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    Kerala(communist's) ENVY X Gujarat PRIDE

    Kerala politicians(COMMUNIST) has to learn a lesson or two from honorable CM of Gujarat Mr. Modi

    Gujarat become the #1 state on progress map in India even pushing down Maharastra.

    How ?

    The whole world was against Mr. Modi

    Modi bashing become a fashion or style right now in India. English media was totally biased against Mr Modi. Still the people of gujarat trusted their future in Modi's hand. They gave him a thumping victory. Mr Modi returned their trust by marching the state through progress. By God's grace communist are NIL in gujarat. Even if they are there Gujus will chase them out of the state. Is our commies comrade dare to start their anti progress struggle in gujarat against Mr Modi ?

    With all his struggle when it comes to progress Mr Chandy is following a Mr Modi path. Who ever has the best interest of Kerala and Keralites give full support in his progress mission. Kerala has the political curse that is why we still have the communist species. Let us work hard and make sure that these species will extinct in the near future.

    Keralites made a mistake by allowing communist to breed in our mother state. A Kerala without the communist will be real God's own country. This is not a tourism promotional slogan. Flush out communist out of Kerala. Not to any other part of India but to the HELL.

    If 'communal' Mr Modi can take Gujarat on progressive path our brave secular Mr Chandy can do magic. In his progressive mission ,'yellow fever of corruption' inflicted Mr VS will run away. Goonda leader Mr Pinaryi Vijayan will vanish.

    In this IT age instead of wasting any more time let us have our own IT pie. SMART CITY is just a beginning. Mr Chandy will take us to height of progress. Give him free hand. He is the second best politician in Kerala who can take the state to the heights in Industrial Map of India. IT and Tourism are our turf. Mr Chandy has a strategy and lets us support it.

    If you are a real Keralite and you are person with progressive mind BE WITH MR CHANDY. If you are anti-national and anti progress join the communist rank and be a looser.

    lAl salaam Mr Chandy

    Have a good day.

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    I do not know who is the best or second best politician in kerala but Smart city project is the smartest thing that has happened to Kerala after Nedumbassery airport. All who opposed private airport are today agreeing that it was an excellent project. Smart city will receive the same appreciation after say 5 years. PLEASE do not spoil our chances of getting this project.

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    Mr joseph joseph(i know its not real name) & others,
    Y R U wasting so much time here? R u so much worried abt some acres of waste land("Kotta thara") in kochi? go & du ur work man... y r not wasting so much time over this issue? i kno u r doing so much reaserch on each & every comment abt smart city. see, all our politians r corrupt.

    I just want2 give an eg.

    During last CPM rule my uncle given 2 lakh rupees to P. Sasi(CPM state committee memebr) to get PLUS 2 in his school (My uncle succeded in it and he made lakhs out of it). so all politians alike.

    i dont want mention to INC or BJP or any other party here since all u guys kno that they r also corrupt.

    I specificaly hate Some of CPM culture like hartal, bundh, dharna(Now all parties do the same, but its the CPM hu started these "entertainments"). They used to call All india Bundh during
    last BJP rule @ the centre against their "Anti-people policies". Vats the result? only kerala
    and WB had affected. i was in Bangalore . i dint even know abt this. If they oppose some policies of centre & they have to go delhi & protest there or protest in parliment.
    Y r they disturbing common man? It also afftects the industrialization ,right?

    So im requesting all u guys pls leave this forum. let them(Govt) build smart city. atleast v can see vat will happen right? if somebody gets money, let them take yaar.

    If CPM gets the money, vil they share it with u? oke i can understand ur feelings. u r a hardcore
    CPM supporter. But try to understand, they r the worst party in india if u consider industry segment.

    Also dont talk too much abt technopark. There is not a single good company. Most of the employees r underpayed when compared to Bangalore.Export from Technopark is 220 crores & from kochi is 85 crores while that from mysore is 320crores and mangalore 600 crores!!!!!!!!!!!!!from BLR its 30000 crores!!

    Also in Dubai media city, there is not much development. The city is very costlier and dont have
    proper resource pool available for IT . so dont compare DMC and Technopark

    so let them build atleast some buildings...
    pls support this

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    Dear Sleepy Head,

    You are right.

    Mr. Oommen Chandy is the best CM Kerala ever seen. He is Dynamic, Reformist, and pro-Development unlike Comrades.



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    Dear All,

    You guys are right. Especially, the quote, after 5 years Leftists too will apreciate this project. But what if they uproot this by their continuing agitation and bundhs. We again loose many 5 years. This has happened in computerization period. Leftists were nail and teeth against, and they managed to WIN. What happened, in few years, we saw the rise of karnataka, andhra and TN reaping the harvests and our poor mallus waiting at railway queue and Sharma Transport counters to go these places.

    What is important, is wht to be done, should happen today. a day later means, we are lost in the game. All proactive keralites should start an brain dialogue with other fellow keralites to hurl this anti-development ideologies.


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    I appreciate the activities by the govt for the smart city. But have a doubt, we have got excellent IT parks in TVM and Cochin and the govt is not able to bring companies there. think about smart city, it is a small time, big money making strategy for Chandy, Vijayan, K.Kutty etc, don't be fools, think practically.

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    It is unfortunate that you put the likes of modi and the proponents of smart city in the same category.

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