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    This is a fact sheet concerned on Smart city....

    Dear SmartPeoples...
    Just read the message below from Mr. Sarat Ramachandran Nair, Infosys Technologies Limited
    Technopark,TVM. Do you have any idea about Mr. Sarat Ramachandran Nair?
    I got this message from -->

    This is a fact sheet concerned on Smart city....


    A question to Mr.Umman Chandi >> Infosys, asked Kerala Govt “Land”, two years back, still no reply and waiting .. expecting the land by next November.
    But Kerala Govt given the land to Smart city with in a span of 6 months.

    I, Sarat Ramachandran Nair ,Infosys Technologies Limited Technopark,TVM, would like to share with you some information and analysis regarding “Smart City “…!!! We are providing a comparative study of Trivandrum Techno Park, Info Park and Proposed Smart City. It will highlight the neglect towards prospective sectors and losses for the state of Kerala and people because of blind support for DIC.

    Technopark Current Status: 200 Crores by Gok
    Technopark Proposed Status:1000 Crores by Infosys, TCS, Us Software, Sasken and 100 crores by Gok

    Smartcity/infopark current status: 100 Crores by Gok
    Smartcity/infopark Proposed status: 400 Crores by DIC in 2 yrs

    Technopark Current Status: GoK and multiple investors
    Technopark Proposed Status: GoK and multiple investors

    Smartcity/infopark current status: GoK and multiple investors
    Smartcity/infopark Proposed status: DIC and multiple investors

    Land Requirement
    Technopark Current Status: 242 acres
    Technopark Proposed Status: Additional 100 acres

    Total – 342 acres

    Smartcity/infopark current status: 400 acres initial
    Smartcity/infopark Proposed status:1000 acres final

    Built Up Space
    Technopark Current Status: 15 lakhs sq ft by GoK
    Technopark Proposed Status: 40 lakhs sq ft by Gok and Pvt. investors
    Smartcity/infopark current status: 3.25 lakhs sq ft
    Smartcity/infopark Proposed status: not mentioned

    No: of Companies
    Technopark Current Status: 75
    Technopark Proposed Status: —
    Smartcity/infopark current status: 25
    Smartcity/infopark Proposed status: not mentioned

    Technopark Current Status: 7500
    Technopark Proposed Status: Additional 20,000 (no investment by Gok) + 2500 in next 3-4 years
    Smartcity/infopark current status: 721
    Smartcity/infopark Proposed status: Maximum 3000 p.a., 10,000 in next 5 years

    Employer: Employee (average)
    Technopark Current Status: 1:100
    Smartcity/infopark current status: 1:28

    Technopark Current Status: 49
    Technopark Proposed Status: 116

    Smartcity/infopark Proposed Status :30-35

    Revenue for Gok
    Technopark Current Status: Rent/Lease/ of 15 lakhs sq ft and Land Selling. Recurring in nature.
    Technopark Proposed Status:Rent/Lease/ of 20 lakhs sq ft and Land Selling. Recurring in nature.
    Smartcity/infopark current status: Rent/Lease/ of 3.25 lakhs sq ft and Land Selling. Recurring in nature.

    Smartcity/infopark Proposed status:
    Only if dividend declared.
    Maximum 9% of any profit.


    Since inception 4 years ago DIC - Dubai has managed to attract 615 companies and provide employment for 5500 only, which questions against their credibility.
    Transfer of 100 acres of land originally acquired for Bhramapuram Thermal plant will curtail future expansion of the plant.
    Preference for employment only for local population for specified jobs is against constitution. (News in Malayala Manorama)
    Most of the employees will be from outside Kerala and India. (News in Malayala Manorama)
    Gok Kerala cannot be a member in Directors Board. As per companies act 1956 an individual should have more than 9% share to represent director’s board. The DIC has agreed to pay 136 crores for Info Park and 62 acres of land.

    Total Investment 1500 Crores

    9 % Share will be 1500 * 9/100 = 135 Crores - - - - Tricky Mathematics

    DIC has not mentioned about the sector to create 33,000 jobs. Whether it’s in IT/ITES, Tourism, Real Estate, direct or indirect jobs.

    * The facts and figures used in analysis has been gathered from official sources and news paper

    The “Kerala’s largest circulation daily” – Malayala Manorama and some other electronic media are behind the much hyped “Dubai Smart City”. The Gok of Kerala is giving 100 acres of free land; selling existing infrastructure facilities for Rs 136 crores, Gok will be shortly declaring Info Park as “SEZ”. Gok has giving so much incentives and option to develop Kochi and DIC to generate around 3000 jobs in 3 years, 10,000 jobs in 5 years and 18,300 jobs in 10 years respectively in different sectors. If DIC failed to generate this much jobs in phased manner they will be charged a compensation of Rs 6,000 per job. Even if DIC is not generating any jobs the maximum compensation payable to Gok will be Rs 19 crores and 80 lakhs. (33,000 * 6000). Can Gok surrogate 400 acres of land and Info Park facility with this compensation amount?

