have.

    We have the smartest people in the world. There is even jokes saying you will find a mallu with a tea-shop in Himalayas, but not in Kerala. It's a really pathetic situation. I myself am not working in Kerala, because Kerala in its present situation can never full-fill my dreams. Why is it like that?

    I want a Kerala where its youth can full-fill its dreams. Where people can build something. Can be who and what they want to be. We do it everywhere in this world, except in our motherland.

    Coming back to my first question, What can YOU and ME do to change the situation in KERALA?

    It's our land. We have a claim to it. We will come back to it always. How to save it?

    I am really eager to learn everyone's suggesstions and ideas...
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    show VS the middle finger in the in the next election........

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    There is a confusion about who should lead for this revolution, the people of kerala, but who is the first person, no one for raise their hands. Our political leadership is not worried about our future, but always they are safe with their future, having assets even in abroad. We have medias but they just want some sensational newses and all the medias are supperters of different political parties. how many leaders we have with good vision for future. the Indian constitution should accept a bill for educating the representatives in houses, atleast they should aware of their dutys. Our society is also responsible for the bad performance of the governement, however, we are not ellecting the governement, who are good performers, instead of social and ecconomical developments we are seeing their flag colour. so we should change our mentality, that is the first step. positively there is a sign in our youths like u. I wish u all the best in this regard.

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    The only thing we can do is :


    Then only Kerala will develop.

    All Communists are uneducated moron.

    What about that Com. Rape Lohitha Dasan Nadar? Is he educated?



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    Let people in a Panchayath in Kerala say that they are ready for an industry in their Panchayath and say that we are ready to breathe the “foul smell" of the industry if some 100 of the people living there get a job. Then we will have several industries in Kerala.

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    Dear Comrade Babu Mohan,

    You are a typical Malayali Communist ass-hole thinking with your ass instead of brain.

    I can guess the intelligence of an average Communist from Kerala.

    Shame on you!

    Why the peoples in Panchayats smell the foul smell of industries? You first try to smell the Fart Smell of your own ass-hole. You Leftist Farters are real shame for all Keralites. If any smell emanated from your ass-hole, will you destroy it? Will you?

    You peoples always do strikes, declare bandhs and sloganeering for your fourth-rate comrade leaders.

    You people sonly knows do some Janakeeyasutranam (even Kudumbaasootranam is better than this Aasutranam), selling some sick goats, and Ayalkoottam, where women use to tell "Nunayum Kothiyum".

    What other things you comrades can do?



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    Dear friends,

    CPI (M) and LDF only knows:

    - Ayalkoottam (Ayalpakkathe Pennungal Nuna Parayunna project)

    - Janakeeyasutranam (Even Kudumbasutranam is betetr than this project. This stupid project was responsible for Kerala's huge debt).

    - Selling of Sick Goats, etc

    They don't know and will not understand the importance of Airports, Ports, Highways, Smart City, Computers, IT, BPO industries, Biotech industries, Manufacturing Industries, Automobile Industries, etc.

    They want to make Kerala another UP, Bihar, Afghanistan, or Somalia.

    Dear friends, it is the time for us to defeat this anti-Development CPI (M).

    A Kerala without CPI (M) is better for a good future.



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    Dear Chief Minister,

    This is regarding your efforts to bring Smart City to Kerala and your subsequent press briefings. Its been brought out as if all this is done for us - IT professionals. Could you please make certain things clear?

    Why do you talk about Labor camps in Dubai to justify giving land to Dubai Internet City (DIC)? How are they related? Then why are you not talking of the less deprived here? Our Adivasis were cheated time and again citing there is no free land available for them. How then can you say you are giving off 100 acres of land ‘left over' after Bramapuram project? So it's just a ploy. You happily ignore the fact that it's in the very same city where you saw the so-called heaven that you saw the miserable labour camp too. You are just looking for excuses and blames it on us –the IT professionals. We would like to make some things clear.

    The exodus of experienced IT professionals is the greatest challenge that any software company faces today. You ask any IT firm they'll very clearly say attrition is the greatest threat. In the case of IT at least, our professionals are going abroad NOT because they couldn't get a job here but because they got a job here and was experienced enough to go abroad and earn more. Mr. Chief Minister, you didn't find any of us in those labour camps. We are going abroad by choice and not because we are forced to.

