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    Looking for a reason to start strike against Smart City

    Hi everyone,

    As usual, I want to start a statewide agitation against the SmartCity. I do not want anything that will lead Kerala to a developed state. I want all Keralites to remain jobless so that I will get enough people for all our political activities.

    I did a good job in sending the BMW guys back! They will not even think of coming to Kerala for next 20 years...

    But this smart city guys seem to be smarter than BMW. They are not willing to go back. Please help me find some good reasons to start a statewide strike and pack them off...

    I am raising the following demands (hoping that they will not agree with it and I can start a strike...).

    1. Let trade unions handle the data download and upload for all companies in smart city. Nobody should be allowed to download anything from internet without involving the trade unions.

    2. Recruit computer engineers through PSC or Employemnt exchange

    3. Administrative staff of smart city must include the local MLA and panchayat members. Project managers should report to local panchayat members.

    4. Give preference for local political party members in recruitment for software engineers.

    5. Lot of software companies force employees to work 12 hours a day. Fix the working hours to 10 AM to 4 PM with 1 hour lunch break and 30 mnts coffee break in the morning and evening.

    6. Each company setup in Smart City must provide facilities for the Trade unions so that do their job well.

    7. Make it mandatory for all engineers to take membership in any one trade union in the company.

    8. Recruit only Malayalees for the company.

    9. Make Malayalam the default language for communication.

    10. Install operating system only if it supports Malayalam. Do not allow English keyboards.

    11. Do not allow the Microsoft products. Use only Linux. (Malayala Manorama says my laptop computer has windows on it. I looked at all sides of the laptop and couldn't find even a single window on it...)

    Please post below your suggestions and comments. Please support me to pack off the Smart City guys from Kerala and keep Kerala a backward state.
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    What can I say Smart fella ? You have left me dumbfounded.

    1> Are Computer Engineers your enemy ? :-) .. Anyway, you seem to be hell bent on ruining opportunities for yourself and for your future generations.

    2> How can you expect that the official language be Malayalam ? I really find this a little too much as the clients that the organisations in Smart City would be servicing are multinationals and obviously the official language is English. And malayalam keyboards are really too much.

    3> Remember always that we are the people who need them and they need not really bother (as they are the providers). In that scenario, how can you expect your terms and condition to be enforced and most of them really dont make sense from the business perspective.

    4> They are here to generate jobs for our unemployed literate youth and so, we need to give them all the support that we can. If the MLAs/Panchayat members are qualified enough, they can find a job for themselves in the Smart City too.

    5> Why Linux only ? :-) ... Is it because you own a linux shop ?? Even Linux need to be purchased if you have to use them for commercial applications/servers (with appropriate support from Red Hat).

    6> Trade unions handling data uploads ??? What does that mean ??

    7> Trade unions ... Hmmmm ... Let me give you a suggestion. We need these people (Smart City) to come in and set up shop in Kerala. Our Honorable Chief Minister has ensured that 33000 jobs will be created in the next 10 years. DONT YOU THINK THAT'S A BIG ASSURANCE ? Let the Trade Unions support the ongoing development and ensure that the target of generating 33,000 jobs is MET !!!! Dont you think that is a constructive approach rather than use them to reduce productivity ??

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    We should kick out such politicians from Kerala. They will never allow Kerala to become a developed state.

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    Dear Achu mama,

    ya..we know u tried u'r best to packoff the BMW guys...Congrats...

    and thanks a lot for all your efforts to send of this smart city guys too..we know well tht if all the software industry comes to kerala your son will loose his job as none of the guys will prefer to work with dont worry..we are with u...dheerathayode nayicholu...anjettennam pinnale...

    my suggestions..

    1) ya its absolutely fine with giving the data download/upload contract to our trade unions. But if the smart city guys are not willing to do so we can ask for the "Nokku kooli". I prefer in this way as we dont have to do any work(as usual) but still wil get the money. let them know mallus are smarter than smart city guys....GOD's OWN COUNTRY and DEVIL's OWN PEOPLE

    2) It is a good idea to include MPs, MLAs and the panchayat members in smart city as they are proficient in multiple languages(%&#$@@&#!$&). So ofcourse it will be good if all the project managers can report to them and learn the new languages from them.

    3) Make it mandatory tht all the work stations in the smart city have an antena kind of setup to tie the flags easily.

    4) Each company should have the reception as bign as it can accomodate all the employees which will help us to arrange the "Dharna" inside the company.

