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    Left Turn for SmartCity Support !!

    The following may help a few ....

    - Only 8600 signatures in the Online Petition (this includes mine as well).
    - It seems either the intellectuals and supporters have lost faith/interest
    or many may have made a Left turn.

    If we do a Left+Turn Arithmetic Calculation, the following conclusions can be derived:
    - Each of the 140 assembly constituencies has an average of 150,000 Voters
    - Total Voters eligible for the mandate = 140 * 150000 = 21,000,000
    - Assume that 60% will cast their votes = 21,000,000 * 0.6 = 12,600,000 Voters
    - 8600 Signatures is just 0.069% of the 60% voters who are likely to vote
    - In other words it is less than 10% of any one constituency.
    Note :Please consider error factors for the above numerical figures as appropriate

    Can't you see and feel that the supporters efforts are similar to "dipso" effects ?
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    And what is the percentage of the internet literate voters (to put the signature online), who have an email id (through which they can come to know of this campaign)?

    Going by the same arithmetic: There's a counter petition authored by Joseph in the same site, which seeks signatures against the smart city, catching dust. The last time I checked it had got less than 100 signatures. What percent is 100 Signatures of the 60% voters who are likely to vote? Do you still feel that the efforts are similar to "dipso" effects?

    The bottom line is: From the internet savvy Keralites, the number of people who favoured the smart city is 86 times of that of the people who opposed it.

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    The bottom line is: From the internet savvy Keralites, the number of people who favoured the smart city is 86 times of that of the people who opposed it.
    This include, those farmers, coir/cashew/lottory workers who did suicide. These farmers, coir/cashew/lottery workers did purchase computers, connected it to internet anticipating the arrival of smart city, voted in favour of smart city, waited for four years and then put an end to their lives. Who said they end their lives because of poverty and debt and who is casting these votes?
    Like Mr. K Sudhakaran(former forest thief minister) said, those voters could be fraud. Am I seeing a Kerala version of the Matrix movie, here?


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    That is full kalla vote
    one person can vote 100 times

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    At Kannur one CPM Party man usually votes 100 times for an election including for his for-father died in last century. You people do not dream that all Kerala people will remain in the same knowledge-state. You may be dreaming Kerala will become another Bihar. In Bihar Laloo is winning with majority. We are going to achieve 100% comp litteracy then CPM will become an underworld mafia.

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    So those 100 votes are yours, Praveen?

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    I am sure many alternatives exist for increasing the % of Votes. As Internet savvy Intellectuals, we should think of innovative ways to increase the % and make it more respectable. It seems many people have casted votes multiple times using different machines and names. You know, after doing it couple of times you get bored.....

    Maybe, something like a remote application (an e-Vote Booster) is needed. This Booster may automate the submission of petitions, by randomly selecting names from the "Kerala Telephone Directory" feed, thereby increasing the % to a respectable one. And if everything functions properly, we might end up with nice good numbers....

    In short : If the ruling party MLA's gets support from 1000 Voters from each of their constituencies, the prospects would look a lot better. This bleak outlook is similar in every sense to "dipso" effects. Isn't it ?

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    The online petition was merely a platform for the IT aware people to show their solidarity against VS.
    Since there's no political milege to be gained out of it, why would anyone take the trouble to cast votes multiple times?
    Even assuming that it happened so, why would it happen only to the pro Smart city petition, why not the counter one?
    Assuming a Gaussian distribution, the proportion of multiple votes should be almost the same for both the petitions, right?
    (This is assuming that the anti smart city guys are equally crooked as the pro smart city guys)
    Then the ratio still remains the same: 86:1

    Btw, your earlier posting had made the conclusion assuming that the signatures are genuine.

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    It is absolutely right that, there is no political mileage out of the online petitions campaign. The real benefit is for people who have speculated and invested crores of rupees in Land and other assets anticipatng the materialization of the project.
    ....More signatures submitted.... more coverage from the media.. So on and so forth.... A nice Marketing platform ...
    The initiative boosted the awareness of the "Goldmine" through the Media, which made real estate prices hit the roof. If the real intention of Mr. Chandy & Associates is to have this project
    materialize and go beyond the MOU stage, why can't the ruling party MLA's (Approx. 70%) go out to each of their constituencies and start creating the necessary awareness ?
    Unfortunaltely, they are afraid to do this because the majority of the people in their constituencies are still in a state of shock because of the many disasters and promises that never got fulfilled....and skipped....

    Which brings us to the realization that the % and the ratio which makes sense to IT savy people
    doesn't help in anyway elsewhere. Let us hope that the people that falls in the ratio and those who have invested in "Assets" does not burn their fingers and end up being "dipso's"

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