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    'Chandi Ka Kursa'

    'Chandi Ka Kursa' or how many days left for Chandy?

    My Hindi is not good. Forgive me, but it makes me think of a movie released during the period of emergency. Chandy is left in this throne for less than a year or so. Chandy, Ibrahim Kunju, succecer of Mr. Kunjhalikutty, are all out to make 'Kaikoolie' out of their remaing term as ministers. It doesn't matter, whether we have 'Smart city' or not, we will have a regime that made money out of these projects. Mr. ChanyKunju is one of the most cunning politician the state of Kerala had ever seen, he has the support of main stream newspapers like Malayala Manorama, Mathroobhoomi and Deepika. He is counting on the upper middle class of Kerala state for his return to the throne after the next assembly elections.

    Unfortunetley, we are seeing so many anti-VS bashings in this forum. VS's son is an IT consultant, so VS must not talk against 'Smart City'. Pinnarayi Vijayan's daughter is studying in Amurtha Mayee's college, so he must talk against private colleges. I think this is the only arguement by the smart city supporters of this forum against these respectable left wing leaders. If this is so, its a shame that we cannot see beyond, their sons and daughters. A K Antony ruled the state for four years and he got a job as RS member for the next five years. Mr. Antony always maintained his government positions since he became the chief minister. I saw in a 'Vanitha' magazine that his sons dressed like English School kids, ready to go to their school. Nobody is against his hypocrsy. Why cant we see both sides of the coin?

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    So what point are you trying to explain here? Most of the the Smart City supporters in this forum dont have any political nepotism...And they are pointing out these politicians' wrong motives behind opposing the projects. It's not the question of Pinarayi's daughter, Anoton'ys son or Achu's son...Its the question of the future development of Kerala and the common people.

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    Dear Webmaster,

    Can you remove this objectionable posting of Comrade Jacob?

    He is abusing Chief Minister Oommen Chandy for pleasing his leaders in Communist Party.



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    Oh! Mathrubhoomi supporting Chandy.

    This Communist Moron forget the fact that Mathrubhoomi is controlling by a Leftist (Janatha Dal-S) leader called M. P. Veerendra Kumar.



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    Politicians always steal, whichever party they are in. In India, most of them steal because they need money for the next election.

    So lets be clear that current ministers will make their money, irrespective of the DIC. If you kill Smartcity , its not the end of corruption. Besides, there is less likelihood of direct corruption in Smartcity, because the foreign investor has alternatives. DIC will bribe if Kerala is the only place where they can invest. However, there is corrpution (lets call it indrect ) like buying up lot of land around the proposed Smartcity. This is something which cannot be really prevented now.

    So let us, as citizens, look only at the benefit angle, not the corruption part. If Smartcity is benefecial, welcome it. if it is perceived as non-beneficial, then oppose it. What is the use of shooting down every project in the name of corruption and then starving to death?

    I did not quite understand whats wrong with Antony's kids dressing like English kids. Almost all kids do that! And how does it become hypocrisy on Antony's part?

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    Right on, Pappu! I have always felt that corruption is a side-effect of underdevelopment. If you make people better off then they have less incentives to steal. Besides corruption can never be eliminated, it can only be minimized. Give money and jobs and improve the standard of living of the people and economic forces will ensure that corruption gets minimized. Corruption in many cases, if not all, results from deprivation - deprivation of money, jobs and access to resources. Take away that deprivation and you should see less corruption.

    Many Indians say - root out corrupt politicians and India will develop. That is only partially true! It is pointless trying to tackle something that is a SIDE-EFFECT rather than the root cause. We dont just need honest people in govt. We need smart ones too. I am more confortable with a politician who is a little corrupt but good policy maker rather than a super upright individual that takes all the wrong decisions. !

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