Why just restrict to Smart city?

Commies all over the nation are becoming a hindrance to development. Smart city is just one victim of this. They are opposing FDI, they will not allow privateization, they hate anything that starts with America. With the 95% literacy rate in Kerala, it should have been one of the most industriualized and wealthiest states in the country. Yet Kerala is lagging behind Maharashtra, Gujrat, TN with literacy rates of 60-70% - goes to show what commies are doing to Kerala.

I think all of us should provide support to the government whenever it wants to reform e.g. labour reforms or FDI. I think the govt gets chickened whever it tries to take bold steps because they get scared they might lose votes . And so they end up diluting most of the reforms. I think governments have to be made aware that there is a large chunk of population who support reforms. And if we have the numbers , we should be openly vocal and loud about it too and create noise in support of reforms. Just like how commies and other opposition parties start hartals, and protests etc etc. Why can't we create a ruckus saying we want economic reforms?