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    Press Conference DIC ( Achu mama didn't responded)

    A press conference conducted yesterday by DIC officials in Dubai, stated that Dubai Internet City is Government body and the proposed Smart City project will be a joint venture of Dubai Government and Kerala government.

    Achu mama , What is your response to this ? We people are eagerly waiting for you response. Now you have find any other stupid reasons against Smart City. Try again you can do it Achu mama..............
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    Likewise there was a similar statement issued by the UAE embassy in Delhi couple of weeks ago, nothing happened for that as well..... DIC is too keen to get hold of the land and start this project at any cost !!

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    And why Achu mama is keeping quiet. And none of these comrades utters a word about it. What happened to their Stingy TONGUE ?

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    Perhaps "Mama's" strategy could be to stall this project for another couple of months. The recent election mandate and the projections indicate that these "Mama's" are likely to be sitting in the chairs in the next term. After this transition, it will be a big achievement for these "Mama's", if the project materializes during their term. On the other hand, these "Mama's" are blind and cannot visualize the future..!!

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    Achu mama and other comraded ( now karunakaran, muralee, pilai and jacod also) will not respond as they won the bi-election. Otherwise,, they may be thinking of some other reason like DUBAI is not a democratic country something like that. Let us wait and see.

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    Some comrade already said that "Dubai goverment is private".

    My question is "What is the problem even if DIC(which is a gov. entity) is a private company?"

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    It's not going to help..Even if the King of Dubai himself come down to Cochin and state that DIC is owned by Dubai Govt. , Achu & Co will still keep howling
    " DIC is private, DIC is private" ...

    Private Hospitals in London are good for knee operation, Private Institutions in Tamil Nadu are
    good for budding comrades' education, Private hotels/amusement parks in Singapore are good for holidaying, Toronto is a good place to stay and Kerala ?.. It is good ,only for preaching communism !

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    Thanks to Achu & his likes, God's own country has become God-forsaken country.

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    Ref : S George's Comment
    "Some comrade already said that "Dubai goverment is private".

    Why can't we also try a PRIVATE GOVERNMENT next time, since all private sector organizations are well known for their efficiency and relaibility..
    So please don't elect this nasty communist next time, Instead we will try some PRIVATE GOVERNMENT.

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    not acchummmmen ,
    people answered it yesterday in Kannur.
    CM asked vote for govt and for (his) "Vikasanam"
    People gave reply .Even after getting 80 % Bjp votes - UDF was in such a pitiable stage.
    Next election UDF might loose "kettivecha kasshhe" in many constituencies.

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    MR AH praveen,
    Dont forget kannur has 7 seats, while there are 16 in malappuram, 14 each in kollam, TNM and EKM

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