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    We have the right to know the details about SMART CITY

    Hi Guys........

    Through these articles I reached that, First Mr.Ummen Chandy has to publish all the details about the SMART CITY. Then we have to attack him, if there is any wrong thigs and check if there is any reality with Mr.V.S's statement regarding the SMART CITY.

    So, dear members of this group first we can ask to Cheif Minister to publish the real details about the SMART CITY and then we can discuss is there any wrong things on this. But it will not come 100% gain to Kerala there is little true in Achu's statment also. See on every project it will not come 100% gain if it is from the Leftist also. If the SMART CITY is 60-70% gain to Kerala we have to take it... and have to accept it. Sometime it will be more gain than we and the CM also expect..

    After We may be known as an IT States like Hyderabad, Bangalore. The most important things is the job for the unemployed and high qualified keralites. Most of our professionals, they are providing their valuable brain to some other conutries. We need them back to India.

    So, First we want to know the detailed File about the SMART CITY. We can insist him to publish then we can go with V.S.Achudanandan. OK???!!
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    Dear Friend,

    We are electing the Government....So Governmet represent Public. For all the process there are formalities....Why is the explicit thinking that government is there to 'cheat' people? All the citizen has the right to KNOW....and there will be records/details kept for everything.

    But please let them to do the process and make this happen. The details will be available as it progress. If everything is to be seen/verified by each and everyone - then why do we elect the representatives to assembly and form government?? Please stop unnecessary obstacles - Lets help this to happen here.

    We all should still learn from other states....We keralites will learn only when smart city go out of the state...then all will stop problem for us to go TN, or Hyd, or Bangalore - standing in long queue for a job...When something is to happen here - there starts Questioning/allegations/strikes.

    Do the public think what is K Muraleedharan's motive by making his allegation against smart city? Do VS's followers understand whats his real intention behind these statements? We the fool public think on the "data & facts" as they spek out.....but what they thinking in mind is their political gain - that we all fail to see. We wil still keep supporting and going behind their words.

    Murali, and so many left leaders are irritated that they are not being in power to execute this project...not only smart city - LOT OF INVESTMENTS COMING TO KERALA.....AND WE SHOULD LEARN TO RELATE THESE POLITICIANS' WORDS TO THAT....AND WHAT THEY WILL BE THINKING INSIDE WHILE MAKING THESE PROTESTS - they all will be irritated by not being in power to have "share" ....they all need money to "grow" their party and "keep the party menwith them"

    To be specific, VS and left will be worried that, UDF leaders may take movey out of the project....Murali is irritated for the same - They all thinking and worried so because THEY USED TO DO SO :)... by all these. who will be affected? ALL OF US....NO DOUBT.....ALL THESE LEADERS KNOW THAT SMART CITY IS GOING TO BENEFIT KERALA AND PEOPLE HERE....but it is nothing important to them compared to their political gains. So PLEASE UNDERSTAND GUYS...WE SHOULD NOT BLINDLY BELIEVE THEM PROTESTING AGAINST THE SMART CITY, THEIR INTENTION IS THEIR BENEFIT...WHY DO WE FOLLOW BELIEVING THOSE AND DO HARM TO OURSELF?

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    First You ASk the details of Kairali Channel, Parasani Kadavu Water Park, Deshabhimani and other corporate entities CPM owns. Do you dare to ask that?

    Once it is published we will concider giving you the details of smart city

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