    5) Every company should have atleast some portions made of glass as we luv to hear the breaking sounds during "Bandh".

    6) All the employees should provided with Laptops which will help to protect them from stones.

    7) Smart city should provide all the facilities like stones, bombs, knifes etc with in the campus as we might need all these with out a reason.

    8) Let the govt assure 1 lakh job in the smartcity..we, the opposition can assure 5 lakh job out side the smartcity as its our duty to demolish it guys will go with us as we have more opportunity..

    let me think and come up with some more suggestions..

    Your thots.....

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    Mr. Kouchuvaatham,

    I really agree to your point that, Kerala should never escape from politians like you. You are such an ASSet to hell as we know. Get lost other developed states, we would never escape !!! I can also understand your feelings that your son would never make to the board team of smart city.. so go ahead... smash the foundation of smartcity because it's only meant for smart people. Not for the jobless (except when Bandh or Harthal is not there) CPI or CPM workers.

    On a second thought, I think you have started the protest a bit too early. According to your party's tradition, you should start the strike when the organisation starts operating. You would get more reason to strike once the smart city starts functioning. So hang on... your time will come. One more reason why you should wait is that anyway ruling party won't make it to the top in the next election (As Karunakaran might have assured you allready). So you have all the luxuary of starting a "Official" strike... what do you say

    How's hell going on anyway ? Is enough bombs or weapons available ?

    A heartbroken mallu.

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    Achuthandaaaaaaaaaaaaaan has got only one demand, his stupid son arunkumar should be made MD of smart city.

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    visit this group.

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    wait for the pos election processes achu....very lil chance of congress makin it this aruns wish will b ur command..:)

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    Dear friends,

    Hope you all have heard CPM Leader V.S.Achutananthan's remarks about Smart City; upcoming at Kochi.He wants all the people behind this project in Jail. This kind of politicians will ruin our State. They have no vision for future. It's all cheap political games for their gain. If the project
    comes up our Kochi will be the most happening place in India. At the least 20,000 people will get a job out there. All major IT firms, like Microsoft, IBM, CISCO will have their offices in the proposed
    project. But unfortunately that thorn in the ass dislikes progress. He wants all Keralites to be remained in bullock cart period. Then only he will get supporters.

    Dear friends, you know something about that great leader. He has a son called Arun Kumar. He did his MCA from TKM College of Engineering; Kollam.He was one of the worst students in his class. After completion of his course he was made as the Managing Director of Coir Corporation, Kerala.You may be wondering what relation Computers have with Coir.But at that time CPM was ruling kerala. So they are both related. After that he went to DUBAI as an IT Consultant. So what now V.S needs is, to make his son as the IT Director of Smart City, when the next government comes into power. But Smart City authorities have out rightly declined that he will never become the Director.So our leader wants to scrap the entire project. Its normal that parents loves their wards. But why should them sacrifice a nations interest for their gains.

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    Of later Internet has become a place where people spread rumors and stories. If these are facts then they should publish in the newspapers in Kerala and these allegations should be raised in Kerala assembly. If the people who spread these stories are courageous enough then they should expose the villain in public, and not through secret email campaign.

    Now coming to Smart city, I do not know why it is called “Smart". Kerala needs smart people and not a smart city. Why is not there enough transparency in the deal?

    I am an entrepreneur in the filed of IT and have been working in this field for the last few years. How do they suggest to employee 20,000 people? If Microsoft wanted to come to Kerala they do not require the help of any “smart" people, they can do that by their own. There are many reasons why those companies prefer cities like Bangalore and not any one of that reasons is the absence of a “smart" city. There are many hundreds jobs available in Kerala right now which go unfilled because there are nobody with right attitude and focus in Kerala.

    Why do we have to blame 3 people alone for the non-industrialization of Kerala? What are the rest of us doing to help industrialization? It will be easy to find some scape goats and shift the blame so we do not feel guilty, except that it will not solve the problem. Let people in a Panchayath in Kerala say that they are ready for an industry in their Panchayath and say that we are ready to breathe the “foul smell" of the industry if some 100 of the people living there get a job. Then we will have several industries in Kerala. If we want to find out the problems in Kerala then ask that questions to your self, do not spread rumors.

    Can we adopt Dubai development model for Kerala? Gulf development is based on one natural resource and not based on competitiveness. Gulf would have been as poor as us or more if they had not struck oil there. What we need is the competitive model of the west and not a model based on corruption and non-transparency.