    Can you justify answers for the following questions?

    Does Smart City really need 400 acres of land (4 times the size of Vatican City)? The DIC here in Dubai is based on not more than 50 acres of land!

    The DIC is not a technology company as it might seem from the outside. The DIC itself is essentially a Real Estate company. Do our politicians understand this?

    By giving away excessive land (as freehold) to one party, would it not jeopardize the potential for other future development in that area (i.e. more employment opportunities employing the same resource of land)?

    Would the new land owners later use the excess freehold land for other real estate business - like selling apartments and villas?

    Are there sufficient controls in place to ensure that the future use of land is strictly for its originally intended purposes?

    Aren’t there Indian corporations that can do the same real estate development for the technology park, like DIC could do? If Kochi has so hyped potential, Can’t the Gok develop and IT Park? Why we need a “Third Party”?

    So don’t go behind media hype, Ommen Chandy, V. S or MFAR group; just make ourselves an evaluation on facts……….!!!

    Some other responses to this chain mail

    What VS told about Internet City & the Facts?

    That the smart city agreement will be reconsidered if LDF comes to power since :

    It is the biggest ever land scandal in the history of Kerala.

    Land and assets worth Rs 1115 crores is sold out for just 145 crores.

    The state government is planning to sell the info park building( for which 70 crores was already spend) + 298.67 Acres of land for 145 crores. Do you believe that this is a genuine deal? If so you have to go back to your LKG classes…

    Presently the state government is getting 5 crores per annum from rent alone.

    If Dubai internet city is not able to generate 33000 jobs in10 years the penalty they had to pay is only 20 crores after 10 years!!!!!

    Other Responses

    A rational thinking man knows very well that DIC is not credible body regarding IT; they are neither a software co or software service provider. They are simply a real estate developer.

    The DIC at Dubai is also not a big thing; they are employing only 5500 people in more than 300 or 350 cos. So average 15 people per company!! Most of the offices are regional marketing offices or sales offices. Dubai being an entry point for several countries in middle east, Africa etc, some companies have put up their office there. Infact not much software development taking place.

    What VS argued is true. How can a company employing only 5500 people give job to 33000 people here? The fallacy is the compensation if they are not able to provide that, that too after 10 years, a meager 19 crores. The infopark building itself costs now 70 crores, not to mention about the acres of land surrounding it.

    The argument that DIC is owned by Dubai Govt is not much valid. It is not like a democratic govt like ours. …Why Govt of Kerala is not so fast in granting them land. Infoys had been waiitng for about 2 years to get land in TVM. Now they are expected to get it by November. Why the interest shown to DIC is not in the case of these desi companies?. Perhaps the middlemen would not be benefitted in the deal, isn’t it?

    Best Regards,

    Sarat Ramachandran Nair Infosys Technologies Limited
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    Hi All,

    Please ignore my brother's comments. He is selling tea outside technopark and was denied permission to open tea shop at smart city.

    Ajith Ramachandran Nair

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    It is difficult to quote and respond in this forum. Lousy software. So I'll just number some thoughts. Most of these propaganda have already been answered beautifully by another poster called Manoj, in an earleir thread. Here's my two bits.

    1. Why not the Government develop Smartcity?

    Sure, let the Government develop one more. It is no rule that Kerala can have only one IT park/smart city. Let the Government develop one or many more.

    2. Aren't we jeopardizing future development by giving all land to just one company?

    This poster assumes that Cochin has only 400 acres of land available. Look around you can find much more land. Build there if anyone wishes.

    3. Infopark is getting 5 crore from rent. Why sell it?

    Big deal if you are making 5 crore. The investment is 70 (or is it 90) crores and out of this 5 crore that you earn, you have expenses. So it isn't all that profitable.

    4. DIC is employing only 5500 people.

    So what? Dubai is not an IT destination. So they won't find much development companies there. And 5500 is not a ceiling of any kind. If they have better facilities elsewhere, they sure can attract more companies.

    5. DIC is a real estate developer.


    6. Middlemen in the deal!
    MIddlemen and corruption are more likely had this been a desi outfit.

    7. DIC does not need 400 acres of land.

    Depends on what kind of infrastructure they are planning. Here's one example. The Intel building on Bangalore airport road is about one acre and has about 1500 people working in it. The new intel campus has about 40 acres but will have only 5000 employees.

    You can't dictate terms based on what Technopark has. If a private party wishes to build a resort, will you insist that it should be as per the KSTDC plans?

    8. The point that DIC is Dubai government owned is not very valid.

    I think that was neatly clarified. In any case, what if they are not Government owned? Is Kerala some kind of sacred place that only Governments are allowed to setup business there? Public sector is the curse of India, kill them where you find them.

    9. The land could be utilized for unrelated purpose.

    I think this is what even the most mundane legal agreement will (and should) prevent.

