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    Smart city current status

    Does anyone know what's the current status of Smart city? Has the DIC abandoned the plan altogether like BMW guys?

    It is unfortunate that most people in Kerala doesn't understand what is a win-win situation. When an industrialist invests money, he's doing that to make profits, not to help the workers. At the same time, we work for the industrialist for our career goals + salary, not to help the industrialist. This is called a win-win situation. Both the industrialist and the workers get benifitted due to proper synergy. Keralites, on the contrary believe that every industrialist makes profit by exploiting the workers. Wake up to the daylight of globalisation folks!!!

    If VS or anyone for that matter feels that there's corruption in the DIC deal then let them come up with evidences rather than loose talk. We'll isolate them then. Let's not sabotage a good project because of our prejudices or wild allegations.

    As for the concessional rates offered to DIC, if they should buy at the market rate then why should they do it at Cochin? They'll rather buy it at more establilshed IT destinations like Bangalore or Hydrabad where the govt too is very supportive. Despite the hostile political/cultural environment, if someone has to set up his shop here then he should get some economic incentive in doing so. This is pure common sense. Remember - rule #1: An industrialist works for profit, not social service. And there's nothing wrong in making money by doing honest business.
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    When is the next election due? Less than a year?

    I think Smartcity is dead. Just an MOU has been signed. Follow up will be slow as there is so much controversy already. By then its election time, and everything else is low priority.

    Given that the power alternates between UDF and LDF, LDF will rule next. God alone knows what route they will adopt.

    In all likelihood, LDF will want to re-negotiate the terms (for the sake of face-saving), and DIC, like most other prospective investors, will realize why Kerala is a good tourist destination, and just that.

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    Hi efby,
    congrates for the good work that u did in support for the smart city. We are signing petitions and doing a lot of discussions in the net. But i think not a single person who is responsible or accountable for this is knowing about this.
    Can we make sure that it is not lost ? will anybody show all what is happening, to the Govt ? or the opposition or to the media ? i will be more than willing to join you any where ... to support this ...
    i wanted to this to be seen by the public .... we shd take this propoganda to the media ... that is beynd the world of internet ...
    need some contacts badly ....

    I too eagerly check every day in all possible media to know the current status of the smart city. wht exactly is happening now ? we need clarity ..

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