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    1) BMW didnt go because of any political intervention.They went because
    Haryana was much conducive for automobile industry. And Chautala reaped the
    results.The point being circulated was that the strike for fee hike and
    Rajni's death was going on when they visited Kerala.I think someone should
    have convinced Rajni that she should delay her suicide because BMW fellows
    are planning to come down

    2)Trade Unions :- There is trade union already in technopark. Its not of
    employees but of employers. Gtech is an organisation which is antipeople to
    say the least. Its hire and fire of employees. But an employee cannot shift
    from one company to another without an NOC. Even if that employer has not
    paid salary for 2 years. The same employer remains to be Gtech's vice
    president. Attrition rate is a parameter to judge employee satisfaction.But
    NOC system says if you want to be in Kerala ,work for my terms.I'll not pay
    nor will I allow someone else to pay you.Its 'attimari'.

    3) Recruitment :- We all know.I can give more evidence

    4)That teachers should be subject to 'social audit' meaning by civil society
    and panchayats is part of ADB sanction and MGP nothing to do with our poor

    5)Work hours :- I fully agree .All labour strikes the world over started
    against work load.

    6) You don't have to make malayalam default ,it is the default language for
    communication.At the most you can translate it.

    7) The linux group here is working on making malayalam content.Otherwise
    computers will never reach out to the masses.Windows also is working on the

    8) V.S 's forte is not IT.He is a trade union leader a farmer. But he
    understands anything that affects people. Does not act IT savy as other
    cheap politicians. Thats why he had the guts to oppose Smart city.
    9) In Kerala can the language be French?

    10)Yes some smart guys are coming up with malayalma OS for free- u wait for it

    11) VS understands and responds much better than any politicians over technology issues.
    What he said were clear points.
    Dont check who said it ,try to understand what he says before writing out such stupid things

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    its clear that those who are supporting samrt city don't have much idea abt the deal the deal.check this article apperd on The Hindu on may !5

    THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The `Smart City' project, when decoded into simple arithmetic, means this: the Dubai Internet City (DIC), the company behind the smart business concept, will get hold of 298.27 acres of prime land in Kochi suburbs by spending a sum of just Rs. 36 crores initially.

    The DIC will also get nearly 3.25 lakh square feet of built up space at the Infopark in the area. The value of the infrastructure at the Infopark, along with that of 62.27 acres of Infopark land that forms part of the 298.27 acres earmarked for the `Smart City', is fixed at Rs. 109 crores.

    Against an unspecified portion of this amount, the State Government will get nine per cent of the stakes in the `Smart City'. The DIC will pay the Government in cash the unspecified remaining amount.

    Neither the Government nor the DIC has as yet revealed what the total size of the investment on the project will be. There have been vague statements to the effect that this is a Rs. 1,500-crore project. Only after the memorandum of understanding on the project is signed will there be information available on the size of the project and the debt-equity ratio preferred by the promoters.

    How good a deal is the `Smart City' is a hotly debated question in the State today. The Chief Minister, Oommen Chandy, highlights the promise of the promoters to create 33,000 jobs in 10 years and declares that he is ready to face any allegation "for the sake of the job seekers in the State."

    The Leader of the Opposition, V. S. Achuthanandan, dubs the deal as a "real estate swindle." The understanding between the Government and the DIC is that, of the 298.27 acres to be given for the `Smart City', 100 acres will be free-of-cost. The cost of the Infopark and the 62.27 acres of land in its possession is meant to be set off against the nine per cent Government equity in the `Smart City' (with an unspecified amount to be given to the Government in cash). It is only for the remaining 136 acres of adjoining land that the DIC is required to pay the cost to get the `Smart City' started. The cost fixed for these 136 acres is Rs. 36 crores.

    According to information given by an official, who does not want to be identified, the Government has spent close to Rs. 90 crores on the 62.27 acres of land and infrastructure of the Infopark. The entire 3.25 square feet of built up space in the Infopark had been taken by IT and ITES companies. The Infopark is earning over Rs. 7 crores a year from these companies.

    The day the deal is signed, the DIC, by shelling out just Rs. 36 crores, will come into the possession of 3.25 square feet of built up space and other infrastructure of the Infopark earning over Rs. 7 crores a year, in addition to 298.27 acres of land.

