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    Smart City -questions

    It seems that , in supporting Smart city many are here to vent out their anger against all the toiling masses of kerala , and the disadvantaged sections of the society such as Adivasis and dalits. It is interesting to see that all those who are for " development" or " Vikasanam" are united against the those who dare to ask questions such as " Whose development ? " " Which kind of development" etc, which are vital questions to be asked. They seem to forget that we are a democratic country and all the citizens have a right to participate in the democratic process which is essentially the right to decide how they are governed. And off course every citizen has the right to know what the governement plans to do if it invloves selling of national property , such as prime land and other infrastructre and at what costs? Financial, social and environmental costs.
    Also please note that the Indian parliament recently passed a law on the " RIGHT TO BE INFORMED ". So let the kerala government be " transparent" as Oommen Chandy claims and let him answer all the questions raised.
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    I agree with you that some of us here are making kind of irresponsible comments. But lets also remember that none of us would like to have a permanently disadvantaged set of people.

    Why can't the lives of adivasis be improved? Are some people keen to keep the people disadvantaged for ever? Seems so. Given that the poor have remained poor all along.

    In any kind of investment, be it a Smartcity or expressway or whatever, the economic activity will gradually percolate down, ultimately benefitting all. Unfortunately, the so-called leaders remain short-sighted (deliberately?) and ridicule everything as anti-poor and anti-people. These leaders, who should be guiding the people are actually misguiding them, and thats the grouse.

    These people (all parties included) have opposed computerization, privatization of basic telecom, the entry of private cellular operators, expansion of tourism industry, ... And now looking back, we know how each of them has worked to the benefit of the very same poor people that we are all so fond of.

    Narayanamurthy (of Infosys) once quoted that you need to create wealth before you can distribute it. Same story here. Kerala's politicians are into wealth distruction and prevention of wealth-creation.

    How can you take care of the weaker sections, if you don't have money in the first place.?How will the state provide free healthcare and free education if they are sitting on a 50000 crore debt? How long will lottery and excise revenue sustain a state?

    It is easy to gather votes taking a pro-poor stand. Lets see if these leaders present a concrete and fail-proof stand on how they will uplift the masses in 10 years. And be accountable for what they promise. The truth is, they can't. All they do (and these comments are not specific to one party, it applies to all) is exploit the peoples sentiments, come to power, and never bother to improve the peoples' lives. Some of them have good intentions, but their ideology will prevent them do any good.

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    No one is venting their anger on the toiling masses of Kerala (discounting one anti-social element in the forum), we being one among them. We are venting our anger against the pseudo-intellectuals, who are against any development project, without providing any alternate suggestion for development.

    Take the smart city deal for example. No one is asking you to support it blindly. If someone says that so and so points are not clear and ask for more information about the deal, it makes sense. Or else if someone points out the deficiencies of the deal, it can be discussed and sorted out. This is called constructive approach towards development. If someone points out how this project is adversely affecting the toiling masses/disadvantaged sections of the society, it can be scrapped as well. On the contrary, if someone blindly opposes the project without giving any valid reason or raises allegations of corruption without providing evidences to support it, what should be done? Should we scrap the project because of someone's irrational prejudice against it?

    Also, please note that the members of this forum have given answers whenever someone asked sensible questions about the Smart City.

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    Nice message Mr. Pappu. However, I don't think it would have any effect. People against smart city do not try to understand such mails or try to relate what Narayanamurti said to the context. You see, now you might get a reply, which is a repeat of a message posted when this forum started.

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    Thanks Mr. Pappu & Mr. Antony. Regarding the question about adivasis or other disadvantaged sections, it is true that the mainstream political parties often seems to be working to keep them poor for ever. However that is not our main topic.
    1) No one among the main stream political parties opposes private investments either foreign / indian capital. The main stream left parties also does not oppose FDI anymore but welcome it with certain conditions. Only the radical left seems to be opposed to FDI.
    2) However after all these years of liberalisation and foreign investments there is wide spread consensus among, even right wing parties that the so called liberalisation and market economy has not helped the majority poor of india and the " Trickle down " phenomenon expected has not taken place. Even Manmohan singh the intiator of reforms, admitted this and is now talking about a " Reforms with a HUMAN FACE" ( please check on new UPA Govt. policy documents ). So it is a fact that what ever Infosys CEO Narayana murthy says , the benefits of liberalisation and privatisation has not " trickled down". ie wealth has been created but has not been distributed as you claim.
    3) In this period of privatisation the main stream media and ruling classes has been propagating the idea that " There is no alternative " but to accept fullfledged market economy and privatisation and complete withdrawal of goverment spending on welfare. However when it comes to the issue of doing away with grants for private educational institutions or withdrawing subsidy for rubber farmers or when the Tyre companies start procuring rubber from international market for a less price by fully utilizing the liberalised import policies, or to allow FDI in news media or retail sector , the very same people are against it . And they often succeed. So if something happens against their class interest they have all the right to protest but if other sections of society protest to protect their class interest they are " against development"