    IT firms have focused on Kerala because we are qualified enough and the labour here is comparatively cheap. Not because you construct a building there. The much-needed infrastructure that of electricity and water should still be provided by our Government. Connectivity is cheap, easy and fast. What else are you looking for from DIC? Building constitutes just 10% of the infrastructure.

    DIC is not an IT firm. They are into real estate business. HOW can you give them those incentives, which can be given only to IT firms? It cannot even be classified as a private park as private IT parks can only house IT or ITES firms. THEN HOW CAN YOU DEAL WITH THEM AS PER IT POLICY? Do you have any assurance that they'll use these land ONLY FOR IT OR ITES operations? Any written assurance? Or will you also like your predecessor Mr. Antony as in the case of self-financing colleges come back to us with crocodile tears and say they betrayed me? Or is this a ploy to extend all these facilities to Muthoot group and its private technopolis too?

    How did you come to this figure of 33300 jobs? How was this projection made? Any project management basics will tell you that the number of resources depends on the work in hand and duration. Have you estimated the work? You are just trying to fool the public again. IT policy to encourage less land utilization says every IT firm that employee 100 people or more per 0.3 acres of land consumed will be given an incentive. And DIC wants 100 acres free. IF 0.3 acres = 100 then 1 acre = 333 then 100 acre = 33300.
    THIS MIGHT BE THE FIRST DEAL ON EARTH WHERE JOB OPPURTUNITIES ARE DETERMINED BY THE LAND GIVEN FREE. If there is any other arithmetic behind this 33300, then we challenge the government to come up with that. But Mr. CM we now understand why we are in debt. Your calculator sensed your intentions and ditched you .To maintain the density for subsidy the job opportunities should be 33333 not 33300. And also its not just 100 acres its more than 300 acres.

    You say the deal is because government does not have funds to build the needed infrastructure. WHY THEN ARE YOU SELLING INFOPARK? It has the entire infrastructure you can ask for. If there is something more required let the government name it. You have 26 companies operating there already. Around 4 lakh built up space constructed at Rs 1600/sq. ft. A monthly income from rent at Rs 16/sq. ft. Why do you throw this up?

    We don't say you accepted bribe but you will have to explain why you manipulate and twist facts and favour a foreign firm there by surrendering our interest.

    1) You said the deal is between Dubai government and Kerala government. Isn't this a lie? Has Dubai government assured us 33300 jobs? Can you specify who signed the deal for Dubai government?
    2) You cite IT policy to cover up the land deal. How can you deal with DIC with IT policy? IS it an IT Firm?
    3) Of the 300 acres gifted, have you at least obtained in writing how much acres will be set-aside for IT? Then will you make that public?
    4) Have they informed you that they will be going for residential complex and amusement parks there? If so why do you cite IT job opportunities as a cover up?
    5) You say you won the deal even though AP, Karnataka and TN were after this. Do you know that they had an MoU signed with AP long back –in 2003? Have you enquired how many job opportunities that venture has generated?
    6) You mentioned a website in your press release-that of Dubai Internet city. Have you noticed that it says only 5,500 employees are working there. How then do you think they will bring 33300 jobs?
    7) How did you reach the number 33300? Isn't it literally baseless?
    8) You say since the incentive for IT firms is given off to these real estate dealers, there is no incentive for IT firms operating there. How can a government say that? How can you take allowance for one and give that to another? Is this not corruption? Tomorrow you might say I have taken salary for chief secretary and paid to my maidservant. Does that mean no one, not even the chief secretary can complain?

    The above clearly shows that you've gone out of your way to provide DIC with benefits, which defies all logic. We know you are a veteran in these dealings. But please do spare us. We cannot stand a party to sell off our land. If this is for us, we don't need this. We need more IT jobs but if you make IT also an industry, which consumes so much land, YOU ARE CONVERTING IT TOO AS ANOTHER INDUSTRY NOT SUITABLE FOR KERALA.

    Please do rethink. Find out some other ways of making money. Spare us

    Thanking You,
    Joseph C Mathew
    (Technopark –Kerala)

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