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    I have been out side kerala all my life. but the land of my ancestors has always left a deep rooted impression in me.
    I have soaked in every moment of the phenomenon that is kerala. the time that i have spent there is probably the most wonderful that i have ever spent.
    my heart is always torn when i see the attitude of certain people who are the so called champions of the state. why is it that people are so scared of development in their own home?
    i dont want politicians who are hell bent on raping the mother land. i dont want politicians who want to suck the mother dry. these are the real terrorists. you can welcome a terrorist into your home with the belief that if you chnage their ideology, they will see the light, but vermion such as the politicians of this great state of kerala dont have ideology, they dont have character. i wonder how they sleep at night. as long as the state is in the hands of such characterless vermins, dont expect anything good from happening.
    alas, Gods own country is soon turning into the devils paradise.

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    Here the question is not just if Smart city is coming or not
    We all like any new job ventures coming up
    But CM Mr Chandy has played bad games
    1.he lied to us saying this is a dubai govt project
    2 He misused his power to allot many things from IT policy that benefits companies
    to support DIC though it is not a software comp
    3. Infopark is being gifted as part of the deal
    (why give this park,let smart city make new ones)
    4. A private consultant company was hired for Rs 2 crore fees (Evidence given by VS today )
    5. no clause to get the land back if promised job not provided
    6.Max of 20 crore to be given as reimbursement if 33000 jobs not provided in 10 years(Rs 6000/Job)
    7. DIC in net will pay Rs 10 crore for the land
    Rs 145 crore - (9% equity by govt of kerala = Rs 135 crore)
    8 The share put on 9% because if more than 9% - then govt rep will come in the direcors board
    here again the deal aginst state's interest
    9.Again building is not everything when we say infrastructure
    lot other factors - where state is responsible,
    Let more ventures come - we will treat it with +ve mind

    But Why CM played foul game?
    Let smart city come - no problem .but everything must be clear - and state' s rights must be protected.

    If no smart city , Let govt of kerala start one reg giving out public shares
    NRI's have proved we can run a nedumbassery
    State proved we can have technopark(No space till 2007)

    Let this be by govt
    or by private ventures like DIC (but why gift land 298 acres for Total effect of Rs 30 Crore)???

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    Well done PRAVI & SMART KERALA.....
    What you have said is absolutly correctly. All smart city supporters are arguing for that because they don't know anyhing abt the deal. Actulayy no one knows the full deatils. I am pretty sure that our cM is playing some foul game... All he is doing in his press conference are pollitical gimmick.... Thats all.. Anyway its gud that Kerala's new generation watching these things with extreame care and analying it. Hope that these selfish, currupted politicians will be swept away from our state when we are using our right for vote...
    JAI HIND... All the best for your fight against CURRUPTION..... I will always be with you..

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    Let us be smart..
    Let us know the facts .. If it is healthy deal.. let us support it.

    We need development..

    Let us not talk... Valu Valu.. valu.. without a proper point.

    Step 1 - Call DIC get the facts
    Step 2 - Call CM's secretery and get his Press Release on Smart City
    Step 3 - Compare two
    Step 4 - If it finds out CM didn't fully get the light from DIC
    CM just lied on the DIC facts
    Shoot CM (because, either he lied Or we don't need a stupid CM)
    If DIC deal is good AND is capable of taking Kerala to the guture
    Shoot VS ( We don't need leaders who give mis-directions)
    Endif (am I righting the pseudo code correctly???)
    Step 5 - Shoot all the guys who talk Valu.. Valu.. and who see blue films of their own Malayalee sisters (just because these guys doesn't have a job)

    That's it

    After all, these are my 2 cents (randu Paisa) worth.

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    Dont abuse VS goodwill

    By standing in someone's pants what you want to do

    tie up your own and be proud



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    Don't teach resource allocation and seat distribution.


    We can easily accommodate 33000 people in 400 acres, please go and find on the campuses of multinationals

    the seating arrangement will be handled by good interior designers but any way it will be world class. There is no hard and fast rule that there should be only one floor for each building in smart city

    No body will give a smart city to Kerela for free.

    What ever the statistics that ever is made on number of employments that itself is great for us.

    You will hold that baron land for few more years and build some Govt offices to increase bribery or you may make a new JAIL (prison) for the agitating jobless youths in future.

    Please don't speak about the price of land. It's not valid in front of comparing to even a single Job opportunity for us.

    Ultimately the people of Kerela are supporting the project.
    They do not mind these land owner ship issues.
    They don't want any land for free at all like Marxists need.
    The real hard working people of Kerela needs there children should get some good Job and in future Kerela should be modernized and at top of the world at any competency level.