    3) Regarding the question of state providing free health care and free education , well, it is considered the duty of any civilized goverment to provide for the weaker sections of society. For sure, the goverment does not have the money to do it and has got a huge debt. But let me ask you my friends , have you ever inquired how much revenue arrears the govt has to get from the rich companies, plantations , or individuals in kerala? Or how much they spend on maintaining the various ministries. I am sure you are all working for some good professionaly managed private companies and you will agree with me that for any organisation to be efficient , it should be keen on getting rid of the bad debts by collecting all the available revenue and cutting down the expenditure by making the organization more " Leaner " to exactly use a management phrase.

    4) regarding smart city as I mentioned before I am not opposing it " blindly" but has raised some questions. So please be " transparent" and please make it clear for everybody for if the govt. tries to hide things , which it appears to be doing now , then please do not blame us if some one says, as Shakespear said " Some thing is rotten in Denmark".

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    Could you tell us the aspects of the smart city deal that lacks tranparency? Before coming up with a list, I'd advise you to go through the response given by Manoj V to the post titled "An open letter to the CM (Reply Awaited)".

    If there are still points to be clarified then post those points here and let us work together to get them clarified or change our position accordingly.

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    1) Opposition to FDI - The opposition seems to be varying like in case of Bengal and Kerala. The left parties don't seem to have a unified stand. Moreover, the locally insisted conditions ("come only if you like our terms") often don't appeal to the investors. And India being a place where investment can as well move to other states who are more flexible (Jayalalithas are much more aggressive), the investor will invariably dump Kerala. Remember, the investor is the king here. Kerala cannot command a dominant position in IT, not yet.

    2) The benefits not trickling down - It is indeed trickling down, though not as much as expected. To quote an example, I can cite the housing boom in Bangalore. This has given a boost to the entire industry (like steel, cement, construction materials, labour etc). The labourer in this case may not have made a fortune, but he is at least assured that he gets a pay of 150-200Rs. per day, and there is always work.

    Of course, the Government can do its bit. How much money does the Government make by way of sales tax, income tax and professional tax to the local bodies. The Government can always spend this money on welfare, thsu further improving the peoples' lives.

    3) No laternative to privatization?

    Remember that India started with Socialism. 44 years of Socialism did not take us anywhere. And thats when we reluctantly switched over to the so-called capitalism. And it has only proven to be better than the former. The public sector has only eaten away this nation's wealth. You can't trust them with nation-building.

    Welfare will and should continue. The Government can always take money from the rich by way of all those taxes and spend it on the welfare. But remember that there needs to be rich men around who can be taxed. You cannot milk unless there is no cow.

    Regarding rubber, lets call it the power of representative lobbies. The rubber farmers, traders etc. are well organised hence can influence the Government. Likewise, the political parties represent the ordinary masses. This is perfect democracy. The unfortunate thing being, rubber planters and traders know what is good for them, ordinary masses do not know and their leaders don't care to explain.

    3) Government Welfare
    I am not against it. Sorry if sounded otherwise. What I meant was that, in order to support its welfare activities, the Government first needs money. If you are ruling a state that has no revenue, and huge debt, your social infrastructure will soon collapse.

    4) Smartcity - Transparency
    The problem now is that there is too much transparency. Everyone seems to know all clauses and now there is specific opposition to each clause. Read today's demands like 51% stake for the state etc. Do you think any investor will agree to it? Why would they? Why wouldn't they go to Bangalore where they can buy good land on the outskirts at 30 lakhs per acre and have peace of mind forever?

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    I Heard DIC has 5000 jobs in Dubai and 615 companies registerd ,functioning in it .

    So average one company has about 8 employees - what kind of firms are in there?
    Marketing ????

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    see this link:

    Also, check the DIC website. They proudly proclaim that they are also into real estate. You can't find too much s/w development activity in Dubai. Dubai is not known for that.

    Kerala's hope is that DIC can attract big reputed companies to Kerala. And the DIC is definitely impressive. Probably better than any existing facility in India.

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