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    Elections in Kerala and future of Smartcity

    cpm is going win by massive margin in the by election awa next assembly elections. This is because most of the IT professionals and their relatives , belonging to the middle, Upper class families wont cast their votes. This has to b changed 1st and each and every person shud influence their families and relatives (also friends) to cast votes against the party which opposes development projects. Otherwise these types of campigning wont b successful....
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    You are absolutely right and this is precisely the Political game Achu Mamma + CPM is playing at. Negativitism from the Middle and Upper Class, enabling more Votes from the Lower Class to CPM and thus ensuring a sure win in the next election. With Elections around in couple of months, it seems the CPM strategy is to stall the Smart City project till such time they form the next government.

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    Dear Binoj,

    I am an optimist and I am sure CPI (M) or LDF will not win the next election.

    BJP will become main opposition and Congress will rule Kerala.

    CPI (M) is anti-Development party.

    I am requsting all Mallus to defeat Cannibals & Pervets in India (Morons) [CPI (M)] in the next Assembly Election.



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    Oh God How this land become your Own country?

    1. LDF is going to win the next election with a huge margin.... Anyone knowing the political situation is sure about that.

    2. The votes will not be for the LDF, that will be against UDF.

    3. So no person is going to think about the "anti-development" policy of LDF, because they will think about their basic needs "ROTTI, KAPDA aur MAKKAN" only. In that field UDF government is the biggest flop.

    4. Its KERALA people's problem that they will just think about what the currently ruling government did. Not about the previous governments deeds.

    5. This UDF governmet is the most corrupted government in KERALA that ever seen. So amny examples................. List is endless........

    So please don't fear that UDF may win the next election. They won't...... Someone told BJP may become a rival for UDF....... all the best yaar.... Keep waiting for that also... it may become fulfill in late 2050s.... (i am hopeful abt that). even if there is any chance of BJP victory they can apply the same policy tat worked in Neeleshwaram (Kazargode) in last assembly election against CK Padhmanabhan. BJP v/s (LDF + UDF) --------> LDF.....

    please feel free to accept the facts

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