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    In fact Kerala does not deserve Smart City project, or any other projects, that can lead into reducing the gap between the rich & poor. More and more investments lead to additional employment opportunities. This will in turn reduce the unemployment rate.

    It is a fact that communism has significance here and communism can survive in Kerala only if there are poor and unemployed youths. They need the poor for shouting against the govt, and forr rally and to fill the jails. Then why all these efforts?

    Who said Kerala's literacy level is high? Their knowledge in politics and time wasting management is high.


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    Sunny, you are correct. People of Kerala deserve any project which will improve their living status and life style.

    Politicians made a fake 100% litteracy, and spreading the wrong fact that people of Kerala are intellectuals and well informed. Politicians require this to put public on top and mislead them.

    Now Koothuparamaba has elected a criminal(Jayarajan0 who has been convicted by the court. Is this people of Koothuparamba are litterate ?

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    Mallus (say, Communists) have Education and Literacy. But they lacks Commonsense, Sense, Wisdom, and Intelligence. Mallus in Kerala are the most lazy peoples in this world. They don't like to do job. They want to sit idle and do some dharnas or sloganeering.



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    Dear S. George,

    Intellectuals are the bane of Kerala.

    We must differentiate between Intelelctuals and Intelligent.

    Intelligent peoples have qualities like Intelligence, Wisdom, Sense, education, Commonsense, etc.

    Intelelctuals have qualities like - wearing a pair of dress for 1 month, 24-hour drinking, No lunch or dinner in proper time, no bath, no cutting & shavng, no work and sitting idle, writing some stupidities, speaking some stupidities in public (like Sukumar Azhikode, M. N. Vjiayan, etc). Malayaalathil ee vargathé "Buddhijeevikal" ennu parayum... Keralathindé shaapam ee buddhijeevikal aanu.

    Namukku véndathu Buddhijeevikalé alla, Vivaram ulla Buddhimaanmaaré aanu.



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    Hey friends,

    Thanx for responding to my comments on the proposed City, that'll give a Smart look to Kerala!!

    Keralites are not lazy. Cos u and me are Keralites and we do devote quality time for quality returns. But the problems with our brotheren in Kerala are, they are filled with garbage (of course by our politicians) and out comes garbage from them, without doing much processing. These politically conditioned human robots are good in obeying their masters. Not their employers. Any employer is MOORACHI.

    Long live our belevod politicians, long live "Simhavalan Kurangukal", "long live Kalavandis" and let us retain our Costal poverty. Let the black sand (karimanal) worth thousands of crores go to Srilankan beaches.

    We have Gods own country infested with Devils own people!!


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    Sunny, I mean:

    1) Malayalis in Kerala are lazy. (Malayalis in outside Kerala - those who residing other sttae sin India and also abroad are hardworking. Our Kerala brothern must try to learn soemthing from us.)

    2) Malayalis those who belive in Communist and Leftist ideologies are lazy, fools, and anti-Development. They want to "Socialize Pverty", not "Eradicate Poverty". They are gainst poor, but love Poverty. theyn only they will get peoples as Party Mmebers and gets enough manpower for sloganeering and gundaism. I strongly belive that activities like Bandhs, Hartals, Strikes, Dharnas, Gheraos, Gundaism, Violence, Trade Unionism, Buraucratic Associations, Buraucratic Redtape, Militant Environmentalism, etc are outdated.

    We Keralites must develop a new workculture. we must concentrated on state's development, people's welfare, infrastrucutre development, business, economy, eradication/reduction of unemployment, etc. We must work together to develop Kerala instead of scuttling development.

    I know, comrades will oppose my views. But I don't mind. I have support of some wise and intelligent Malayalis. I know, those who abusing eminent personalities like Vijayaraghavan will shower vulgar slangs against me. I don't mind.



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