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    A lot of correspondence is being done on the Smart City. Everyone is attacking VS for questioning the secret deals. As Com Redhat put it, it is not for his son or anything personal benefit that he is taking up this issue. Do not throw such derogatory words against a political leader or for that matter against anybody.

    33000 jobs in 10 years and if not 6000 rupees (not riyals) after 10 years as compensation. Where is the 15 lacs jobs the UDF offered prior to the last election. Is this part of that? Even then how many jobs that they can offer in the next 1 year out of this 33,000. Say 3300 jobs per year. Do not make the kerala people fools like this. What happened to all other projects under GIM? Where is the 40000 crores investment? What projects except for a Express Highway, of 8000 crores, which at this juncture is not at all necessary for a state like Kerala.

    Is a CM allowed to sell the state's land for such a low cost like this? Our Adivasis and others are crying for their eligible land for the past few years and the government cannot find any. But when a billionaire business is floated, the government is ready with land anywhere.

    The CM is saying he is ready to share all documentation with the Opposition Leader. But why he is not doing it without any further delay. Why he is prolonging the issue? Just to make sure that everything is covered up. Why can't he just fix up a meeting immediately and VS is wrong in any aspect, we can take him to task. If not, will the CM show the courtesy to resign his post?

    When the Vigilance Director said that there is rampant in corruption in the departments, the topmost being the revenue, which everybody knows even earlier, why the CM instead of taking action against the corrupt, going against the Director for saying so. Is he not trying to protect the corrupt? He has been doing this in the past and continues to do it- in many cases, his stand has not been that of a Gandhian as he makes it out to be.

    Smart city is a welcome step. But all deals should be transparent. It is surprising that some of the very important questions on this deal has not yet been answered by the CM. He said there was not consultant involved, but once Achuthanandan said that a consultant is involved, he is compelled to agree. There are many other instances like this, in which he has been saying diametrically opposite statements.

    At least at this stage the CM should make everything clear. 33000 jobs in 10 years is no big deal comparing to the big promises the UDF has been making. Yet taking it for granted that at least they can offer 33000 jobs in 10 years, is it justified that our prime lands should be sold (not rented, repeat sold) at a cheaper price. When you are selling the state's land like this, it is highly prudent that the government involves all concerned parties, including the opposition and intellectuals, to take them into confidence.

    Here when you hear crores, you are jumping into the bandwagon.

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    Done in haste coz the more you wait, the more are the chances of other states grabbing the opportunity.

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    Dear Youhaaanoon

    your message is SOBS (Same old bull Shit).
    I am sure that you this letter drafted by many drafting to counter smart city by sme cpm gunda in delhi or W Bengal.
    First of all, its not at all related with adivasi land. Cpm govts could have give land to adivasi's during thier term itself this govt has given the land already.
    About no of jobs offered, DIC's credibility, cost of land et al.. discussed and countered.
    Dont beat the bush around by blabbering same old invalid points.
    About hush hush manner:- only hear we can do it in hush hush manner, in public only CPM gundas will be hush hush.. coz they are gundas, anti socialites.
    Thats the difference .
    Dont be a donkey in achu's team try to think and learn from other states and countries.
    Read some thing other than leftist intellectual articles, dont adore any human party self made gods. Be indepndent ultimately be a man.

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    Dear Comred Redhat
    Thanks for your venoms.
    Probably you have learned this from other states and countries, same way as you are advising others to learn from.
    Nothing more to say to you, comred, comrade.
    Why you are redhat? No name for you.
    This itself shows what you are.

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    You are affected by achu's slow poison

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    Answer Submitted By : Santhosh 5/26/2005
    Done in haste coz the more you wait, the more are the chances of other states grabbing the opportunity.

    Mr. Santhosh,

    This is not an answer to the serious issues raised by Mr. Yohannan. In a democratic setup, the government is legally obliged to answer questions raised by its opposition. Mr. Achuthanadan is doing his job for the people of Kerala. 'other states grabbing the opportunity', is not a valid reason for the government to hide the details behind the land deal for the smart city project. We don't want the smart city to be built from the bricks of corruption, if there is no corruption and still the project goes to other states, we have to come up with our own solutions. DIC and smart city is not the end of this world.

    Some people in this forum takes the position that, no matter how corrupt this deal is, we want jobs. This is not a healthy trend and shows they have no opinion of their own. 18th century slaves fought for their masters vigorously than the masters themselves, now history is repeating.


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    another commie jerk 'issues'. They are like tissues ?
    Hay commie comrade you don't know how IT works.
    You commies still lives in bullock-cart age. The best things these commies can gift the people of Kerala hibernate for 10 years. By that time Kerala will be a paradise and commies will be part of the history.

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    Answer Submitted By : Sleepy Head (SH) 5/26/2005

    Sloppy head could be a better ID for you.


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    commie comrade Joseph,
    name calling your best response.
    if you are such a die hard on corruption why cann't start at home.
    do an audit on super manshion AGK centre. find out whose money is it. hope it comes from fellow havenots like you or its from contractors, liquor mafia, blade mafia etc
    commies are lot of contradictions. thats why they are miniscule in India and they have big dreams of ruling the country one day !
    cheaters, blood thirsty vampire commies will be finshed off from the soil of Kerala in a short time.
    thank God people like you find out a alien space and less headache in Kerala. if you can import your fellow comrade to your alien land that is the best service you can do to the people of Kerala.
    start agitation, bandh and anti-progress activities on alien land and make a living by opening dinesh beedi commie factories all over the country
    lal salam

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    Mr Joseph,
    I guess the subject line of Mr. Yohannan's mail read "WHY THIS IS DONE IN A HASTE, IN A HUSH MANNER". Though there was no question mark at the end of the line, I answered just that line. I did not see any explanations for the subject line either in his mail, if his intention was "explaining" why its done in a haste. Further, I am sick and tired of reading long mails, which only serve to confuse the readers.

    "Other states grabbing the opportunity" may not be "the" valid reason for government hiding facts. Again, I did not say it as a reason for government hiding the facts. But "other states grabbing the opportunity" could be a valid reason for hding facts. Please note, I don't support of hiding facts from the public.

    >"Some people in this forum takes the position that, no matter how corrupt this deal is, we want >jobs. This is not a healthy trend and shows they have no opinion of their own. 18th century >slaves fought for their masters vigorously than the masters themselves, now history is >repeating. "

    Regarding the above para,
    I don't know how corrupt the deal is. I don't care, either. "I" don't want a job in the Smart City. I have a reasonably good job now that I am enjoying very much. And, not supporting any political party does not mean that I don't have opinions. Seeing your mails, I don't think you are speaking in favor of any party, either. These "are" my opinions. I have put my opinions or what else you would call it in the mail titled "A Closed" letter. Please refer to that. I don't have time to put it down here again and don't wish add more lines to this thread.

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