    They don't want few thousands acres of baron land lies with government without any use, let it give free if its getting used for building up of a modern Kerela., who ever is going to take it DIC or George Bush or Parvez Mushraf.

    There are some people with real intention to oppose smart city only because that Umman chandy government will be gaining the credit of the project.

    The risk analysis is going on and business issues like owner ship of land and shares are been discussed that is real biased analysis and we should see the ultimate gain.

    DIC is already in the business domain they can lead the smart city to success.
    Can the state government self? If your answer is yes what if after CPM is on ruling and they fills the managment of smart city with some narrow minded brainwashed communists.

    There are some risks in any venture.

    The people who are opposing can suggest some alternate ways to build up smart city other than opposing blindly

    Already Kerela new professional colleges are going to send their students out and these people wants to suffer those students that is the only aim that you are opposing smart city.

    You are jealous on those students to get good job.

    You are telling Kerela people lacking soft skills you may have seen that kind of people Kerela. I am pretty sure that Kerela have an ultimate talent pool in any level.

    Some queries;
    1) Do you take up this land for the calculated amount by you as price and generate 33333 employment. (No body will dare to pay single pie for any business in land of Kerela)

    2) Will you bring the companies promised by DIC (you may start Kairaly channels office)

    3) Who told you that IT scenario of India is attrition-- are you staying at California. Don't you see that young thousands of young Malaya lee fresher standing in burning sun or rain for fresher recruitment drives in the other states cities like cattle's? DO NOT IGNORE THEM, THEY WILL REVENGE

    4) Why you related Adivasi land problem with the smart city land deal.( This is same old political tactics of Kerela )

    5)Why did you put up private colleges in to your letter ( don't forget mass young generation who got an opportunity to learn professional courses unlike their seniors is getting educated through these colleges and they are aware about Marxist burshacy fundamentalism )

    6) Survival of fittest from the pushing of the crowd that is a Barbarian Low that is not at all matching for the Pure Barbarian Communist line also

    7) do you think the young chaps backed out from the crowd of the recruitment drives are not eligible???

    8) You are telling that somebody other than you studies BTech, then its status going low!!!!

    9) that is a real stupid reason, there should be few hundreds of people should have BTech and they should enjoy the profession, that is pure selfishness.

    10) Once the private colleges are not there, where the poor and rich people will go and study.
    (People of Kerela are not much influential and rich like party leaders like VS and pinarai to send their children outside states star private colleges)
    Let us leave the matter of private colleges from our discussion. Now we need to urge for smart city.

    I have no more comments on the private professional colleges because it's already happening in Kerela.

    That entire outcry against professional colleges that only because of pure jealous which is having no medicine.

    In the same way the private colleges are came to Kerela in the same way smart city will be happening in Kerela.

    11) How dare you are telling that don't cry for a smart city to the young people of Kerela,

    12) Do you think the main stream of the young people of Kerela are lies with SFI and DYFI youths which is having the majority of the Kerela's criminals and gundas

    13) Once the mainstream of young generation of Kerela Casts their Votes left wing is out of Kerela (They are desperate to teach lesson to the leftwing which is crushing their dreams)

    14) This look like cry from us you can't tell to STOP it. Only VS can play fiddle at this time

    From these postings from you I can understand that, mass of left wing supporters are intentionally opposing smart city only because the project is evoked by UDF. That is an absolute true lay man of Kerela knows it.

    Survival of the fittest is not apt for a democratic state, we the Indian people avoids opportunism and brings up deprived people.

    The spring of private colleges are more recruited and performed better in Bangalore and Madrass so you cant tell that they are not eligible

    How dare you tell the jobless people that they have to suffer. You will be suffering if you are telling in public.

    You may think DIC will not come. DIC will be ditching your all anti Kerela plans.

    Kerela is politically harassed. Nothing is happening. Let something to happen.

    What amendment you need dude. Weeks before the only amendment you needed was VS Achus SON should be the director of smart city. That will never happen.

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    I think I am going to succeed in my mission - sending back the SmartCity guys from here!!

    Also, I can see some good signs - Mallus are getting banned from gulf jobs. They all will come back to Kerala and we will get enough people for our party programmes !

