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    What bloody things politicians are doing in Kerala ?

    Hope you all have heard CPM leader V.S Achuthananthan's remarks about smart city, upcoming in Kochi. He wants all the people behind this project in Jail.
    This kind of politicians will ruin our state. They have no vision for future. Its all cheap political games for their gain. If the project comes up our Kochi will be the most happenning place in India. At the best 20000 people will get job out there. All major IT firms like Microsoft,IBM,CISCO will have their offices in the proposed project.
    But unfortunately that thorn in the ass dislikes progress. He wants all Keralites to be remaind in bullock cart period. Then only he will get supporters.
    Dear Friends, you know something about that great leader ?
    He has a son called Arun Kumar. He did his MCA from TKM engg. collecte of engg. Kollam. He was on of the worst students in his class. After completion of his course he was made as the Managing Director of Coif Fed, Kerala. You may be wondering what relation computers have with Coir. But at that time CPM was ruling kerala. So they are both related. After that he went to Dubai as an IT consultant.
    So what now VS needs is, to make his son as the IT director of Smart City, When the next government comes into power. But smart city authorities have out rightly declned that he will never become the Director. So our leader wants to scrap the entire project.

    Next comes PINARAI VIJAYAN. His daughter did her education from one of the leading instiution in Tamilnadu. which takes heavey capitation from students. (Owned by Amrithanandamayi). You whould know that this same vijayan does not want private education institutions in Kerala. Because they take capitation from students. But he can send his daughter to other states and can provide good education to his chiled.
    Dear friends, these politicians are making all of us big fools. They all want their pockets to be filled. their childred should get food education and jobs, but least bothered about the common n\man of our state. God gave our state everything, but he did not give us some one to guide us properly..

    It time to revolt against these kind of dirty politicians. Do it now before its too late. Let us give our childredn a beautiful place to live, which we all dream. Pen is mightier that Sword. So forward this mail to all Mallus you know. Let us start a new revolution.


    "Jai Bharath"
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    When a project comes up, it is extremely important to ensure that justice is done to all alike and the state assets are not thrown away without adequate recovery clauses.

    It seems you are very much irritated by the remarks of VS Achuthandan and Pinarayi Vijayan. What do you expect them to do now. Blindly agree everything Mr. Chandy does. Why you are accusing these two guys alone for this.

    Even MR. VM Sudheeran, who is a member of Mr.Chandy's congress party and who is considered an upright politician, has also expressed some reservation on this project and said that the deal should be transparent. He did not say much on this because he is in the Congress Party. And he has been highlighting so many other issues as well. Why you are not opening your eyes to Mr.Sudheeran's statements also and why you are not saying anything to him. LDF is nowadays an easy bait for everyone to point a finger at. So it is not only Mr. Achuthanadan or Pinarayi Vijayan, who are saying that the deals should be transparent, but there are others even in the Congress party and UDF who are also ready to come out in the open, but are refraining from doing so out of fear that the positions and benefits they enjoy under the UDF will be lost if it happens.

    The LDF is never against any progress for the state, but only insists that it should be done honorably and straight forward manner. Haven't they wholeheartedly supported the much trumpeted GIM? But what the government has achieved so far. Those who are willing to invest have been entangled with many red tapisms in the government departments. So is it because of the LDF that the investors are not yet ready to come to the State?

    Your remark that all of those who are opposing corruption should be thrown out of the state, is not good for a genuine citizen. Why you want to support corruption?

    Have you heard any corruption cases during the last LDF rule. And even if something had come up that time, the concerned ministers were asked to resign their posts forthwith. Now every day there is charges levelled against them. Whether it is black sand, B.Ed., Sandalwood, self financing colleges, etc. And Mr. Chandy, instead of trying to take remedial action, he is all out to support the corrupt and criminals aggressively and arrogantly.

    See Mr. Oommen Chandy's performance during the past six months as CM. And if he continues like this what all things will happen in the next one year in Kerala will be worth watching. He may be able to get away with everything for the present, but a day will come when he will have to answer.

    Take for example, the latest Vigilance Director's remarks about corruption cases in government departments. Just for saying a truth, the government is trying to remove him from his position. Mr. KM Mani is saying it is a compliment to their department, though it is ironical. Then why the Director should be removed? Is it not necessary that such officers should be there in the Vigilance Department ? Mr. CM is also trying to withdraw so many other vigilance cases against some of his other party members. Why he cannot let the law take its own course is understandable for every one. In every now and then he proclaims we will not interfere in judicial process, but his deeds prove otherwise.