    10. The land is worth 3 crore per acre?

    Not sure, but at half that price, you can buy decent land in Bangalore, which is hot and business assured location. Why go for a backward (in IT) place like Cochin?

    11. Smartcity won't provide all jobs assured to Mallus.

    That demand should come from Malayalees! People who are the most migrant in nature. You should have privilege to work all over the world, but back home, only Mallus!.

    Even if there are lot of outsiders in Cochin, the economic activity they bring along will alone compensate for what the Government is subsidizing to DIC.

    12. Why the Government is not inviting desi companies?
    Because desis are more keen on Bangalore/Pune/Hyd/Noida? I don't see any company queueing up for this hot IT destination called Kerala.

    I can understand the peoples reluctance if there is huge opportunity and we are in a position to dictate terms (like in tourism). But as far as IT is concerned, I think the only way for us is to go behind investors begging, even if it means giving land for free.

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    Dear . Sarat Ramachandran Nair and vinu kavil tayolees... read this comment from one of the poster

    Vat u guys r doing in technopark Tvm /Infopark Kochi::: cutting and shaving

    some guys have given a lot of "Kanakku" abt technopark. 7500 employees, 70 cos. So many cos r coming technopark. 20000 new jobs.
    The bootom line is
    Software Exports from :
    Karanataka 29700
    Bangalore 28600
    Mysore 306 crore
    Mangalore 590 crore
    Wow!!!!! From kerala its 300 crore!!!! that 2uuu from 100 cos from (Technopark + infopark + stpi Tvm)
    i kno i dont need to remind all u guys that Technopark is 1st IT park in India. vats happening there in TVM/Kochi parks.

    Recently capco, blr given 6.5 lakh to my friend hu has only 4 yrs exp(2 yrs is fake ) in IT(J2ee).Eventhen they r not the paymasters in BLR.
    Fidelity,Goldman sachs,sapient, Manhattan, sap labs, Zapapp,intel..etc .there 1000 cos like them in bangalore which gives 2 times better salaries than technopark/infopark cos.
    vats the salary package given by technopark/infopark companies? There is not single good IT org in kerala. still they are opposing smart city


    My bottom line is leave kerala . work somewhere.learn their language and culture... forget malayalam, forget our culture. forget "asaan, ulloor , vallathol,vaikom etc".

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    this is not fact sheet - but CRAP SHEET
    this is not discussion but CUT&PASTE SESSION ?
    peculiar Malaya-lee brain !!!

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    Dear Pappu,

    You said it very well indeed.

    Just wanted to add a couple of lines...

    11. Smartcity won't provide all jobs assured to Mallus.

    And we should never insist that all jobs should be reserved to mallus. If Kannadigas had done the same thing then we'd all be sitting at home, shouting slogans for VS & co.
    The companies come to Blr or Kerala to take advantage of the talent pool available at reasonable cost. We should grab the opportunity by proving ourselves to be more competitive, not by demanding job reservations to mallus (Thereby diluting our competence).

    It is unfortunate that we always look for short cuts like job reservation to mallus.

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    Mr joseph joseph(i know its not real name) & others anti smart city guys,
    Y R U wasting so much time here? R u so much worried abt some acres of waste land("Kotta thara") in kochi? go & du ur work man... y r not wasting so much time over this issue? i kno u r doing so much reaserch on each & every comment abt smart city. see, all our politians r corrupt.

    I just want2 give an eg.

    During last CPM rule my uncle given 2 lakh rupees to P. Sasi(CPM state committee memebr) to get PLUS 2 in his school (My uncle succeded in it and he made lakhs out of it). so all politians alike.

    i dont want mention to INC or BJP or any other party here since all u guys kno that they r also corrupt.

    I specificaly hate Some of CPM culture like hartal, bundh, dharna(Now all parties do the same, but its the CPM hu started these "entertainments"). They used to call All india Bundh during
    last BJP rule @ the centre against their "Anti-people policies". Vats the result? only kerala
    and WB had affected. i was in Bangalore . i dint even know abt this. If they oppose some policies of centre & they have to go delhi & protest there or protest in parliment.
    Y r they disturbing common man? It also afftects the industrialization ,right?

    So im requesting all u guys pls leave this forum. let them(Govt) build smart city. atleast v can see vat will happen right? if somebody gets money, let them take yaar.

    If CPM gets the money, vil they share it with u? oke i can understand ur feelings. u r a hardcore
    CPM supporter. But try to understand, they r the worst party in india if u consider industry segment.

    Also dont talk too much abt technopark. There is not a single good company. Most of the employees r underpayed when compared to Bangalore.Export from Technopark is 220 crores & from kochi is 85 crores while that from mysore is 320crores and mangalore 600 crores!!!!!!!!!!!!!from BLR its 30000 crores!!

    Also in Dubai media city, there is not much development. The city is very costlier and dont have
    proper resource pool available for IT . so dont compare DMC and Technopark

    so let them build atleast some buildings...
    pls support this

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