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    Don't Fear About the NEXT ELECTIONS

    Oh God How this land become your Own country?

    1. LDF is going to win the next election with a huge margin.... Anyone knowing the political situation is sure about that.

    2. The votes will not be for the LDF, that will be against UDF.

    3. So no person is going to think about the "anti-development" policy of LDF, because they will think about their basic needs "ROTTI, KAPDA aur MAKKAN" only. In that field UDF government is the biggest flop.

    4. Its KERALA people's problem that they will just think about what the currently ruling government did. Not about the previous governments deeds.

    5. This UDF governmet is the most corrupted government in KERALA that ever seen. So amny examples................. List is endless........

    So please don't fear that UDF may win the next election. They won't...... Someone told BJP may become a rival for UDF....... all the best yaar.... Keep waiting for that also... it may become fulfill in late 2050s.... (i am hopeful abt that). even if there is any chance of BJP victory they can apply the same policy tat worked in Neeleshwaram (Kazargode) in last assembly election against CK Padhmanabhan. BJP v/s (LDF + UDF) --------> LDF...
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    Wait and see!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Do not say this for sure. The UDF is taking all precautions to see that they get another term in the next elections to firm up the developments (expanded pockets) in this term. Now they are going to appoint Ramesh Chennithala as the new KPCC President. (Whatever happens to the poor gentleman, Mr. Thennala Balakrishna Pillai, the stop gap KPCC President.) This is to garner the NSS votes. It seems his appointment was a prerequisite by NSS for their votes. Once the NSS vote is in, the SNDP votes will follow as both of them are together these days, despite their basic differences. Muslim League is already with UDF. Mani and Chandy got Christian backing also. And the BJP, to ensure that LDF is defeated, will transfer their votes to the UDF in the same way they are doing in the bye elections at Azhikode and Thaliparambu. What a decadence to the Kerala politics.

    With these outfits, what is left in Kerala. In the next elections, the right minded and thinking people should prove what is left in Kerala - a purely secular, democratic and socialist front.

    The UDF is also seeking judicial help to ensure that LDF gets defeated, as seen in the recent case against Jairajan, who is contesting the bye election as LDF candidate. By withdrawing all the Vigilance cases, the UDF will ensure that all of their members are acquitted in the cases pending against them. Thus they can say loudly that there are no cases pending against any of their members. The complete government machinery is being (mis)used to ensure a victory.

    The CM is on a speed trip all over Kerala and he should play whatever drama he can within this year, to get a few votes. If he was genuine in solving people's problems, why he, as UDF convenor, could not help Antony to do this, is not understandable. He wanted to be popular and how he can allow others popular at his expense.

    So scared the UDF is that they are not sparing anything so that continue in the 'Kursi' by hook or crook.

    Hope the people will understand these gimmicks very well and teach these pseudos a lesson or two.

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    There is onew method to defeat LDF in next by election. Tell everybody(advertise) that if left comes to power only an ezhava becomes CM(Pinary viajayan , acchhu mama,P K gurudasan, kadapampally surendran ect all to leaders from that community only eventhou eshavas dont have any use of them). So nairs, muslims, cristians and other hindus wont for LDF. eppadi


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    All the best Yohannan. I am quoting a dialogue from some film " THOKKUNNATHINU THOTTU MUNPU VARE AATHMAVISWASAM VALARE NALLATHANU "... Nothing people. People in kerala are not blid and deaf although they are dump. Please don't forget that thing........ All the best

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