    When such a person is entering into any contract, it naturally evokes a suspicion in the minds of the people, especially when he is reluctant to disclose the highlights of the contract. Despite all these hue and cry, he is still not ready for that.

    Kerala is the property of all the people, not to Mr. Chandy or his Congress party alone and hence if anything foul play is noticed, it is the bounden duty of the opposition parties to highlight. This has become all the more essential nowadays, since the business is not in thousand or lacs, it is in thousands of crores and billions.

    Your contention that 20000 will get job is downplaying Mr. Chandy's project. It is 33000 in 10 years, repeat 10 years, not in one or two years.

    You are saying that Kerala will be a beautiful place to live if you find these politicians. Now Kerala is not a beautiful place not because of the Leftists, but because of goondas, criminals, etc., whom our dear CM is fully supporting them. Because of the guilty in one Rejina case going scot free, everyday now we can hear kidnapping of 15 year old girls in Kerala from the north to the south. And the police under the CM is not able to get even a trace of them, even after a lapse of 15 days to two months. When he had gone to Dubai, he promised those in Dubai about doing something for the flesh trade involved by malayalees in Dubai. What he has done. Nothing. He enjoyed five star comforts, returned home and forgot everything. When he cannot control this in his own state, how will he control it in Dubai. From the past experience he is a full supporter of these activities, and if it is the question of survival of his government, he will even go to any extent to protect the culprits, as he demonstrated in some of the recent instances.

    Best Regards

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    Dear Yohannan,

    This pasted reply is flying around in here. You say, LDF is not against development. Ok Agreed!
    Please answer these questions.
    1) Predegree Board, LDF agitated against it in a big way, wasted a good deal of working hours and later they then self lauched it in other form called Plus 2.
    2) Computerization: They were waging war with public systems, shouting computers will take jobs away,( the brainwashed rally participants were chanting slogans 1 computer is 1000 man power and what happens to the 999 laid off workers!! Now what has happened???
    3) English Education: Dearest left ideologist ever used to make statements, English education makes two kinds of citizens. Now see, the millions of malayalees outside kerala, after a degree, let it be an academic or professional degree holder, say MALLU ENGLISH, which is famous all around the world as SARDAR JOKES!!
    4) When Microsoft and every second European and American corporates are establsihing their services in China and WestBengal, we cannot have it.

    Dear Friend, we know you people are not against development, but opposing against any thing quite vehementaly, without any basis and making a mess is the part of your business and a strategy for your mere existence. Later when Left is ruling, they bring all these, but do think, the lapse period of 1 to 5 year made by you people are taking the state decades behind, in the fast developing world. When we lost a couple of years due to ignorant agitation against the computerization, the neighbouring bangalore developed to IT hub, our poor chaps are running around to get jobs there, and our IT parks are not competitive and so naturally are also not good paymasters. See the difference few years of lapse had made. So it is duty of every one to come out of the psuedo self and confront the world.

    If keralites forget to develop along with the world, we would be like Ambassador Cars, protected for decades from competition and exposure, and still having the armoured set up, and now struggling to firm foot in the fierce competition. No one can keep ignorance hide the facts, for ever!

    Thank you.

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    Dear Abhay

    My answers to your queries are as follows:

    1. Pre-degree Board: Per se, the LDF did not object to it, but only suggested a detailed review and some modifications, which the authoritarians could not digest. Where was the hitch? They could have gone ahead despite the protests, but because of the problems within, they could not do it. You cannot blame LDF for that.

    Later when the LDF came to power, they incorporated the changes proposed earlier in the delinking of pre-degree project and implemented as Plus 2. It is worth noting that the Plus 2 project has been widely appreciated by people from all walks of life.

    The new grading system was wholeheartedly supported by LDF. Even in this, they proposed some changes, which were not accepted by the government. Did the LDF block its implementation?

    Another one is VAT. Didn't the LDF support it wholeheartedly, despite some deficiencies in the provisions?

    So the point is, wherever the LDF feels that it is good for the state, it extends full cooperation in implementing it. They oppose (that is why they are opposition) draconian rules such as liquor policy, self financing colleges policy, electricity tariff, transport tariff, etc., and they definitely get the support of the People. That is the reason why many of the proposals mooted by the government were withdrawn after a few days on seeing the public support to those issues.

    Everybody blamed LDF for protesting against the self financing policy of the government. It was to urge the government not to succumb to the pressure. But the then CM Mr. Antony did not give any value at that time. On one side he informed the students, and the other side he assures the management something else. Isn't the agitation of the LDF students wing now proving right? You yourself can see the outcome of the self financing college policy. This year 100% students will have to pay the full fees recommended by Justice KT Thomas Commission. Even the merit students are not spared in this. Is it not a fallout of an unplanned policy making team, who establishes policies to satisfy their godfathers in the business community? Education has also become a highly profitable business now.