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    About the above matter no one can blame Mr VS. He only suggested the CM's and the Kannalikutty's plans to sell the project to another company. He also strongly opposed the suggestions of the government to sign a contract that suggest " there should not be any IT sector company in the area between kottayam and thrissur. All the should get in to the smart city or get approval from them.
    This is some thing impossible. If the governments decision is to build another Technopark (TVM) in cochin , nobody will be in the path. If VS is a man of such a description he could have opposed that also. Every one in Kerala is interested in the development of the state. But not sell the IT industry of the state to a third party with the help of these types of kannalikutty's


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    The govt invested around 90 crore rupees for infopark. The returns (including expenses) per annum is less than 6 crores. So the net profit per annum could be around 3-4 crores (6 crores minus expenses). For argument's sake, let us assume that the entire 6 crores is just the profit. Even then the return on investment is just 6.67%. You'll get more that that amount if you put the original amount(90 crores) in fixed deposit. So you can clearly see that it is not at all profitable. So what is wrong if we can sell it off to someone who can run it profitably, for a good price??

    There's no clause that no one can start another infopark in Cochin. It is just that the govt cannot start another tech park in Cochin, for 5 years. In the private sector, you can have any number of parks in Cochin.

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    There's no clause that no one can start another infopark in Cochin. It is just that the govt cannot start another tech park in Cochin, for 5 years. In the private sector, you can have any number of parks in Cochin.
    Ofcourse, there is no clause in the agreement between Chandy Clause and DIC. But one cannot help wondering why the so called free spirited, free market advocates fear the presense of another government tech park in Cochin for 5 years. This shows that the free market enterpenures, who wants to enjoy their free lunch at the expense of others, do not really like the idea of free competition. They want everything from the government for free, at the same time they adivse the people that there is no free lunch, ofcourse, the only people enjoy free lunch are the big capitalists, but they are too afraid to tell this truth to the public.


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    >>But one cannot help wondering why the so called free spirited, free market advocates fear the presense of another government tech park in Cochin for 5 years.

    Let me quote Pinarayi Vijayan to answer this. “In every contract there'll be two parties. Each party will try to protect their interests." So it is just natural that DIC would have asked for the whole world. It is upto us to negotiate properly and bring home the bacon. The role of the government is to govern its citizens, not to run factories.

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    I propose another change ... The CEOs of every company in the SmartCity to be selected from the pool of unemployed CITU and SFI area and district committies.

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    I didnt understand what nonsense wrote Mr:duplicate V.S!!!!
    V.S has no need to get advice from capitalistic, orthodox people like you. V.S is greater than you can think.
    Comrade V.S sindabad!
    Inqilab Sindabad!
    With revolutionary regards,
    Your brother,
    Thariq Ramadan

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    Comrade VS Achuthandan and the duplicate from hell are two different entities. Just imagine, if we have to paint the picture of an elephant, we do not have to do it in its original size, but still people can understand it. However, if we have paint a mosquito (Kothuku), we need to paint it out of proportion for others to see that vulgar creature. V S Achuthandan (duplicate from hell) is actually this 'Kothuku'.


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    If you succeed in becoming our CM that is the disaster in waiting.

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    Looks like Chandy is going to sign the Smartcity agreement with DIC. I wish if it was Anthony... it was easy to turn away Anthony from any development plans. All I have to do is, just tell there is some corruption in the proposed plan. He will cancel the deal.

    I think I have to retire from politics if Chandy rule for another 5 years.

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    Its terrible that you guys are making fun of the great leader of masess comrade V.S.Achuthananthan.You people are misunderstanding him.What comrade V.S has said is that he's against anything which is against the interest of kerala & its people.By keen observation we can understand that by blindly accepting the "guidelines" of DIC we malayalees are making grounds for them to make our state their "colony" as Britian did with us years back.If DIC wants to begin bussiness here,they could have done by their own "smart" way,why they are asking to handover Infopark at kochi ?Its a property of our state.If Ommen Chandy plans to handover it cheaply to those "only bussiness minded"people,it'll lead to absolute disaster & whats the surety that this DIC will provide jobs as they said?These are the questions raised by comrade V.S.If you people are blindly agitating against him without undersatnding these facts,what i have to say is that "you people are dangerous " or "You people will have to repend later"

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    Hi All,
    I am software engineer working in Bangalore..
    Please remove this kind of stupid letters....We know V.S is a great leader.
    We have to think who is against the developement of kerala.
    Let us think about that...
    1) Who made the sensation out side Kerala that Kerala is just like Bihar : It is the Congress (I) lead by Umman
    2) Who called the employee from Kerala as Militants : It is the week ( of Malayala Manorama)

    These two establishment (one is Congress (I) and other one is Malayalmanorama is making the image of Kerala blurred out side3 of Kerala...
    and all the activities doing by UMMAN congress is a Big drama...
    they conducted GIM...What happend?it is not the VS or CPM caused the destruction of the further processing of GIM....It is the political stunt inside the Umman Congress...
    Now we can see CPM or VS is not against developement....if some people are trying to make like that it will become a barking of streets dogs...not more than that...

