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    Smart City V/s Electronic City Bangalore

    One thing is that Kerala created Technopark first, But Bangalore overtook us in growth, Do you know why? Karnataka Government invested money in IT industry. They spent money to attract investors. Thats why Bangalore became IT centre. They havn't gone to any Foreign country and begged for help. For whatever thing to be done, they provide money at right time and right place. With their own effort they become TOP. Then why we havn't become the best? Its due to the bloody politicians here. They didn't have time to notice the change in IT industry. While Karnataka government did so many things for the IT development, politicians here were busy in GROUP WARS, Foreign Country visit and luxury. There is no example needed for their lavishness and luxury. People of Kerala know that. So with that outdated views of government Kerala, largest literated state, became a 50000 Crores debt state. If we ask where is this money they will say it spent for development. But no one can see that development. If 35% of this huge amount of money is invested for IT industry, we would have make place in India's IT Map. For this condition of state, both UDF and LDF are responsible........ So please don't say that we are going to beat BANGALORE in IT DEVELOPMENT. For that we need an entirley different curruptionless ruling side with dedication and mind to do that.... But don't say that even if someoen get money thru brobing or corruption, we are fine if we get 10 employment.... Thats foolishness yaar. Big foolishness. Its like what we called "IRIKKUNNA KOMBU MURRIKKUNNA POLE"
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    hay commie JK, you heard this,

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    Most of of the IT parks in Bangalore r owned by Private parties

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    Karnataka government did not invest much money in IT. They let private parties invest. That is how the ITPL came up, now almost fully owned by Singapore. We did not see Kannadigas crying, "hey why are we giving Karnataka land to Singapore"?

    It is easy to blame government. Do realize that you get a Government you deserve. Your elected reps will only reflect your paranoia.

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    You said it Mr. Pappu

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    Why do you always come up with long letters quoting things that are completely irrelevant/incorrect when you know no one reads your letters seriously anymore?

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    Dear friend ,

    If you don't know the fact...please don't' tell that in the forum....Karnataka government asked help from a Singapore company to build how kerala government do it in smart city...Here the only difference is Karnataka people realized the opportunity...but kerala people unnecessarily making voice

    visit -

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    (1)Vat u guys r doing in technopark Tvm /Infopark Kochi::: cutting and shaving

    some guys have given a lot of "Kanakku" abt technopark. 7500 employees, 70 cos. So many cos r coming technopark. 200000 new jobs.
    The bootom line is
    Software Exports from :
    Karanataka 29700
    Bangalore 28600
    Mysore 306 crore
    Mangalore 590 crore
    Wow!!!!! From kerala its 300 crore!!!! that 2uuu from 100 cos from (Technopark + infopark + stpi Tvm)
    i kno i dont need to remind all u guys that Technopark is 1st IT park in India. vats happening there in TVM/Kochi parks.

    Recently capco, blr given 6.5 lakh to my friend hu has only 4 yrs exp(2 yrs is fake ) in IT(J2ee).Eventhen they r not the paymasters in BLR.
    Fidelity,Goldman sachs,sapient, Manhattan, sap labs, Zapapp,intel..etc .there 1000 cos like them in bangalore which gives 2 times better salaries than technopark/infopark cos.
    vats the salary package given by technopark/infopark companies? There is not single good IT org in kerala. still they are opposing smart city

    (2)DIC started in 2000 . its has created nearly 6000 jobs. Creating jobs in dubi in IT sector is difficult as its very costly and proper technical human resource is not available.
    Technopark started in 1991. Kerala has more engg collges and other prof colleges than entire gulf .Still Technopark has only created 6000 jobs. So pls dont compare them as somebody did.

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