    2. Computerization: Yes for sure there was insecurity feeling. It happens in every field. Even in your company, when something new happens doesn't it give you a scary feeling? It was the duty of the then government to assure the employees on this aspect. But later when an assurance on this count was given, they supported it fully. Do you think that if they continued their opposition vehemently, we would have achieved the computerization?

    3. Do not degrade Malayalees like this? It was not because of Mallu Engish, that Malayalees became the principal secretaries to many PMs, including the current PM, one became the Chairman of a great company, Britannia Industries, etc. There are many Malayalees who are shining around the world because of their command over English language. They all have gone up from this soil. The LDF clearly understands the importance of English in the international field and that the main reason why many of their youths are abroad doing good job. You might have heard somebody saying this phrase, but do not put the blame on LDF. Everybody knows those who are talking high of English language even cannot deliver a speech in chaste English, that includes your favorite Congress Party leaders. Can Mr.Chandy or Mr.AK Antony deliver a speech like their counterparts in Maharashtra or Delhi? Who is stopping them from studying English? Is it the LDF?

    4. Microsoft: They can establish anywhere they like. But aren't we talented in this area. There are many malayalees even in Microsoft. The contention of the leftists is that we should encourage our own people. Don't we have enough IT talents and IT companies, that can develop their own IT programs. Why we cannot encourage our own people to develop programs, rather than depending on others? Isn't that a real technological development, rather than following the programs of others? It is not that we should not deal with them. We should, only if all other local resources are exhausted.

    By encouraging our own people, with experimentation and trial and error, we firmly believe that Kerala has a great talented workforce and can become better brains useful for our own land, than loaning it to somebody.

    Bangalore and Hyderabad developed in IT field with their own people and not because of Microsoft.

    Is it not the Left, who made the Infopark and Technopark in Kochi and Trivandrum. And see what the present government is doing to encourage those guys. Nothing. In fact those in the Infoparks are experiencing many difficulties because of the bureaucratic entanglement. Why they cannot provide adequate support to them.

    Look at our Indian companies, such as Wipro, Infosys, Satyam, etc. Aren't they making good business with excellent programs? I heard recently that Satyam got a huge project in Jordan worth more than 1 million dollars. Is it not making us proud? Wipro has become an international name and they have some of the major contracts in Europe and Gulf.

    Look at our space research programs. Haven't Indian brains doing this on their own, without any outside help. So we have enough brains and we should utilize properly. If we depend too much on others, we will not be having constructive brains, which others will exploit. That is the reason for brain drain. Stand on our own feet, whatever we are. It will make all of us proud.

    Dear Friend, your statement that the left is 'taking the state decades behind', in the fast developing world is not true. Are we not in the forefront in other fields? Say for example, literacy, aren't we the most literate state? In health, mortality rate, population control, and many other fields, Kerala is the role model of other states and even other countries. Are these achievements because we are decades behind or because the left ruled us? Do not say that only if we play with computers we will be ahead of others.

    It is not only IT, there are other fields which we should concentrate as well. Why can't the government find some land and give to some of the 'Green' people to make a revolution in the farming sector. Now we are fully depending on Tamil Nadu for vegetables. If we encourage our people, they can make adequate vegetables in our own land, where there is enough water resources and fertile land for cultivation.

    Other industries also can come up or upgraded. Coconuts, rubber, coir, etc., are some examples and if we make some research and if the government gives some encouragement, we can boost up our business in these sectors as well.

    Your contention that all leftists are brainwashed and follow only what the leader says. That is a wrong conclusion. Because of the literacy drive (of the lefts), we achieved more than 90% literacy, that includes your guys. Nobody can take the leftists for a ride. But in Congress, that is being done. What Soniaji says is the last word for all congressmen and what Oommen Chandy (of OC group) saying is the last word for the congress in Kerala. Even the KPCC president Thennala Balakrishna Pillai cannot say a word against him.

    But in Left, or CPM, even the veteran EMS and AKG was opposed on many issues. Their pronouncements were not the last word. So please try to understand the party very well, rather than just uttering some words borrowed from MM Hassan or Antony or Chandy. Mr. AK Antony who opposes the left tooth and nail, is going to become a central minister with the support of this very left. What an irony?

    Finally I should convey my thanks and appreciation to your nice reply.

    Best Regards

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