    From 2006 onwards CPIM will lead the Kerala in to developement...Request UMMAN Con don't put "PARA" on this....

    Jay Kerala...jay developement.....

  • #2393
    >>be in your homes sleeping & dreaming of a kerala under the able leadership of comrade V.S.Achuthananthan.<<

    100% agreement. Once com. Achu becomes CM only thing Keralites can do is to sleep in their homes.
    What else will they do when there is no work 24X7.

    Once Smart City is sabbotaged the current flow of investment will dry up and Achumman will be left with nothing to cut and dry (Vettinirathal).


    This rule will have Takkiyuddin Wahid's families blessing too, no ?

    ** Takiyuddin Wahid was Dawood ibrahim's stooge who ran EastWest Air in which VS Achu's son worked.


  • #2402
    Even before the state election, Achummaan started to show his real colour . So get ready for 5 years of Vettinirathal, Attimari samaram, Bandh, Harthal, compulsory money contributions to party fund, Un-employment etc.etc. Pothujanaom Kazhutha ( the pubilic is a donkey) the famous proverb will once again prove true when the CPM headed by Achuthandan become the rulers of the Kerala State as the poor people t forget the past tenure of LDF in Kerala

  • #2403
    the guys who support the smart city have to realise one thing. Crores will be paid as bribes to oomben chandy, thendithala, and icecreamkutty. why our CM is not disclosing the final agrement details to public? keralam is his fathers property?

  • #2494
    hey guys,

    you need to thank all these red-flagged jokers for making these strikes and agitation.

    it is these people who have made Keralites fly in search of job outside kerala.

    dear brothers
    make more strikes
    make life more miserable for people so that more youth will go out and Kerala will prosper


    in ki lab zinda bad

  • #2495
    Hello Achu mamu ,
    First of all I am happy to see such a good website and also see people working together for such good cause . People like achu mamma just think of thier own benifit and never think of other (poor/jobless/etc) , because of many lilke these our Gods own country is under such a great curse and I pray that one day it would come out of it . Good that our dear politicians and wiping out the hope of welcoming MNC companies and generate employment . In other places like Bangalore/kolkata/gurgao/hyd/vishakapatanam,etc the politicians and others are behind these MNCs to create employment .
    I am working in Bangalore for the past 2 years and before this I was in Chennai and before that (like any other normal malayalee) in gulf for 4 years . I know many of my friends in kerela who find it difficult getting a average job in kerela, many of them are either outside kerela or outside India . As the joke says even in the moon you can find a malayalee teashop , and not to say the tension ,anger that grips these unemployed fellows . Due to this our state stands higest in suicides, divorce, heart deaths and also not to mention about the other mental psychological issues apart from Kerala being one of the literate state . Any other state/company/universities/country /jobs, outside you can find around 30-40% would be malayalees . Poor guys - hats off to them , and I dont know how much their curse is going to affect these politicians/others who exploit our Gods own country . Even my company (banking) had plans to set up a Global center in Kochi but last year they dropped it and have started the 2nd one in Kolkata which would totally have more than 3000 employees .
    I dont know when are these guys going to learn , but its high time we individualls get into actiona and do something .Log live these blood sucking bugs who just think about their security and short term earnings .


  • #2496
    Kerala a small part of India thickly populated with Keralites (an ethnic group behaves like crabs inside Kerala and Jealousy)... Keralites deserve a CM like Achu mama… Achu Mama will ensure that, any one living in Kerala will not flourish during his tenure... Since nobody grows all together... all Keralites are happy… :-).

  • #2497
    Pls stop these type of stuppid comments....Open ur eyes and understand what is happening....Smartcity is going to be a reality with very high advantage for kerala unlike "ur pet" Ummen Chandy's agreement. Now you stuppid guys tell, who is working against Kerala. VS or Ummen Chandy

  • #2502
    nice to see this.........

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