Politicians may not be thinking for people only..

Well; it's fine to think about leaders aiming only those beneficial for people. But if they stand for ideas and raise their voice for leaders :- all that's foriegn; and still failing to think beyond the boundaries of their self-made well, it's simply called "absurd".

We say in Kerala :- Urangunnavare unarthan eluppamanu; but ; urakkam nadikkunnavare unarthan pattilla. But as having a head to think, we feel the sleeping itself is bad in both cases. People could argue that Sri. Chandi has some benefit and Sri Achuthanathan feels it would be better if the project comes in his time of reign. Reasonable arguments becomes corrputed by one's own political stands. So it's useless to argue in political base.

No man is an island; In this time, we tend to say no state or no country is an island. It all exist in mutual co-operation and trades. Lending some land doenot mean that we are selling out state. Compare it with the benefit we are getting in future. Even important communist strategy includes better plannng for the future and co-operation.

Educated people are the greatest asset of Kerala. This is also the majot capital that could be successfully invested in. Then why we are turning back? Remember : if we do not direct this potential in to better ways, it could be got rotten and be mislead.

It's almost follish to think that the era before 1947 will regenerate. In the past, the wars were fought against the external enemies. But it turned in to fight against internal terrorism inside the same states. Internal conflicts could be triggered by alienating external persons as well as the same sort of ideas.

Think before the people start to throw out the alienating ideas that roam inside the states.

A Common Malayali